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dEUS — Selected Songs 1994 — 2014, 2 CD

dEUS — Selected Songs 1994 — 2014, 2 CD (24th November 2014)

Belgium      dEUS — Selected Songs 1994 — 2014, 2 CD 

EXCELLENT COMPILATION dEUS — Selected Songs 1994 — 2014, 2 CD was NOMINÉE for 8th TAIS AWARDS 2015.
ψ   dEUS jsou jednou z největších ztracených kapel 90´ let. Ok, takže v závislosti na tom, kde žiješ, označení 90´s nemusí být zcela přesné. Kontinuita tvorby dEUS je skutečně pochopitelná, ale zatímco ve Velké Británii  jejich dřívější práce posbírala jen špetku pozornosti, v Antwerpách – ve jejich domovské zemi, vzrostl  zájem o ně na super–hvězdnou úroveň. V Belgii po pětileté přestávce zafungoval pozoruhodný spínač ve velkém stylu.
ψ   Ale stejně jako jejich idol Tom Waits, dEUS nebyli považováni za archetypální úkaz úhlavní sentimentality, například v písni "Disappointed In The Sun". Tato první etapa uvedla do historie individualistický přístup k souhře a formě; kapela dokonce šla tak daleko, že realizace omezené edice experimentálního alba s názvem  “My sister = my clock” (1995) vybublala jejich slabost pro studio, pásky, smyčky, triky — i nadto již beztak nekonvenční styl dEUS.
ψ   Jedna chybička se vloudila..., i když... (je tady živá verze "Sun Ra"). Tom Barman má jednu vadu společnou s Noelem Gallagherem: složil kompilaci bez nepublikovaných písní. (To se přece nedělá Nerozhodný . Noel Gallagher to udělal dvakrát. Kdo tedy řeší tuto položku? Fanoušci. Díky jim existují foisting —  tajné bonbónky. Un seul défaut pourtant. Tom Barman a un défaut en commun avec Noel Gallagher : celui de refiler une compilation sans aucun inédit. Noel Gallagher a fait le coup deux fois. A qui s’adresse donc cet objet ? Aux fans. Remerciez–les d’exister en refilant des bonbons secrets.
Formed: 1991 in Antwerp, Belgium
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Album release: 24th November 2014
Record Label: PIAS
Duration:     146:18
01. Instant Street      6:14
02. The Architect      3:57
03. Little Arithmetics      4:30
04. Constant Now      3:46
05. Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me)      6:24
06. Slow      6:09
07. Roses      4:52
08. Via      4:12
09. Quatre Mains      4:54
10. Fell Off the Floor, Man      5:15
11. Sun Ra (Live at A38 Budapest, 03.03.2012)      6:14
12. Suds & Soda      5:13
13. Theme from Turnpike      5:46
14. Ghost      4:34
15. Bad Timing      7:08
16. The Real Sugar      3:58
17. Nothing Really Ends      5:29
18. Serpentine      3:18
19. Magic Hour    5:24
20. Eternal Woman      4:24
21. Right As Rain      4:23
22. Include Me out      5:01
23. 7 Days, 7 Weeks      3:54
24. Nothings      2:30
25. Wake Me Up Before I Sleep      2:55
26. Smokers Reflect      4:28
27. Secret Hell      5:00
28. Magdalena      4:58
29. Disappointed in the Sun      6:04
30. Twice (We survive)      4:32
2014 dEUS, under exclusive license to Universal Music Belgium
ψ   TOM BARMAN — Vocals / Guitar
ψ   KLAAS JANZOONS — Violin / Keyboards
ψ   STÉPHANE MISSEGHERS — Drums / Vocals
ψ   MAURO PAWLOWSKI — Guitar / Vocals
ψ   ALAN GEVAERT — Bass Guitar / Vocals
Past members:
ψ   Mark Meyers (1991–1993)
ψ   Stef Kamil Carlens (1991–1996)
ψ   Rudy Trouvé (1991–1995)
ψ   Jules de Borgher (1991–2004)
ψ   Danny Mommens (1996–2004)
ψ   Craig Ward (1995–2004)
ψ   Tim Vanhamel (1999–2000)
By Charlie Frame, November 17th, 2014 10:54
ψ   dEUS are one of the Great Lost 90s Bands. Okay, so depending on where you're from, the '90s label may not be entirely accurate. dEUS's output does indeed continue to this day. And while in the UK their earlier work garnered just a modicum of attention, the Antwerpers rose to super–stardom in their home country of Belgium after a five year hiatus and a notable switch in style. As far as the Anglosphere is concerned though, little else solicits a widening of the eyes and a chinking of glasses quite like a discovered mutual fondness for this band.   With a shifting line–up revolving around vocalist Tom Barman and violinist/keyboardist Klass Janzoons, dEUS started out as an eccentric jazz–blues infused art–rock combo. Clutching copies of Troutmask and propping up the bar in gin–soaked suits, they shared their influences' love of the bizarre and the macabre — wet–eyed encounters in shabby hotel lounges, tall tales sung in Barman's smoky whisper of a voice. Their style veered from the wee small hours acoustica of 'Little Arithmetics' to the RATM–with–fiddles folk–punk screamathon, 'Suds And Soda'. Charles Mingus' 'Far Wells, Mill Valley' was slowed down to a crawling loop for swampy blood chant 'Theme From Turnpike'. And like their idol, Tom Waits, dEUS weren't beyond the kind of arch–sentimentality heard on Henson–esque musical numbers like 'Disappointed In The Sun'.   This first phase saw a maverick approach to convention and form; the band even going so far as to release a limited–edition experimental album titled My Sister = My Clock, which took their fondness for studio and tape–loop trickery well beyond their already offbeat style.                    © dEUS gaat live in Koninklijk Circus Auteur Alexander Verstraete
