Dawda Jobarteh — „Soaring Wild Lands“ (Jan. 28, 2022)Gambia flagDENMARK FLAG                               Dawda Jobarteh — „Soaring Wild Lands“ (Jan. 28, 2022)
•≈  V roce 1999 se Dawda Jobarteh přestěhoval z Gambie a usadil se v Dánsku. Dawdovo dědictví, pojmenované po prvním gambijském prezidentovi, s nímž měl Dawdův otec Amadou Bansang Jobarteh blízko, má pevné kořeny v jedné z nejproslulejších hudebních dynastií západní Afriky. Dawda si však našel své místo jako skutečně mezinárodní hudebník a klíčová je jeho ochota a nadšení pro práci s hudebníky z různých prostředí a tradic.
Location: Gambia, Copenhagen, Denmark
Album release: Jan. 28, 2022
Record Label: Sterns Music
Duration:   38:01+34:48 = 72:49
1. Sunset In Batumi   5:28
2. Sunjata   5:23
3. Soaring Wild Land   5:25
4. Golden Horses   4:11
5. Admeta Harmony   2:29
6. Tykke In Mandinka   4:01
7. Efo   5:04
8. Brikama By Night   4:20
9. Tutu Jara   2:35
Instrumental version:
1. Sunset In Batumi   5:28
2. Sunjata   3:17
3. Soaring Wild Land   5:25
4. Golden Horses   4:11
5. Admeta Harmony   2:29
6. Tykke In Mandinka   4:01
7. Efo   5:02
8. Brikama By Night   4:20
9. Tutu Jara   2:35

Dawda Jobarteh (kora on all, vocal on 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8)
Salieu Dibba (percussion on all except 9)
“Admeta String Quartet”
Freja Guldberg Larsen (violin)
Selma Trammitzke Milling (violin)
Maria Vara de Alba (viola)
Maria Kolby Sonstad (cello)
Strings arranged by Jens Christian ‘Chappe’ Jensen and Dawda Jobarteh“Admeta String Quartet”
Featured artists:
Jullie Hjetland (vocal on 4 and 8)
Francis Kweku Osei (drums on 4 and 7)
Elene Daraselia and Zako Bokuchava (vocals on 7)
Jens Christian ‘Chappe’ Jensen (sax on 5)
Studio personnel:
Recorded by Dawda Jobarteh, Mikkel Nordsø and Jens Christian ‘Chappe’ Jensen
Mixed by Dawda Jobarteh and Mikkel Nordsø
Mastered by Antony Ryan
Produced by Dawda Jobarteh
Author: Nigel Williamson. April/2022 Score: ★★★★  Top of the World
Dawda’s father Amadu Bansang Jobarteh was in effect the official kora player to Gambia’s first president, and he named his son after his high~ranking patron. Yet although Dawda is a hereditary griot he did not follow his father and initially played percussion in Gambia’s Salaam Band, only taking up the kora after moving to Denmark in 1999. Since then he has integrated its majestic, rippling sound into a range of settings, collaborating with jazz, rock, classical and Indian musicians.
On his fourth album for Sterns he’s supported on all nine tracks by the classical Admeta String Quartet, whose classy arrangements he scored, and on two tracks by the appealing voice of Danish folk singer Jullie Hjetland. His own kora playing is expansive and eclectic — classically traditional on the gorgeous instrumental ‘Sunset In Batumi’, rocked~up through an effects box on the title~track and jazzily syncopated on ‘Brikama by Night’, while ‘Admeta Harmony’ is a sublime and lyrical fusion of kora, strings and the sweet sax~playing of Chappe Jensen that is over all too soon. Dawda’s mannered English~language vocals on several tracks are the least impressive aspect of an otherwise fine album. There is also an instrumental mix of the record being released digitally.
★  https://www.songlines.co.uk/review/soaring-wild-lands
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