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CLAVVS World Underwater

CLAVVS — World Underwater (March 24, 2017)

      CLAVVS — World Underwater (March 24, 2017)CLAVVS — World Underwater (March 24, 2017)  ★↔★••   Nobody wants to be called a snake. But in a reactionary society, which is the world we currently live in, name calling is the norm. The coiling back from those monikers is also the norm. Who wants to be compared to a monster like Medusa in a world that barters Instagram likes as social currency?
★↔★••   The answer to that question can be found in the hypnotic melodies and lurid lyrics of trip~hop duo CLAVV’s (pronounced claws) sophomore album, World Underwater, a deep dive into what it means to embrace commonly unwelcome stereotypes and feelings.
★↔★••   I met up with the band, comprised of four~time Grammy~winning producer Graham Marsh and writer/vocalist Amber Renee, in the appropriately buzzing Octane Coffe Bar to ask them about Atlanta’s influence on their music and to get their how~to guide on floating in a world underwater.
Electric Revival: In what way do you feel Atlanta impacts you music? (answer below...)                                                                                     
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Indie, Alternative, Synthpop, Trip~Hop
Album release: March 24, 2017
Record Label: CLAVVS
Vinyl Format: also, 12” / Color (White) / 33 RPM
Duration:     36:32    
01. Silver Tongue      4:04
02. Bloom      3:33
03. Glass Skin      4:07
04. Serpentine      3:29
05. Siren      3:45
06. Girl      3:30
07. Drift      3:06
08. Lungs      3:49
09. Deep Blue      3:34
10. Future Gold      3:34
℗ 2017 CLAVVS
★   Amber Renee ↔ lyrics, vocals
★   Graham Marsh ↔ instrumentals, production
★↔★•• CLAVVS is a duo from ATL comprised of Grammy award winning producer + multi~instrumentalist Graham Marsh and writer + lyricist Amber Renee. The pair met at a house party in late 2013 and soon started collaborating on the songs that would become their debut album halfblood, released in 2016.
★↔★•• Halfblood’s critical success garnered CLAVVS the attention of international publications and radio programmers, landing their music on college radio stations and in blogs like Northern Transmissions, YVYNYL, and Ultimate Music. The duo was featured alongside Janelle Monae in the Atlanta episode of PBS’ international series, the Music Voyager. CLAVVS was also the featured artist on MTV’s Teen Wolf this season.
★↔★•• Creative Loafing named CLAVVS Best Progressive Pop Act in 2016, calling halfblood the #17 Atlanta album of the year. Their music is included in the in~store playlists for American Apparel, Forever 21 and Old Navy, and their songs frequently appear in official Spotify playlists.
★↔★•• World Underwater is CLAVVS’ sophomore album. With singles like “Glass Skin” and “Bloom,” it is clear that the duo is navigating further into their signature territory of hypnotic melodies and hard~edged production.
★↔★•• This year, the duo amped up crowds for Ibeyi (XL), Baio (Glassnote), Ages and Ages (Partisan) and Rhye (Polydor). CLAVVS will tour select cities on the East Coast following the release of their second album World Underwater on March 24. They’ll end the run at Sweetwater 420 Fest on April 23rd.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLAVVSatl
Website: www.clavvs.com // @clavvsatl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clavvsatl
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/clavvsatl
Interview: January 10, 2017
By Electric Revival..... https://www.electricrevival.co/blogs/music/interview-clavvs
Interview 2.:  
AR: Totally, it’s something that people who dig will know. We did a documentary, and anyone who saw it will know about our relationship. But it’s not something that I want to focus on, especially in relation to the music. This record, and Halfblood, are not love songs. They’re not songs about anyone else other than myself. And that’s a conscious decision, at least for now. I don’t want to cut off from talking about those things, but I also am aware of the stigma that women have to write love songs. Women are expected to write about love. Think about any woman who was successful making pop music in the last 10 years, they all got ahead making records about a guy, or someone who broke their heart. I want to challenge that kind of thinking.
GM: That goes the same with me. I love subversive music, I love challenging the status quo and the systems that we have in place.
★↔★••   http://www.clatl.com/music/article/20855853/premiere-stream-clavvs-debut-fulllength-world-underwater
★   halfblood (2016)
★   World Underwater (2017)

CLAVVS World Underwater


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