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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Damon Albarn
Songs from Wonder.Land (15 April 2016)

Damon Albarn — Songs from Wonder.Land (15 April 2016)

 Damon Albarn — Songs from Wonder.Land (15 April 2016)
■   A new musical inspired by Lewis Carroll’s iconic story, wonder.land is a coming–of–age adventure that explores the blurred boundaries between our online and offline lives.
■   Aly is struggling with all the pressures of being a teenager: family, school, friends and her own insecurities. Then she discovers wonder.land — a mysterious online world where, perhaps, she can create a whole new life. The web becomes her looking–glass — but will Aly see who she really is?
■   Combining live theatre and digital technology in dazzling new ways, wonder.land is brought to life on stage by an extraordinary creative team. With stunning sets, costumes, video projection and lighting, and a score by Blur’s Damon Albarn, this is a musical like no other: an Alice for the online generation.
■   Age guidance: wonder.land explores teenage issues and contains some strong language. It’s not suitable for children under 10.
■   Wonder.land is a musical with music by Damon Albarn and lyrics and book by Moira Buffini. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novels Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking–Glass, the musical made its world premiere at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, in July 2015 as part of the Manchester International Festival. The musical transferred to London’s National theatre from November 2015, before opening at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris, in 2016.
Location: Carlisle ~ Upper Leytonstone, London and Aldham, Essex (both England).
Album release: 15 April 2016
Record Label: Parlophone
Duration:     42:42
01. “Entre Act”   1:32
02. “wonder.land”   1:47
03. “Fabulous”   3:16
04. “Me”   5:17
05. “Secrets”   3:51
06. “In Clover”   2:57
07. “Avatars Holding Page”   2:01
08. “Who Are You”   5:33
09. “I’m Right”   2:56
10. “Everyone Loves Charlie”   4:44
11. “Japanese Duchess”   1:42
12. “Man of Broken Glass”   3:02
13. “Alice Saw”   3:04
Total length:     47:35
■   All lyrics written by Moira Buffini, all music composed by Damon Albarn.
■   Moira Buffini (born 1965) is an English dramatist, director, and actor.
■   Damon Albarn, OBE; born 23 March 1968) is an English musician, singer–songwriter, multi–instrumentalist and record producer. He is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Blur as well as co–founder, vocalist, principal songwriter, and instrumentalist of the virtual band Gorillaz.
Music (National Theatre version):
Act 1:
01 “Prologue” — MC
02 “Who’s Ruing Your Life?” — Aly, Bianca, Matt and Company
03 “Network” — Aly, Kitty, Dinah, Mary–Ann
04 “Wonder.land” — MC, Aly and Company
05 “Fabulous” — Cheshire Cat, Aly, Alice and Company
06 “Falling” — Aly, Alice, MC and Company
07 “I’m Right” — Ms Manxome, Aly, Luke and Company
08 “Crap Life”Aly, Alice, Dum, Dee, Mouse, Mock Turtle, Humpty, Dodo and Company
09 “Who are You?” — Caterpillar and Company
10 “Secrets” — Aly, Alice
11 “In Clover” — Matt
12 “Chances” — Matt, Aly, Luke and Company
Act 2:
01 “Entre Act” — Orchestra
02 “Me” — Ms Manxome, Alice
03 “Heartless Useless” — Bianca, Matt, PCRook, Aly
04 “Me (Repraise)”Ms Manxome, Alice, Mouse, Dum, Dee, Mock Turtle, Dodo, Humpty
05 “Gadget” — Bianca, Aly
06 “Everyone Loves Charlie” — Aly, Matt, Bianca and Company
07 “O Children” — Ms Manxome, Alice, Aly
08 “Broken Glass” — Matt, Bianca
09 “Fabulous (Repraise)” — MC
10 “Who is Alice?” — MC, Ms Manxome, Alice, Aly, Kitty, Dinah, Mary–Ann, Mouse, Dum, Dee, Mock Turtle, Dodo, Humpty, Matt, Bianca, Luke and Company
11 “I’m Right (Repraise)”Ms Manxome, PC Rook, Aly, Bianca, Matt, Luke and Company
12 “Secrets (Repraise)” — Aly, Alice
13 “Wonder.land (Repraise)” — MC, Aly, Luke, Mouse, Dum, Dee, Mock Turtle, Dodo, Humpty, Bianca and Company
Music: Damon Albarn
Lyrics: Moira Buffini
Book: Moira Buffini
Basis: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking–Glass’ by Lewis Carroll
Premiere: 2 July 2015: Palace Theatre, Manchester / National Theatre, London
Productions: Palace Theatre, Manchester (World Premiere version) / National Theatre, London (November 23, 2015).
Website: http://wonder.land/
Website: http://damonalbarnmusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/damonalbarn
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/damon-albarn-official
Tumblr: http://damonalbarnmusic.tumblr.com/

Damon Albarn
Songs from Wonder.Land (15 April 2016)