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David Gilmour
Rattle That Lock (September 18th, 2015)

David Gilmour — Rattle That Lock (September 18th, 2015)

  David Gilmour — Rattle That Lock (September 18th, 2015)  David Gilmour — Rattle That Lock (September 18th, 2015)••••   Cesta od prvního k tomuto albu trvala 37 let. Vím, co jsem byl tenkrát, vím, kdo jsem teď. Gilmourova cesta byla i cestou všech jeho tehdy žijících fans. Postupně se k rostoucímu zástupu připojovali děti a nakonec vnoučata. Naše setkání slouží k naslouchání v jedné linii. Hudební kolektiv se také nebývale rozrostl. Nechybí v něm Robert Wyatt, ani hlas Richarda Wrighta. Je zde i Gabriel Gilmour, Jools Holland, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Andy Newmark, Phil Manzanera, Guy Pratt, Danny Cummings..., a mnoho dalších. Je to slavnostní chvíle a pro nás všechny další z milníků života. Jsme zde, žijeme a posloucháme. Album je podpořeno 10 + 5 + 11–ti koncertním turné v tomto gardu: Evropa v září a říjnu, Jižní Amerika v prosinci a Severní Amerika na jaře 2016. RATTLE THAT LOCK is David Gilmour’s fourth solo album and follows the No1 platinum release ‘On An Island’ (although in the interim there was of course the Pink Floyd release ‘The Endless River;’ which went to No 1 in 21 countries). It is released worldwide on Friday 18 September 2015, and is available now for pre–order.
••••   Rattle That Lock includes 10 songs, all with music by David: 5 with lyrics by novelist Polly Samson, 2 by David himself and 3 instrumentals. French composer Michaël Boumendil has also contributed to the title track, about which more below.
••••   The album was recorded at various places, including David’s Astoria houseboat studio and in Hove, Sussex, UK. As with ‘On An Island’, production was by David Gilmour and Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera, with engineering by Andy Jackson, assisted by Damon Iddins.
••••   Live dates have been booked to support the album release, and, in addition to the 2015 dates across Europe, several shows have been announced in North America for March and April 2016, with stops in Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago and New York. Ticket buyers resident in North America will be among the first to receive the new album, as every ticket purchased online will include a Rattle That Lock CD*.Birth name: David Jon Gilmour
Born: 6 March 1946, Cambridge, England
Notable instruments:
••••   'The Black Strat' Fender Stratocaster
••••   'The Red Strat' Fender Stratocaster
••••   'The 0001 Strat' Fender Stratocaster
••••   Fender Telecaster
Location: London, UK
Album release: October 2, 2015
Recorded: 2014–2015 at Medina Studio, David’s Astoria houseboat studio Hove; Astoria Studio, Middlesex; AIR Studios, London, UK
Record Label: Columbia Records / SONY JAPAN
Duration:     51:27 +
Disc: 1
01. 5 A.M.     3:05
02. Rattle That Lock     4:56
03. Faces Of Stone     5:32
04. A Boat Lies Waiting     4:35
05. Dancing Right In Front Of Me     6:11
06. In Any Tongue     6:47
07. Beauty     4:29
08. The Girl In The Yellow Dress     5:26
09. Today     5:56
10. And Then...     4:30
Disc: 2
01. Barn Jam 1
02. Barn Jam 2
03. Barn Jam 3
04. Barn Jam 4
05. The Animators — Alisdair + Jock (Documentary on makers of the "Rattle That Lock" video)
06. "Rattle That Lock" video
07. The Animators — Danny Madden (Documentary on maker of "The Girl In The Yellow Dress" video)
08. "The Girl In The Yellow Dress" video
09. Polly Samson and David Gilmour at The Borris House Festival of Words and Ideas (Documentary on their creative collaboration)
10. The making of the "Rattle That Lock" album (Documentary)
11. Audio — "Rattle That Lock" Extended Mix
12. Audio — "The Girl In The Yellow Dress" Orchestral Version
13. Audio — "Rattle That Lock" Youth Mix — 12' Extended Radio Dub
14. Audio — "Rattle That Lock" Radio Edit
15. The "Rattle That Lock" album in 5.1 Surround Sound
••••   The cover features a landscape photograph by Rupert Truman of StormStudios with painted corvids escaping a locked cage. The album book’s photographs were taken by Kevin Westenberg with Polly Samson contributing recording session photographs.Personnel:
••••   Current personnel info gathered from the EPK for the "Rattle That Lock" single. Additional info gathered from the new EPK on davidgilmour.com showing the booklets for the vinyl and deluxe editions. This is not a complete list.