ψ   By their third album proper, 1999's The Ideal Crash, they had all but lopped off their more outrageous tendencies, opting for a more solid, mainstream sound. This era spawned the classic single 'Instant Street', their biggest hit up until then. Soon afterwards dEUS left the scene, releasing only the wistful ballad 'Nothing Really Ends' before returning in 2005 with a new line–up and a significantly different stadium–friendly rock sound. Although this change in style did little to reignite much passion among UK audiences, the second era spawned four number 1 albums and a number 2 hit single with 'The Architect' in their home country.   The aforementioned songs all feature on Selected Songs 1994–2014, a career spanning double disc of cuts plucked from all seven of their studio albums. There's also a live version of the song 'Sun Ra' thrown–in as a showcase for dEUS's formidable performance–work. Starting with the big hits and running through a liberally–arranged selection of singles and highlights, what's staggering is how immediate dEUS could be as songwriters. 'Instant Street's plucked banjo riff and "put on a movie/play something groovy" line is just as charming and catchy as it ever was. Meanwhile, the splintered funk of 'Fell Off The Floor, Man' comes into its own, as hot–pants and tin–pans take a surprising left–turn into full–throttle acid–rock. While this writer had previously written–off the band's later AOR–phase, he has to admire the way 'The Architect' somehow manages to redefine the grunt and heave of Miles Davis' On The Corner, repurposing its vibe into an infectious robotic chant–a–long.   It's these little inventive moments that make dEUS such a unique bunch. Whether you're a fan of the earlier art–blues era or the later euro–rock phase, there's no argument for a better selection, really. That said, newcomers may be left with a disorienting impression on hearing these songs for the first time. The decision to order tracks in non–chronological sequence means we get big shimmery pop numbers like 'Constant Now' bumping up against the maudlin hat & beard of 'Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)'. Rather than emphasising the variety on offer, this approach has a peculiar homogenising effect on dEUS's back catalogue.
ψ   On the plus side, we've no choice but to take in dEUS as a whole — not just as forgotten indie heroes, nor European rockstars. Heard in isolation, the later songs feel more vibrant than in the context of their original albums. Going back to albums like 2008's Vantage Point confirms this — the band's diversity and playfulness replaced by a solid, aseptic sound reminiscent of dour alt–rockers like The National or Editors. So while songs like 'Slow' and 'Quatre Mains' do well to convey that mood of nocturnal menace dEUS had always hinted at, these are still among the least interesting moments on the compilation.
ψ   Meanwhile, the earlier era suffers slightly from a general pruning of dEUS' more eccentric tendencies. It's a flattening effect common to best–of compilations, where the big defining songs are removed of their characteristic, surrounding foibles. Albums like 1994's Worst Case Scenario and 1996's In A Bar Under The Sea were wonderfully calamitous affairs — bumpy rides, in all. A sweet pop song like 'Little Arithmetics' would have proved welcome respite following the collage–style bombardment that made–up the first four tracks on In A Bar Under The Sea. On this collection, however, 'Little Arithmetics' is "just" another great single.
ψ   What we're missing are the bits in between — creepy sea shanties like 'A Shocking Lack Thereof'; the late–night blues of 'Nine Threads'; terrifying dark–jazz b–sides like 'My Little Contessa'; not to mention the crazed tape experiments on My Sister = My Clock. While it's no surprise these lesser cuts were left off, they nevertheless represent an essential part of the dEUS make–up.
ψ   All told, given the capacity of two CDs, it would be impossible to present dEUS any other way. This is a fantastic collection of songs, and while their more outré tendencies are less obviously felt, there's scope enough to encompass the sheer variety dEUS can offer. :: http://thequietus.com/
ψ   Vocalist Tom Barman and multi–instrumentalist Klaas Janzoons are the only members to have stayed the course for the full two decades, and while the band has covered a lot of musical terrain over the journey they’ve possessed a distinctive sound that could never really be mistaken for anyone else.
