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Desert Noises — 27 Ways [2014]

 Desert Noises — 27 Ways [March 25, 2014]

USA Flag               Desert Noises — 27 Ways
Location: Provo, UTAH, United States of America
Album release: March 25, 2014
Record Label: SQE
Duration:     45:45
01. Grandma Looks      (3:22)
02. Out Of My Head      (3:12)
03. Mice In The Kitchen      (3:43)
04. Run Through The Woods      (4:27)
05. Follow You Out      (3:38)
06. Shiver      (4:42)
07. Elephant's Bed      (3:24)
08. Keys On The Table      (3:22)
09. What The World Made      (3:45)
10. Wild Dreams      (4:04)
11. Angels      (6:19)
12. Dime In My Pocket      (1:48)
→   Desert Noises is Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Patrick Boyer, and Brennan Allen from Utah Valley, UT. Ask about their recent musical influences, and you’ll extract a litany on the riches of Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, and Tame Impala. If it seems an unlikely trio of choices, it simply means that you haven’t yet become acquainted with their propulsive, jangle-rich breed of rock ‘n roll. Desert Noises make music for shouting into canyons, jumping into rivers, and getting married to the wide-open road. With a strong maturity in their songwriting, they conjure the majesty of the American pastoral landscape.
→   While one can pick out definite strains of blues and Americana, their often-ferocious delivery and penchant for shredding guitars elicits a powerful transcendence into psychedelic rock. This is felt most strongly in their live performances, where they harness their visceral energy in new ways each night.
→   Desert Noises work with an emotional palette that is sophisticated beyond their years, as front-man Kyle Henderson translates melancholy, longing, and regret into lyrical fables like a seasoned troubadour. He seems to be howling into the vastness with all of his might, romancing his hopelessness and taking comfort in open spaces.
→   These four young men are enchanting hearts across the country, having shared the stage with such notable contemporaries as The Head and The Heart, Local Natives, The Morning Benders, Blitzen Trapper, Miniature Tigers, and Pepper Rabbit. With their gaze set enthusiastically into the future and a new album on the way, the chronicle of Desert Noises is just beginning to unfold.
→   "The tale of four men from Utah who decide to leave their religious doctrine behind and head out in a van to play music is, as backstories go, pretty compelling.
→   Fortunately, their music is as well. Desert Noises, who release their label debut album 27 Ways on March 25 via SQE, is something of a throwback to an era of guitars, drums and, well, more guitars — from country twang to ’70s L.A. jangle to even harder rocking rave-up riffs that recall everything from Petty to Zeppelin to Neil Young. What makes Desert Noises rise above the clutter of boogie jam noodlers and the endless supply of imitative semi-cover rockers is the melodic songwriting and attention to sonic detail from producer Nick Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).
→   The album is the product of almost three years touring as a band, and their influences are as time-tested as the very idea of building a band on the road.
→   Older music is all we really listen to,” said frontman Kyle Henderson. Those melodies are so simple, but profound, soulful and timeless. And that’s what our music aspires to: to never get old.””
Website: http://www.desertnoises.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desertnoises

Desert Noises — 27 Ways [2014]



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