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David Gray
Mutineers [Deluxe 3 cd Edition, 2014]

David Gray — Mutineers [Deluxe 3CD Edition, June 17, 2014]

David Gray — Mutineers

 EXCELLENT ALBUM David Gray — Mutineers & NOMINEE for 8th TAIS AWARDS 2015
♦   Gray je jedním z classiest — nejspolehlivějších skladatelů a umělců své generace. Vysoká laťka, kterou nastavil ve svém katalogu, mi dává to, po com jsem toužil: mít po ruce blízkého generačního vzbouřence. Hudba na albu je stejně přesvědčivá jako texty: mix klavírních balad s potřebným napětím David promění v orchestrální triumf, singer-songwriter-styl se spojil s experimentálním. Je zde fantastické a v žádném případě ne dotěrné programování od Andyho Barlowa (Lamb). Gray napodobuje emotivního Johna Lennona ve svou výhodu v "Beautiful Agony", pak pootočí fráze stylem vintage Van Morrison v “Cake and Eat It.”  Pro mne je tato píseň vrcholem alba spolu s  “Birds Of The High Arctic”. Dvě skladby jsou inspirovány básníky, ale většina z alba odhaluje Davidovu romantickou a duchovní kondici. Věřím, že se cítí stejně dobře, jak vypadá. Má důvod: přivedl na svět své nejlepší album.
Birth name: David Peter Gray
Born: 13 June 1968, Sale, England, United Kingdom
Genres: Indie rock, folk rock, folktronica
Occupations: Musician, songwriter, producer
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Location: Sale, brought up in nearby Altrincham ~ London, Britain, UK
Album release: June 17, 2014
Record Label: Good Soldier Songs/IHT/Kobalt/+180 Records
Duration:     48:27 + 41:14 + 46:19
01. Back In The World      3:57
02. As The Crow Flies      4:13
03. Mutineers      5:02
04. Beautiful Agony      4:05
05. Last Summer      4:14
06. Snow In Vegas      4:21
07. Cake And Eat It      2:33
08. Birds Of The High Arctic      6:24
09. The Incredible      3:24
10. Girl Like You      5:19
11. Gulls      4:55
CD2: Bonus live CD:
01. Foundling      8:00
02. From Here You Can Almost See The Sea      4:04
03. Davey Jones' Locker      7:20
04. Lately      8:25
05. The One I Love      4:01
06. Kathleen      3:58
07. Ain't No Love      5:26
CD3: Bonus Live CD:
01. My Oh My      4:39
02. Fugitive      3:34
03. Forgetting      4:16
04. Falling Free      4:25
05. Flame Turns Blue      4:50
06. Babylon      6:40
07. Nemesis      11:41
08. Sail Away      6:14
♦   All songs written and composed by David Gray except where noted.
Written by:
♦   David Gray, Andy Barlow 1, 2, 4, 8
♦   David Gray, Robbie Malone 9
♦   David GrayVocals, pianos, guitars, keyboards, harp, harmonica, Juno synthesizer
♦   Robbie MaloneBass, acoustic, electric and nylon string guitars, e-bow, high strung guitar
♦   Keith Prior — Drums, percussion
♦   Caroline Dale — Cello
♦   Andy Barlow — Programming
♦   "Bouncing back from the hushed austerity of 2010's Foundling — a tasteful affair, to be sure, but perhaps a shade too tasteful — David Gray joins forces with Andy Barlow, a producer/songwriter/ remixer who has worked with Elbow and Damien Rice but is best known as one of the founding members of Lamb, the British electronica band of the ’90s. This hardly signals an excursion into electronic music for the folkie, but Barlow does paint Mutineers with many appealingly muted colors, an approach that seems surprisingly bright after the off-white Foundling. At its best, the production is so quietly textured it never draws attention to itself; instead, it enhances the songs themselves, letting them breathe and settle. It’s not simply that the production of Mutineers is well-drawn, so are the melodies of the songs. Grey remains a subtle songwriter, but these songs are direct and often slyly hooky, which means Mutineers makes a striking initial impact then seeps in deeply."
In french:
♦   Un singer songriter qui n'a jamais retrouvé le succes immense qu'il avait obtenu avec l'album "White Ladder". La version Deluxe de ce nouvel album est livrée avec un double live qui reprend la plupart des titres connus de ses précédents albums.
Written by Eric Luecking, June 17th, 2014 at 5:31 pm; Score: 3 out of 5 stars
