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De Rosa
Weem (22 January, 2016)

De Rosa — Weem (22 January, 2016)

                    De Rosa — Weem (22 January, 2016) De Rosa — Weem (22 January, 2016)•≈•   “This is a clip from a song called ‘Spectres’, which is the opener on our forthcoming album ‘Weem’. The lines ‘Together in the glow / Of parties years ago’ and ‘Out on a shire of ghosts’ remind me of the working class family in which I grew up. The superstitious lyrics have more to do with our faith in each other than any specific belief in ghosts or anything spiritual. The visuals were made by Bellshill photographer Kris Boyle.” — Martin John Henry, De Rosa
•≈•   Originally a five–piece group, when De Rosa broke up in 2003, three years after their inception, vocalist Martin John Henry decided to re–form the group instead of ending things completely, bringing on brothers Neil Woodside (on drums) and James Woodside (on bass, melodica, and mandolin). Location: Lanarkshire ~ Glasgow, Scotland.
Album release: 22 January, 2016
Record Label: Rock Action
Duration:     41:11
01. Spectres      5:54
02. Lanes      3:31
03. Chip On My Shoulder      3:48
04. Scott Fank Juniper      4:25
05. Falling Water      3:05
06. Fausta      3:26
07. Prelude To Entropic Doom      3:45
08. The Sea Cup      3:35
09. Devils      4:37
10. Lanes (Reprise)      1:26
11. The Mute      3:39
De Rosa:
•≈•   Martin John Henry voice, guitars
•≈•   Neil Woodside drums
•≈•   James Woodside bass, melodica, and mandolin
Darren Carle | 02 Jan 2016 | ★★★★★
•≈•   Though they announced their reunion back in 2012, the release of Weem bookends a hiatus of almost seven years for Bellshill quintet De Rosa. Now a trio in their latest guise, it’s hard to imagine they’ve been sat on their hands all that time as this third album arrives with a similar progression and confidence to that which characterised majestic sophomore effort, Prevention.
•≈•   Ornate, sometimes grand and shot through with their distinct brand of colloquial folk rock, Weem is beguiling from the first listen and only gets better the more you cosy on up with it. Fittingly, writing duties took place in the rural Scottish Highlands, a setting continually evoked within the work. From the glorious, unfurling opening of Spectres via anthemic highlight Lanes (and its subsequent reprisal), Weem is the sound of a band regrouping because they had to. The by–product just happens to be their finest release so far. •≈• http://www.theskinny.co.uk/
Website: http://www.derosaband.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/derosaband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/derosaband
2006 Mend (Chemikal Underground)
2009 Prevention (Chemikal Underground)
2016 Weem (Rock Action)

De Rosa
Weem (22 January, 2016)


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