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Culture Abuse — Peach (April 8, 2016)

Culture Abuse — Peach (April 8, 2016)

                  Culture Abuse — Peach (April 8, 2016)
Location: San Francisco, California
Album release: April 8, 2016
Record Label: 6131
Duration:     30:00
01. Chinatown      3:06
02. Jealous      3:12
03. Dream On      3:22
04. Rainy Days      2:36
05. Don’t Worry      3:40
06. Peace on Earth      1:47
07. Turn It Off      3:37
08. Living in the City      0:43
09. Yuckies      3:59
10. Heavy Love      3:58
≡±≡   Culture Abuse dare you to try categorizing them. On their debut full length, “Peach,” the San Francisco Bay Area band drop hints with every song — power pop melodies collide with punk grit, garage rock swagger meets hardcore aggression, and there’s even an upstroke or two — but never give the listener enough to definitively put them in a box. And that’s just the way they like it.
≡±≡   Recorded with Scott Goodrich at Nu–Tone Studios, “Peach” is an eclectic album that represents a band finding their sound, and that sound is anything they want it to be. The album sees the band lean full tilt into the Nuggets–inspired garage punk only hinted at on their more hostile early work, throwing keyboards and even the occasional string arrangement on top of their distorted attack. The result creates a barrage of outsider earworms that might be hard to label, but aren’t hard to sing along to instantly. This refreshingly try–anything approach to songwriting makes for an unpredictable listen that is somehow simultaneously cohesive, a testament to Culture Abuse’s ability to wrestle disparate styles into something all their own.
≡±≡   Culture Abuse don’t care what kind of band you think they are, and after listening to “Peach,” you’ll be too busy singing along to care either.
≡±≡   Includes immediate download of the entire album.
By Branan Ranjanathan, Published Apr 07, 2016;  Score: 9
≡±≡   Pinning down Culture Abuse’s sound is no simple task — the San Francisco five–piece mash together a plethora of sounds drawn from all corners of the punk spectrum and tie them together into an unrelenting, hook–laden wall of sound. On their full–length Peach, the band have only grown more versatile with their songwriting.
≡±≡   In contrast to previous releases, Peach takes a lighter tone overall, weaving sunny, surf–y riffs into a number of songs, like “Peace On Earth.” That’s not to say that any of the energy or aggression found in their older work has been forgone, though; it’s often strategically juxtaposed within these structures. “Turn It Off” bursts out of the gates with breakneck power chords before dropping into an echoing reggae–esque swing halfway through, and then building itself back up with a distinctly hardcore, tom–smashing build–up.
≡±≡   Many of these seamless transitions within and between songs are facilitated by the wide range of David Kelling’s vocal styles. The fuzzy, shoegazing slacker wails on opener “Chinatown” are miles away from the distorted growling of “Don’t Worry,” but his ever–morphing style succeeds in bringing a cohesive feel to the entire album. Peach is a refreshing and dynamic set of songs that pushes the boundaries of modern punk music.
≡±≡   http://exclaim.ca/
Bandcamp: https://cultureabuse.bandcamp.com/album/peach
Website: http://cultureabuse-uncensored.com/
Label: http://shop.6131records.com/collections/culture-abuse

Culture Abuse — Peach (April 8, 2016)


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