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Cheatahs — Mythologies [October 30, 2015]

Cheatahs — Mythologies [October 30, 2015]

 Cheatahs — Mythologies [October 30, 2015]
•••  Shoegaze–inspired noise pop band from London, fronted by Canadian expatriate Nathan Hewitt. In creating Mythologies, the band, as ever, self–produced, recording in a number of different London studios, Glasgow (Chem 19 studios, where Mogwai recorded Young Team) and a converted church in Ramsgate, before decamping to drummer Marc’s shared studio–home, a monolithic high–rise building next to MI5 overlooking the Thames (one floor above offices that housed anti–terrorist task forces in the 1960s), to complete the LP.  //  •••   Slibované překvapení se tentokrát nekoná. Sound na “Mytologies” od Gepardů je rozšířen o nablýskané, silně deformované hlukové stěny, tím se sice zbavuje hydroxidu sladkosti, pomocí dischordických šumů však nedosahují efektu, jako to v originále dokážou Hawkwind. Pouze u ‘Deli Rome’ je náznak, že jim aspoň trochu hrabe,  já však k highu potřebuji, aby kapele hrabalo hodně, teprve pak začínám mít zájem. Celkový dojem je neustále narušován neefektivním experimentováním a pochybuji, že to byl jejich původní cíl. To není žádné vítězství a zdá se, že kapela složená z Američana, Angličana, Němce a Kanaďana si nerozumí jako zedníci u stavby babylonské věže. Není to úplný šunt ale jsem zklamán. Rytmicky je to udýchatelné, občas to zní jako krmení husích krků před padesáti lety. Hop? Teď zní ‘Seven Sisters’ a to mám mráz na celém těle. Tak aspoň něco Úžasný              Formed: 2009 in London, England
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Shoegaze
Location: London, England
Album release: October 30, 2015
Record Label: Wichita
Duration:     50:50
01. Red Lakes (Sternstunden)     3:18
02. Channel View     4:19
03. In Flux     2:38
04. Freak Waves     3:21
05. Signs to Lorelei     3:50
06. Hey, Sen     3:21
07. Deli Rome     3:20
08. Colorado     3:48
09. Su–Pra     4:10
10. Seven Sisters     4:48
11. 紫 (Murasaki)     4:52
12. Mysteci     4:14
13. Reviere Bravo     4:51
•   Nathan Hewitt: CAN — Vox/guitar
•   James Wignall: UK — Vox/guitar/tapes/keyboards
•   Dean Reid: US — Bass/vox/keyboards
•   Marc Raue: DE — Drums/tapes/keyboards                                                                       AllMusic Review by Paul Simpson;  Score: ***½
•   Mythologies is London quartet Cheatahs’ second full–length in as many years, and that doesn’t take into account the armload of singles and EPs they’ve produced since beginning as a solo project of frontman Nathan Hewitt in 2009. The group is still mining the sounds of the early ‘90s for inspiration (particularly shoegaze and American indie rock bands such as Dinosaur Jr.), but this time out there’s a bit more emphasis on atmosphere and texture, with trippy production effects such as backwards vocals on display. There are still plenty of chiming, gliding guitars, but electronics play a bigger role here, with hazy keyboards melting over songs like “Signs to Lorelei.” On many songs, vocals recede into the background so that the sonic pyrotechnics can do most of the talking. The taut, Motorik rhythms of Neu! bear an obvious influence on uptempo, breezy songs like “In Flux.” On “Hey, Sen,” they pit sentimental melodies and lyrics up against gently scorching guitar noise, and “Colorado” begins with fast, driving storms of serrated guitars before clearing out to a drifting, ambient coda. “Su–Pra” bounces between cascading neon synths and gleefully wacked–out guitar abstractions, while riding a wavelike rhythm. On Mythologies, Cheatahs expand on the surreal, otherworldly aspects of their sound, and seem to take abundant pleasure in wringing sweetness out of caustic, discordant noises.                                                                               Artist Biography by Daniel Clancy
•   Originally conceived as a solo bedroom project in 2009, Cheatahs is the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Nathan Hewitt. Having left his birthplace of Morinville, a small town on the outskirts of Edmonton, Canada, Hewitt ended up in London, where he spent some time as a guitarist in the group Little Death. The lo–fi ethic of Little Death carried over into his solo project, which began with the nostalgic sound of “Warrior,” released on 7” by Young and Lost Club, before Hewitt put Cheatahs on hold when he signed on as the touring guitarist for Male Bonding.
•   Having apparently named the project due to him “cheating” on his previous band, Hewitt managed to bring others along for the trip. John Arthur Webb (Male Bonding) and Nell Eu (Screaming Tea Party) both snuck out on their respective bands to bring Cheatahs to a live setting, before James Wignall of Weird Dreams (guitar, vocals), Dean Reid (bass, vocals), and Marc Raue (drums) cemented a four–piece lineup in 2012. The slacker sound of the Coared EP, released in June of the same year on Marshall Teller Records — whom Hewitt had helped by designing their first logo in 2010 — blended the sonics of Dinosaur Jr. with the melancholic nature of Elliott Smith. In 2013, eight years after Cheatahs were formed, they released Extended Plays, a collection of their two prior limited–edition EPs, Coared and Sans. A mere five years later, they completed their first full–length album, a self–titled set engineered by Reid and produced by the group; the set was released by Wichita Records in February 2014. Heading out on a European and U.S. tour in support of their debut, the band re–entered the studio later that year. The result, the EP Sunne, was announced in November and released in early 2015. In mid–2015, Cheatahs dropped another EP, Murasaki, inspired by the writings of 11th century Japanese author Murasaki Shikibu. The EP’s title track later appeared on Mythologies, the group's second full–length, which landed that October. •   http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: http://cheatahs.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheatahssuck
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheatahs
Press: UK digital PR Liv Willars liv@onebeatdigital.com;
UK print PR: paddy.davis@pias.com;
Rest of world PR enquiries: vincent.fenice@pias.com; US Press Amanda Pitts ap@cobracamanda.com
UK/World: isla@earth–agency.com; US: jesserosoff@theagencygroup.com
Label: http://www.wichita-recordings.com/cheatahs/

Cheatahs — Mythologies [October 30, 2015]





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