♦   Over 20 years after releasing his debut album, David Gray returns with his tenth album.  Matching his longest period between studio albums at four years, he’s had ample time to collect his thoughts, observe life, and translate them into a tapestry of songs both reflective and anthemic.  Spread across 11 tracks, Gray covers familiar ground for long-time listeners, which can be both comforting and maddening.  Additionally, hardcore fans may want to note that the  iTunes and vinyl versions contain an exclusive track called “Nearly Midnight.”
♦   There are up-tempo numbers including lead single “Back In The World” and the follow-up track “As The Crow Flies,” but nothing is as striking as his fiery “You’re The World To Me” from 2007.  Nor are there stadium sing-along near the power that “Shine” was and still is.  He does find a way to work in more songs using birds (“As The Crow Flies,” “Gulls,” and “Birds Of The High Arctic”), a calling card of his.  The latter blends orchestral touches alongside a piano and steady mid-tempo drumming.  ♦   Elsewhere, “Beautiful Agony” is a high point on the album.  As it closes, instrumental flourishes from a violin leave you breathless.
♦   Throughout his decades-long career, Gray has always found a way to be a number of things — uplifting, pensive, melancholic — as well as being a tremendous love song writer (“This Year’s Love,” “Sail Away,” and “Be Mine” come to mind).  However, there’s been a tendency over his last few studio albums to be lifeless.  The music is played and sung nicely but doesn’t fully compare with its live counterparts as performed on various radio and online promotional gigs stripped down to acoustic arrangements.
♦   With the deluxe version of Mutineers, a previously unreleased 2-CD live show entitled Cascade is included with 15 songs that focus mostly on material from Life In Slow Motion  onward.  It’s in that setting where his vocal cords and band draw the most power from his pen.  If he’s touring in your town this summer, try your best to score a ticket.  Gray is one of the classiest and most dependable songwriters and performers of his generation.  The high bar he has set with a tremendous back catalog makes us yearn for just a bit more out of Mutineers. Fortaken: http://www.americansongwriter.com/
Website: http://davidgray.com/
Tumblr: http://davidgraymusic.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidGray
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealDavidGray
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/davidgray
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidgray
♦  A Century Ends (April 1993)
♦♠♦  Flesh (September 1994)
♦  Sell, Sell, Sell (August 1996)
♦♠♦  White Ladder (November 1998)
♦  Lost Songs 95-98 (February 2001)
♦♠♦  A New Day at Midnight (October 2002)
♦  Life in Slow Motion (September 2005)
♦♠♦  Greatest Hits (2007)
♦  Draw the Line (September 2009)
♦♠♦  Foundling (August 2010)
♦  Mutineers (June 2014)
Personal life:
♦   Gray married his wife Olivia in Los Angeles, California in 1993, and together they have had two daughters. Gray is also the brother-in-law of Phil and Paul Hartnoll of Orbital.
♦   In 2011, a portrait of Gray was painted by British artist Joe Simpson (artist), the painting was exhibited around the UK including a solo exhibition at The Royal Albert Hall.

Bass Tutor
♦♠♦   Robbie Malone has been playing the bass with Irish band Lir and made two indie albums and toured the U.S. constantly up until 1994. Robbie then became a session player and recorded albums with Damien Dempsey, Juliet Turner and Mary Coughlan amongst many others. In 1997 Robbie joined the Hothouse Flowers, with whom he recorded and toured two albums and supported the Rolling Stones on their European tour. From 1999 to the present, Robbie has played with David Gray. He has played bass, acoustic guitar, double bass and bouzouki, and has co-written songs on the last 5 David Gray records, which have sold over 5 million units. He has also co-produced the last 3 albums, 2 of which have been in the Billboard top ten album charts in the U.S. Over the past 11 years Robbie has played on many world tours with David Gray and has performed in such fantastic venues as Madison Square Garden, Radio City and Red Rocks.

David Gray
Mutineers [Deluxe 3 cd Edition, 2014]



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