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Death & Vanilla — The Tenant (Feb. 2nd, 2018)

Death & Vanilla — The Tenant (Feb. 2nd, 2018)

            Death & Vanilla — The Tenant (Feb. 2nd, 2018)Death & Vanilla — The Tenant (Feb. 2nd, 2018)Location: Malmö, Sweden
Album release: Feb. 2nd, 2018
Record Label: Fire Records
Duration:     41:41
01 Loctaire — intro     2:35
02 Zy And Choule     5:34
03 Church Music     2:10
04 Walls Have Teeth     4:21
05 Labyrinthe     2:33
06 Mouvement Panique     1:39
07 Free Design Kung~Fu     2:24
08 Do You Have Any Trouble With Your Neighbours     2:40
09 If You Cut Off My Head, What Do I Say Me And…     2:39
10 Dioz Delirium     4:12
11 Everything Is Always Happening     4:19
12 Solitaire     2:25
13 The Bouncing Head     3:37
14 Music Box — outro     0:57
♠     “The retro leaning Scandi duo fire up their Moogs and mellotrons, sonic archaeologists with a hauntological bent.. there is an alluring sexiness to their avant~Kraut Moog~pop excursions.” — Uncut
♠     “Recalling the eerie, haunted ambience of Angelo Badalamenti/Julee Cruise’s Twin Peaks soundtrack, Stereolab/Broadcast’s experimental vision of ‘50s lounge muzak/exotica and French ‘60s pop, or the narcotic country~noir of Mazzy Star.” — The Guardian
♠     Following on from the deluxe reissue ‘Vampyr’ last year, comes Death And Vanilla’s unreleased live score of ‘The Tenant’ on limited edition magenta vinyl.
♠     Originally scored by Philippe Sarde, this release sees Death And Vanilla reimagine the film’s soundtrack four decades on for a new audience. The haunting instrumental is a foreboding piece of dark and cinematic avant~garde music that’s alienated, lonely and melancholic. Moments of hallucination and delusion mirror the lead character Trelovsky.
♠     Recorded in 2015 at Cinemascore festival in Spain alongside a two~hour performance and screening of psychological thriller ‘The Tenant’ (1976). With the band at their most minimal, the accomplished musicians once again bring the dark narrative to life with their expansive and ethereal noir sound. The recording features them as a trio — Marleen Nilsson (Farfisa Compact), Anders Hansson (Hagstrom Kent, Roland SP~404 and Technics SL~1200) and Magnus Bodin (Moog Prodigy and Musser M55).
♠     Directed by Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski and based on the novel Le Locataire by Roland Topor, ‘The Tenant’ is the finale in his acclaimed apartment triology which included “Repulsion” (1965) and “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968).
Bandcamp: https://deathandvanillamusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-tenant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/death_vanilla
Label: http://www.firerecords.com/

Death & Vanilla — The Tenant (Feb. 2nd, 2018)


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