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Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes — Kid Tiger (2014)

Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes — Kid Tiger (March 04, 2014)

USA Flag Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes — Kid Tiger

SENSATIONAL ALBUM Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes — Kid Tiger // NOMINATED for 8th TAIS AWARDS/HARVEST PRIZE 2015
⁄×»   “I say could you be my lover, you say ‘I see us more as friends.’ I like it when you tell me no, girl. Feigning smiles and faking confidence. Well I know just what I want and I’m coming straight for you.” — Daniel Ellsworth (Ready Set)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Album release: March 04, 2014
Record Label: Deer Head Music
Duration:     54:18
01 Waves     5:58
02 Idle Warning     3:17
03 Phantoms     3:03
04 Fits & Starts     3:53
05 Tourniquet     3:49
06 Sun Goes Out     4:26
07 Ready Set     3:41
08 Static     4:32
09 Echoes     3:22
10 Little Light     5:25
11 Frontline     4:42
12 Backfire!     4:09
13 Sun Goes Out (Radio Edit)     4:01
2014 Deer Head Music LLC
By Hilary Saunders
March 4, 2014  |  4:07pm
⁄×»   Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, a four-piece based not near its regional namesake, but in Nashville, TN, is a rock and roll band driven by a fiercely independent collective spirit and whiskey shots. Their sophomore album, Kid Tiger, arrives three years after their self-funded debut LP Civilized Man charted on Amazon MP3’s best albums of the year list. Although not quite at raucous as their (often-self-booked) live shows, Kid Tiger is a high-energy release of danceable, feel-good indie rock tunes.
⁄×»   With synths like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and a rock and roll rhythm section fitting for Nashville’s growing underground scene, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes is a product of various musical influences, past and present. At times, Ellsworth yelps like Raconteurs-era Jack White (he pushes the limit of his vocal range in “Idle Warning”) and at other times guitarist Timon Lance’s distorted lead riffs scream and howl like a light version of The Mars Volta (“Little Light”). Elsewhere, “Fits and Starts” is appropriately skittish but kept aligned by Joel Wren’s meticulous drumming. With Grammy award-winning Vance Powell (Jack White, Kings of Leon) engineering, Kid Tiger sounds crisp enough to accentuate the band’s playing (particularly Marshall Skinner’s bass lines that are in fact, fairly complex), yet scuzzy enough to prove that everything was recorded live in the studio. Even though individual tracks elicit such wildly different musical comparisons, Kid Tiger feels surprising consistent, cozily melding keyboard dance-pop and guitar-rock in a way that’s genuine and exciting.
Fortaken: http://www.pastemagazine.com/
Website: http://www.danielellsworthandthegreatlakes.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DEandTGL
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielellsworthandthegreatlakes
Gen. dir.: Erin O. Anderson // erin@oliviamanagement.com
Press: TOUR PRESS: Mike Farley // mike@michaeljmedia.com
Agent: Keith Richards // Fleming Artists // keith@flemingartists.com
Reviewed by Adrienne Beckham
⁄×»   Monday mornings have never been my friend, but looking out my window and seeing nothing but snow blurring the view of the street makes monday and I mortal enemies. Monday put up quite a fight seeing as I had to drag myself through the 20 degree winter night back to my room after a day of classes and work, but I had one war ending solace to retreat to. Once I finally escaped the wind, I went straight to my music library to find the perfect record, laden with vocals that fill your ears and surround you like a warm summer’s beating sun. Lucky for me, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes have crafted their second album, Kid Tiger, which is available for download today and is just what I need to fend off these wintery Monday slumps.
⁄×»   The twelve tracks that make up this Nashville indie rock outfit were practically made for the lazy days of summer that much of the country is desperately awaiting. Sustained guitar riffs and rolling drum beats run through the album so steadily that there is no fighting the transportive effect it generates. Especially on tracks like “Waves,” which lives up to itsname by using drummer Joel Wren’s skill behind the kit in tandem with lead singer Daniel Ellsworth’s sighing vocals to musically represent the calming atmosphere that exists in all of my memories of days wasted on hot California sands. On every track, Ellsworth’s sly and careful vocals backed by moments of soulful chorus harmonies intertwine with the full kid tiger promo whitepiano and guitar driven soundscape for a throwback feeling, reminiscent of the bluesy rock influences present in the discography of indie rockers, Cold War Kids. Yet, Ellsworth and company incorporate a lighter and more relaxed quality to their music. In combination with diverse genre influences that span from folk to indie pop, Kid Tiger defines a truly unique sound for Ellsworth & The Great Lakes. The album’s third track, “Phantoms,” exemplifies this perfectly. Maintaining the core of the indie rock Ellsworth & The Great Lakes sound, “Phantoms” begins with a touch of psychedelic rock before it continues by amping up the soul elements with sassy and lingering vocals from Ellsworth and background choir on top of a slick rhythm from Wren and bassist Marshall Skinner. All of those elements  blended together makes ”Phantoms” my favorite track on Kid Tiger, delightfully dizzying me with a brilliantly fresh orchestration.
⁄×»   From the opening piano melody on intro track “Waves” to the last drum beat of end track “Backfire!,” Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes’s latest release is undeniably infectious, coaxing me into laying back with a happily content smile plastered on my face despite the blanket of snow on the ground and biting cold air on the other side outside my window. As I sit on my bed listening to Kid Tiger for the third time tonight, I think it is safe to say: score 1 for me, and score 0 for winter and Mondays. Fortaken: http://www.ateenview.com/
Written by Sarah Hess Published in Album Reviews Sunday, 02 March 2014 21:52
⁄×»   Chicago — After the critical success of Civilized Man, the Nashville band Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes are back with an exceptional and dynamic sophomore album. Kid Tiger is filled with playful piano scores, stellar drumming, fantastic guitar riffs, and of course, Ellsworth’s exquisite and powerful voice. The indie-pop album was tracked live and co-produced and engineered by Vance Powell; demonstrating just how skilled and energetic the band’s live performances are. The entire album is filled so much gusto, evoking a euphoric dance party. Kid Tiger solidifies Esquire Magazine's ranking of DE&TGL as one of the “15 Bands to Watch in 2014.”
⁄×»   “Waves” starts the album out with sensual piano, slowly building up, as drums fill it out until Ellsworth passionately sings, “Darling don’t go. I can’t stay. I’m sorry.”  The song continues to build up, wildly exploding with emotion; a brave choice to start with, as it is the longest track of the twelve. “Phantoms” is the third track, and perhaps the catchiest of the bunch, yet maybe the darkest with its lyrics. The fourth track, “Fits and Starts,” is one of the strongest songs on Kid Tiger. Joel Wren’s drumming pulls you in and Ellsworth’s voice grabs you, begging you: “Tell me what you want honey, tell me what you want me to say.” The keys break in louder and louder. The tempo changes beckon you to keep up and move your body along to this remarkable song. The dance track “Tourniquet” is beat heavy, abounding with guitar, and more electronic than the rest, with its wispy air of 80s rock.
⁄×»   The sixth track is “Sun Goes Out,” the first single off the album. There is an air about this song that resembles a Kings of Leon song; especially when Timon Lance flawlessly comes in with his guitar. It’s a lovely synth-pop song that will have you moving your feet and singing, “When the sun goes out, I won’t mind.”
Fortaken: http://www.bestnewbands.com/
Josh Terzino, February 18, 2014
:: http://music-defined.com/2014/02/18/daniel-ellsworth-and-the-great-lakes-kid-tiger/

Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes — Kid Tiger (2014)



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