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Dandy Teru Adventures (2013)

 Dandy Teru — Adventures (2013)

Dandy Teru Adventures
  Art director and music producer.
Location: Toulouse, France
Album release: April 23/June 13, 2013
Record Label: Ubiquity Records
Duration:     32:29
01. Burned feat. Sami K
02. Wake Up Now feat. Rita J
03. Below feat. Moka Only
04. Fragile Things feat. Ty and Sarah Gessler
05. RWVNLL feat. Tchad Unpoe
06. Waters feat. Quiet Dawn
07. Clouds Catcher
08. Wake Up Now feat. Rita J
09. Below feat. Moka Only
10. Fragile Things feat. Ty and Sarah Gessler
◊  Thomas Babeau  Photography
◊  Blanka  Mastering
◊  B. Chijoke  Composer
◊  Count Bass D  Featured Artist
◊  Quiet Dawn  Arranger, Co-Director, Featured Artist
◊  D. Denton  Composer
◊  S. Gessler  Composer
◊  Sarah Gessler  Featured Artist
◊  Ty Gessler  Featured Artist
◊  Rita J.  Featured Artist
◊  Sami K  Featured Artist
◊  Moka Only  Featured Artist
◊  Moresounds  Featured Artist
◊  Roland Lefox Nicol  Artwork
◊  Supafuh  Mixing
◊  Dandy Teru  Arranger, Director, Primary Artist, Producer
◊  Tchad Unpoe  Featured Artist
◊  T. Wallace  Composer
◊  Adventures is the debut full-length album by French producer Dandy Teru. His opus is chock-full of notable guest vocalists and MC's and also includes remixes by Tall Black Guy, Belgian production duo Monkey Robot and his partner-in-crime Quiet Dawn.
Website: http://www.dandyteru.com
Tumblr: http://dandyteru.tumblr.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dandyteru
Picture: Very first steps of rehearsals for Adventures live set. QD on the keys, and a classic MPC in my hands. Searching for the perfect live versions…
◊  Born in 1984 in south France.
◊  Former dancer, producing music since 2006.
◊  Was part of Supafuh’s ViBe League crew. Fund BCR-Music label in 2009, releasing first Pumpkin’s AINSI DE SUITE EP (eponym track produced by Teru), 3 Supafuh’s EP&LPs, on wax, and a lot of digital music from a small but solid team. Released WONDERLAND EP under Massive Suits Quartet alias in 2011.
◊  Shut BCR-Music label down early in 2012.
◊  Part of the Laid Back radio team since 2011, and host a monthly show called FRENCH TOAST since September 2011 with Quiet Dawn.
◊  Part of 2012 edition of DO THE DILLA compilation by Food For Ya Soul.
◊  Part of 2012 first volume of TEMPO DREAMS compilation by Tall Black Guy & Bastard Jazz Records.
◊  Signed on Ubiquity Records (California - USA) late in 2012, where he will release his ADVENTURES LP and a couple of singles.
◊  Working for labels and artists, as producer, adviser, artistic director, and still as a man in the shadows.


Dandy Teru Adventures (2013)



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