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Darkstar — Foam Island (September 25, 2015)

  Darkstar — Foam Island (September 25, 2015)

         Darkstar — Foam Island (September 25, 2015)
»  Darkstar are an electronic music duo. Since 2007, they have released music on Hyperdub, Warp and 2010 Records. They received strong critical praise for their initial releases. In February 2013 Darkstar released News From Nowhere on Warp to critical acclaim. In a four–star review The Times called it “warped psychedelic pop”, while the American music publication SPIN said it was a “highly emotive, harmonically sound trip through digitized music that move to a genuine human heartbeat”. Third studio album Foam Island is released in September 2015.
Album release: September 25, 2015
Record Label: Warp
Duration:     39:47
Tracks:                                                                                                              01 Basic Things     2:02
02 Inherent in the Fibre     3:58
03 Stoke the Fire     4:04
04 Cuts     1:32
05 Go Natural     4:42
06 A Different Kind of Struggle     1:51
07 Pin Secure     4:55
08 Through the Motions     4:41
09 Tilly’s Theme     2:33
10 Foam Island     3:32
11 Javan’s Call     2:12
12 Days Burn Blue     3:45

»  The cold landscapes of Darkstar’s work have always been permeated with glimmers of humanity. James Buttery’s vocals on North flickered like snatches of breath amidst all the factory smoke, while 2013’s News From Nowhere’s pastoral charms were borne out during a period of monastic seclusion in the Yorkshire countryside.
»  Foam Island’s jittery beats sound decidedly London influenced, but it has a sweeping, state–of–the–nation feel. Songs are punctuated by fragments of interviews conducted with young people in West Yorkshire during the General Election. Each segment is largely well executed, with the duo’s queasy constructions lending even mundane observations a solemn intensity, and the guiding principle of Aiden Whalley’s gorgeous croon could quite easily lead the group into chart territory on several tracks. »  Combining their earlier fascination with interlocking beats with a new maturity and pop savoir–faire, this is a reconciliation of Darkstar’s teeming musical impulses.
Website. http://www.darkstar.ws/
Interview: http://www.factmag.com/2009/11/04/interview-darkstar/
Discography only albums:
»  2010 North (Hyperdub)
»  2013 News from Nowhere (Warp)
»  2015 Foam Island (Warp)

Darkstar — Foam Island (September 25, 2015)


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