Cheer~Accident — „Here Comes the Sunset“ (Feb. 18, 2022)Chicago, Illinois FLAG                                           Cheer~Accident — „Here Comes the Sunset“ (Feb. 18, 2022)
•⇔ Cheer~Accident jsou zde od roku 1981. Vytvořili si svůj vlastní hybrid power~popu, art~rocku, progu a čehokoli jiného, ​​co vás při poslechu napadne. „Here Comes the Sunset“ je jejich 24. album, plynule pokračuje v jejich cestě do neznámých uliček a obsahuje coververzi legendy středo~západních Cheap Trick (Rockford, Illinois, v současné době Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson). Pokud jste na ně ještě nenarazili, může to být vaše nová ( a poté stará) oblíbená kapela.
•⇔ „Nakonec toto album nedosahuje výšin jako „Introducing Lemon“ nebo „Fear Draws Misfortune“, ale pro každého, kdo už má kapelu rád, stojí za to si ji vyzvednout a s vlastnictvím tohoto alba opravdu neuděláte chybu. — i když bych stále doporučil „Fear Draws Misfortune“ jako výchozího bodu, pokud se chcete dostat do této kapely sídlící v Chicagu.“ — The GAZZARDIAN (píše o albu z roku 2006 „What Sequel?“ v Prog Archives) 
•⇔ Za šestnáct let, které uplynuly od výše uvedené recenze, Cheer~Accident oddálily smrt, pak vybledly a nyní... „Here Comes The Sunset“~?!? Ptáte se, kdy to skončí? Inu, nekonečná řada konců Cheer~Accident se (zase znovu) prodlužuje. Co dává? — Na první poslech to zní, jako bychom zde měli nějaké cutup / schizmatic~plastové R&B, něco nejasně připomínajícího Eurodance, pár minut progu, špetku melancholie a rádoby („znáte to, až do střední sekce“) věrné ztvárnění slavné písně jejich kolegy (ale méně příšerně oblečené) středozápadní rockové kapely Cheap Trick. Připojte se k ostatním a prožijte nádherně bezútěšný čas, kdy se ústava Cheer~Accident znovu zhroutí. Při poslechu tohoto celovečeráčku se můžete zmýlit. Můžete kráčet přesně takhle špatně. 
•⇔ „(Cheer~Accident) vloží do svých písní co nejvíce nejasných stylů — aniž by se zhroutily do spleti nočních můr — a nalezly bystrou rovnováhu mezi hranatostí a melodií — provedené s neuvěřitelnou dovedností a přesností.“ — The WIRE
Location: Chicago, IL
Album release: Feb. 18, 2022
Record Label: Skin Graft Records
Duration:     29:38
1. Star Vehicle (4 Flats)   5:22
2. Maison de Velours Écureuil   3:21
3. Dream Police   5:58
4. Here Comes The Sunset   5:07
5. Les Vandales de Paris   3:18
6. Then Again   6:32
Group Members: Chris Block, Dan Forden, Dylan Posa, Jeff Libersher, Jim Drummond, Mike Greenlees, Phil Bonnet, Thymme Jones.
Dante Kester — snarlbass (1), bassbass (3, 6), electricity (4)
Amelie Morgan — keyboards (3, 4), oboe (6)
Jeff Libersher — guitar (1, 3, 4, 6)
Thymme Jones — drums (1~6), vocals (1, 3, 4, 6), keys (1, 2, 4, 5, 6), trumpet (1, 4, 5), mouth trumpet (4), chair (4)
Mike Hagedorn — trombone (3)
Carmen Armillas — vocals (3), b~vox (1)
Cory Bengtsen — baritone sax (1)
Julie Pomerleau — violin (2), viola (2)
Sophia Uddin — violin (3)
Erin Casey — flute (4)
The end of track 5 features that machine with the soul~shredding sound that they use to reface buildings (at 7:00AM).
Recorded completely in Chicago, completely in Humboldt Park (2 locations), and mostly in the teens of the 21st Century.
Artwork by Jim Drummond and Mark Fischer
All songs published by Complacency (BMI), with the exception of track 3 published by Self Taut Music
Mastered by Todd Rittmann at Shy Diamond Studio 

On its 24th album, long~running Chicago institution Cheer~Accident, helmed by singer/drummer/trumpeter Thymme Jones, reaffirms its position as one of the world’s best prog rock bands. But for the ensemble, the stylistic markers of “prog rock” the genre are less important than being progressive in general. While the group has often incorporated wildly complex time signatures, elaborate arrangements, and breathless technical execution, Jones, guitarist Jeff Libersher, and an ever~shifting cast of collaborators are more interested in experimenting with new formats and approaches than strictly hewing to the hallmarks of prog. Over time they’ve produced hooky piano~driven pop, needling noise excursions, and, of course, ridiculously overwrought art~rock.
The band has exhibited relentless craftsmanship and precision, but it has never taken itself too seriously. The centerpiece of the new album, which the group worked on in fits and starts over the last decade — even as it released other albums — is a picture~perfect cover of Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police.” Naturally, Cheer~Accident goes beyond this masterful replication to extend the original’s 30~second string~laden prog break with another couple minutes of excessively careening intensity, volume, and speed, as a dual act of absurdity and indulgence. That dichotomy is as essential as anything to understanding the band’s modus operandi. The meticulous detail reveals a genuine love for the song, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make fun of it — and, in the process, themselves — by pushing toward the absurd.
On album opener “Star Vehicle (4 Flats)” they embrace a bizarre mixture of This Heat’s post~industrial ferocity and David Bowie’s angular funk (at times the song suggests an inside~out adaptation of “Fame,” right down to Jones’s lounge lizard croon), with an additional percussive track and electronic tones confusingly layered on top. “Maison de Velours Écureuil” serves up Eurodisco sparkle, with squelchy analog synthesizers tattooing a sleek groove on which Jones adapts Tony Allen’s Afrobeat snare pattern beneath massed string lines played by Julie Pomerleau. The title track opens with a loosely meandering improvisation of spacey guitars, keyboards, and flute before folding into a catchy organ~soaked pop ballad heralded by pretty trumpet lines and a gorgeous vocal melody, both courtesy of Jones, who goes the extra distance by adding a “mouth trumpet” solo during the song’s conclusion. A limber, cymbal~splashed groove opens “Les Vandales de Paris,” a spacious instrumental which soon turns itself into a kind of moody Mark Isham film score accompanying a foggy pre~dawn cityscape. The relative normalcy of “Then Again” ends the experience with another beautiful melody. Considering that one of the band’s recent albums layers improvisations atop field recordings made while walking around Hong Kong and another collection includes a warped cover of the Isaac Hayes classic “Shaft” it’s impossible to say what’s going to come next — just one more thing that makes Cheer~Accident truly progressive.
Chris Block:
FB: Cheer~Accident (2017) ©Vilma Jovaisa