••••   David Gilmour — guitars (all), lead vocals (all except 1, 7, 10), keyboards (all except 8), piano (1, 3, 4, 5), SNCF sample (2), Hammond organ (2, 5, 9), bass guitar (5, 6, 7, 10), bass harmonica (7), electric piano (9, 10)
••••   Gabriel Gilmour — piano (6)
••••   Steve DiStanislao — drums (2, 3, 5, 7, 9), percussion (2, 3, 7), backing vocals (2)
••••   Guy Pratt — bass guitar (2, 9)
••••   Phil Manzanera — Hammond organ (2, 3), keyboard elements (2, 3, 6), acoustic guitar (3, 9)
••••   Andy Newmark — drums (5, 6, 10)
••••   Danny Cummings — percussion (3, 4, 5, 7, 10)
••••   Damon Iddins — accordion (3)
••••   David Crosby — backing vocals (4)
••••   Graham Nash — backing vocals (4)
••••   Jools Holland — piano (8)
••••   Rado Klose — guitar (8)
••••   Robert Wyatt — cornet (8)
••••   Chris Laurence — double bass (8)
••••   Mica Paris — backing vocals (2, 9)
••••   Louise Marshall — backing vocals (2, 9)
••••   The Liberty Choir — backing vocals (2)
••••   Zbigniew Preisner — orchestration (1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10)
••••   Michaël Boumendil — original SNCF jingle (2)
••••   Richard Wright — voice sample (4)
Barn Jam personnel:
••••   David Gilmour — guitars
••••   Richard Wright — keyboards
••••   Guy Pratt — bass guitar
••••   Steve DiStanislao — drums
••••   Heavyweight vinyl, mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante at das boot
••••   Gatefold sleeve, photo inner bags, full colour labels, download card
••••   Full size 16–page photo/lyric booklet including artist photographs by Kevin Westenberg and album session photographs by Polly Samson
Creative Director: Aubrey Powell, Hipgnosis
••••   Sleeve design by The Creative Corporation
••••   Front sleeve landscape photograph by Rupert Truman, StormStudios
••••   Album produced by David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera                             © David Gilmour and a horse at Knebworth 1975.
Editorial Reviews
••••   "Rattle That Lock" is the new solo album by David Gilmour, the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd. This is David's fourth solo album, and the first since 2006’s # 1 album "On An Island". The primary lyricist for "Rattle That Lock" is Gilmour s long–term writing partner, Polly Samson, and the album is co–produced by David Gilmour and Roxy Music s Phil Manzanera. The album's striking cover has been art directed by Dave Stansbie.
••••   The lead single of this album is the title track, "Rattle That Lock". The song begins with the four notes, created by Michael Boumendil, which precede announcements at French SNCF railway stations which Gilmour recorded on his iphone at Aix station. Samson s lyrics are inspired by Book 2 of John Milton s Paradise Lost, which is also featured in her recent acclaimed novel, The Kindness. The single also features the Liberty Choir and singers Mica Paris and Louise Marshall.
••••   There are four versions available for "Rattle That Lock". The single disc CD package is a hard cover bound book with gold foil blocking on cloth spine, along with a 22 page photo/lyric booklet including artist photographs by Kevin Westenberg along with album session photographs by Polly Samson. The second version is a 2 disc Deluxe Box that includes the CD package, along with a Standard DVD featuring 10 bonus audio–visual tracks, 4 bonus audio tracks, the complete album in Surround Sound, and memorabilia. The third version is a 2 disc Deluxe Box that features the CD package, along with a Blu–Ray DVD featuring 10 bonus audio–visual tracks, 4 bonus audio tracks, the complete album in Surround Sound, and memorabilia. Both Deluxe Box versions include a 32 page hard back photo/lyric book including artist photographs by Kevin Westenberg along with album session photographs by Polly Samson, a 48 page book 'Paradise Lost' (Book II), and memorabilia including a poster, postcard, and plectrum. And finally, the vinyl version is a single heavyweight LP in a gatefold jacket and download insert, along with a 16 page full sized booklet including artist photographs by Kevin Westenberg and album session photographs by Polly Samson.
