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Cody ChesnuTT — Landing On a Hundred: B Sides and Remixes (2014)

Cody ChesnuTT — Landing On a Hundred: B Sides and Remixes (March 11th, 2014)

USA Flag Cody ChesnuTT — Landing On a Hundred: B Sides and Remixes

¤   Cody Chesnutt is a singer–songwriter and guitarist who mixes rock, R&B, hip–hop, blues, pop, and soul into a unique, lo–fi hybrid.
¤   “Any one of these songs can be a friend to anybody at any given time.” — Cody ChesnuTT
¤   “It was great to have other people — Questlove, Gary Clark Jr, Danny Swain, Jay West and Manuel Sahagun — contribute their talent and interpretations to the mix,” says Cody. “They brought colors and textures that I might not have considered, but did so with desire to maintain the integrity of the original work.” — Cody ChesnuTT
¤   Famed Soul Troubadour Heads to SXSW for Several Shows As Part of Spring Tour
¤   Landing on A Hundred: B-Sides and Remixes picks up where the full length album left off… surveying the landscape of everyday life. The message —that life in these times must be dealt with head on — is dressed in a myriad of sonic outfits, but is consistent in its spirit.
Born: 1968 in Atlanta, GA
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Album release: March 11th, 2014
Record Label: Breakaway Recordings / MGM, Vibration Vineyard
1. Let’s Go Pop (Let’s Pimp the Ghetto Lie)      4:37
2. Listen       3:28
3. Gunpowder On the Letter (Feat. Gary Clark Jr.)      3:55
4. The Average Working Man       4:02
5. Scroll Call (Danny Swain Okayplayer Remix)      5:29
6. Sense of You (‘Til I Met Thee) (Jay West & Manuel Sahagun Remix)     5:43
7. What Kind of Cool (QuestLove Remix)       5:31
Origin credits:
Mario Argandona  Percussion
Patrice Bart–Williams  Producer
Boo Mitchell  Engineer
Robert Brown  Engineer
Cody ChesnuTT  Composer, Producer, Quotation Author
Zdany Chisholm  Horn Arrangements, Saxophone
Timothy Clark  Arranger, Guitar
The Demon Strings  Strings
Izzi Dunn  String Arrangements, String Conductor
Steve Fryson Jr.  Drums
Jeffrey Gaines  Arranger, Bass
Alvin "Vthov" Giles  Arranger, Keyboards
Antoinette Giles  Tambourine
Oliver Greene  Vocal Arrangement, Vocals (Background)
Stefan Heger  Mastering
Matthew John  Producer
Joel Johnson  Arranger, Guitar
Matt Karmill  Engineer
Desmond Lambert  String Engineer
James Manning  Graphic Design
Richard "Ricky" Ojijo  Mixing
Ricky Ojijo  Engineer
Schelvin Robinson  Trumpet
Phil "Soul" Sewell  Bass
Soccorro  Vocal Arrangement, Vocals (Background)
Michael Williams  Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
Billboard Albums
¤   2013 Landing On A Hundred  R&B Albums  #45
¤   2013 Landing On A Hundred  Top Heatseekers  #18
¤   2012 Landing On A Hundred  R&B Albums  #45
¤   2012 Landing On A Hundred  Top Heatseekers  #18
¤   Cody ChesnuTT taps Gary Clark Jr for the bounce–inducing church blues of “Gunpowder On The Letter”, his first drop from the upcoming B–Side & Remixes cut of his stellar Landing On A Hundred LP. Clark and ChesnuTT trade off sliding licks and croon supreme all over this shuffling rocker, perfectly melding each of their strong suits. ChesnuTT has mounted quite a resurgence this year. What do you think?
¤   His album Landing On A Hundred turned out to be the old–soul review most of us always knew he was capable of, he landed himself on one of our star–studded showcases at SXSW this year, and now it seems he’s releasing a B–Sides & Remixes cut of the aforementioned LP, chock full of one–offs, never–heards and remixes by ?uestlove, Danny! — on a special OKP remix of “Scroll Call” — and Jay West & Manuel Sahagun. Landing On A Hundred: B–Sides & Remixes is due out March 11th. (http://www.okayplayer.com/)
¤   Cody ChesnuTT releases Landing On a Hundred: B–Sides and Remixes. The release picks up from where the album left off… Surveying the landscape of everyday life.
¤   His album Landing On a Hundred turned out to be the old–soul review most of us always knew he was capable of, and now it seems he’s releasing a B–Sides & Remixes cut of the aforementioned LP.
¤   The release includes a remix of the song ‘What Kind of Cool’ remixed by QuestLove, and ‘Gun Powder On The Letter’ which features Gary Clark Jr. Other artists have worked on the release of the likes of Jay West and Manuel Sahagun.
Bz STEPHEN THOMPSON; October 21, 201210:30 PM ET
>> http://www.npr.org/2012/10/21/163090878/first-listen-cody-chesnutt-landing-on-a-hundred
Website: http://www.cchesnutt.com/
MySpace: https://new.myspace.com/codychesnutt
Bandcamp: http://codychesnutt.bandcamp.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CodyChesnuTT183
Twitter: https://twitter.com/codychesnutt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamcodychesnutt
Press: Girlie Action Media: Julia Maehner — julia@girlie.com
Agent: Keith Levy (New Frontier Touring): keith@newfrontiertouring.com
2002: The Headphone Masterpiece
2006: The Live Release (unpublished)
2010: Black Skin No Value (EP)
2012: Landing On A Hundred
2014: Landing On a Hundred: B Sides and Remixes
2001: Look Good in Leather ("AXE Instinct" — Werbespot (2009))
2002: "The World Is Coming"
2002: "The Seed (2.0)" (featuring The Roots) (UK #33)
2006: "The Last Adam"
2008: "Afrobama"
2010: "Come Back Like Spring"
What the Press is Saying…
¤   “showcasing a powerful voice that still conjures Stevie Wonder and countless other influences and antecedents.”  — NPR
¤   “A breath of fresh air” — Soul Train
¤   “Chesnutt strikes the rare balance between evoking soul and funk’s glory days and taking the genres into new and unexpected places” — Boston Globe
¤   “… a triumphant redemption of songs…” — SPIN
¤   “Chesnutt is the type of guy that gets the details right” — A.V. Club 

Cody ChesnuTT — Landing On a Hundred: B Sides and Remixes (2014)



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