By Tom Ingham ♠ September 16th, 2015 Score: 7
••••   David Gilmour is Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is Pink Floyd, Richard Wright is Pink Floyd, Nick Mason is a racing enthusiast — and Pink Floyd. The four members post–Echoes were each integral to the success of the mythical, prog–rock band, however the only member to truly evoke the Floyd sound in a solo setting is Gilmour. For a lead guitar colossus to show such restraint and taste across an entire career without having a tacky shred moment even once is astounding. His touch, tone and feel are a testament to his talents and are the reason the guitar cognoscenti hold him in such esteem; just four arpeggiated notes in ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ send shivers in all the right places and leave no doubt as to who is behind the axe.
••••   Rattle that Lock is a speedy follow up to Pink Floyd’s final release The Endless River a collection of revamped songs and passages from the Division Bell recordings which highlight the natural musical pairing between Gilmour and Wright and pay fitting tribute to the late pianist. Forty years on from Wish You Were Here and it is plain to see how Waters' visions were channelled through this pairing to create the Pink Floyd sound, a sound which Gilmour carries to this day on his latest solo effort.
••••   Whilst the The Endless River felt like a musical tribute to Rick, Rattle that Lock is an emotional response to the loss of a friend and a bandmate. Dealing largely with mortality on a track like ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ the tone can seem quite morose “what I lost was an ocean, now I’m drifting here without you ….and I’m rowing right behind you”. ‘Today’ adds to this feel with “If you should wake and find me gone… now close your eyes and go to sleep”. But despite this seeming acceptance of fate, Gilmour — along with wife and chief–lyricist Polly Samson — balance the books with a sense of defiance “If this should be my last day on earth I’ll sing along”.
••••   Luckily for fans, feelings of mortality are not indicative of the atmosphere on the record, in fact as the name suggests, there’s fight and vigour left in the ageing rocker. ••••   Title track ‘Rattle that Lock’ is propelled by groove and swagger; Mica Paris’ vocals back up Gilmour’s gossamer voice bringing power and might to proceedings. ••••   The inclusion of the Liberty Choir from the same prison that housed their son seems to further strengthen the cause for rebellion; for fighting and believing in worthy causes and to not go with a whimper. Samson has regularly cited Paradise Lost as the inspiration here, explaining it’s about not excepting the status quo and in a broader sense, rejecting feelings of apathy.
••••   The album flits from stripped backed, bluesy inspired tracks like ‘Dancing in Front of Me’ to Division Bell–flavoured sounds heard on ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ and ‘Beauty’. Although largely steering away from anything too ‘arena–rock’, ‘In Any Tongue’ is steeped in grandeur and sentiment. It’s also one of the few orchestrated and epic solos — no impromptu blues here, but the full Gilmour–arsenal of wailing bends and climatic crescendos.
••••   There seems to be quite a significance to the fact this record starts and closes with instrumental pieces. Although Samson can take credit for lyrics like those on fan–favourites like ‘High Hopes’ she is a mere translator, interpreting Gilmour’s musical moods. Album closer ‘And Then’ is delicate, flowing and understated; a whimsical and evocative piece of music that fellow guitarists can only wish to create with such simple techniques. The whole track has a sense of finality, ending with a fingerpicked nylon string guitar over swelling strings that gently fades out; which is very apt given that Pink Floyd have bowed out quite gracefully and in an understated manner post–Live 8 reunion.
••••   Rattle that Lock offers something of great merit to those lucky enough to see some of the live shows, however you can’t help but feel that despite crafting an album of such merit, David Gilmour may simply not want to carry on making music that owes so much to his late companion and friend. ••••   http://drownedinsound.com/
Website: http://www.davidgilmour.com/rattlethatlock/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidgilmour
••••   http://www.theatre-antique.com/
Discography solo:
Studio albums:
••••   David Gilmour   (1978)
••••   About Face   (1984)
••••   On an Island   (2006)
••••   Rattle That Lock   (2015)           © Filming exterior shots .. in a studio… for Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii 

David Gilmour
Rattle That Lock (September 18th, 2015)