ψ   Their art–flecked rock’n’roll contained tinges of jazz in places but was always accessible, the strong songwriting abetted by smooth instrumentation and Barman’s cruisy vocals. Culling seven strong albums down to 30 tracks is no easy feat, but the fact that this compilation’s two–discs are not ordered chronologically yet flow perfectly is testament to the fact that despite their development over their 20 years they’ve never strayed too far from that core dEUS aesthetic. They hit the ground running back in the day and fittingly their early work gets the most attention here, with their 1994 debut Worst Case Scenario (Suds & Soda, Via) and their 1996 second album, In A Bar, Under The Sea (Little Arithmetics, Fell Off The Floor Man, Theme From Turnpike) providing a dozen of the selected tracks between them, although all albums get a decent look in. Further highlights abound from the second half of their storied career (Instant Street, Bad Timing, Smokers Reflect, Twice (We Survive), Nothings), but above all Selected Songs 1994–2014 showcases what a durable and consistent band dEUS have been for such an extended period of time. Long may they prosper.
By DEREK ROBERTSON, November 24th, 2014
ψ   http://drownedinsound.com/news/4148495
Par Louis • 24.11.2014 • Score: 4.5/5
ψ   http://www.soul-kitchen.fr/51617-deus-selected-songs-1994-2014 © 2014 08 01 — LOKEREN, BELGIUM: dEUS singer Tom Barman and Magnus pictured during the first day of the 'Lokerse Feesten' music festival in the city center of Lokeren, Friday 01 August 2014. BELGA PHOTO: NICOLAS MAETERLINCK
Who could tell the story better
About the things that I went through
Some were great but most were terrifying and so spooky too
Had to get out of there, to hide away
Had to get out of there, to find my way
I troubled everything too soon
Now where I want to be is
Where I want to be is
Need I say my only wish was
To escape my earthly life
High skies were no option whereas
Diving deep in oceans wide
Was the way for me, to hide away
A possibility, to leave today
I troubled everything too soon
Now where I want to be is
Where I want to be is
Under the sea is where I'll be
No talking 'bout the rain no more
I wonder what thunder will mean, when only in my dream
The lightning comes before the roar
Circumstantial situations, now I know what people meant
Beware of the implications, God I've had enough of them
Dedicated to be brave and find a way
Just picking out a wave and slide away
I troubled everything too soon
Now where I want to be is
Where I want to be is
Maybe taking it another hour then taking away the pain
Maybe taking it another hour then taking away the pain
Maybe taking it another hour then taking away the pain
Then taking away the pain
Then taking away the pain
Then taking away the pain
I troubled everything too soon
Now where I want to be is
Where I want to be is
Under the sea, is where I'll be
No talking 'bout the rain no more
I wonder what thunder will mean, when only in my dream
The lightning comes before the roar
Under the sea, down here with me I find I'm not the only one
Who ponders what life would mean if we hadn't been
So disappointed in the sun
And that's why we're thinking
That's why we're drinking in a bar under the sea
And that's why we're thinking
That's why we're drinking in a bar under the sea
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWtTq1hLfKQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dEUSbe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dEUSmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/deusbe
Website: http://deus.be/
Studio albums:
ψ   Worst Case Scenario (1994)
ψ   In a Bar, Under the Sea (1996)
ψ   The Ideal Crash (1999)
ψ   Pocket Revolution (2005)
ψ   Vantage Point (2008)
ψ   Keep You Close (2011)
ψ   Following Sea (2012)
EPs, DVDs and compilation albums:
ψ   Zea (1994)
ψ   My Sister = My Clock (1995)
ψ   No More Loud Music (2001)
ψ   No More Video (2002)
ψ   Selected Songs 1994–2014 (2014)                                      © Tom Barman in 2006 © Ricardo Pádua
Birth name: Thomas Andrew Barman
Born: 1 January 1972, Belgium
Instruments: Vocals, guitar
ψ   Barman studied at the film school of St.–Lucas in Brussels, but didn't finish his studies because he wished to pursue a career in music.
ψ   In 1989, he began by forming the rock band, Deus, in Antwerp. Although he had chosen music over his interest in film, his experience aided him in directing his own music videos for Deus, and he made a short film in 1996 titled Turnpike. He also directed videos for other Belgian musicians including Axelle Red and Hooverphonic among others.
ψ   He is of Norwegian descent from his father's side.
ψ   In the summer of 2002 shooting started in Antwerp for his first feature film Any Way the Wind Blows which was released in Belgian cinemas in the summer of 2003. In February 2004, he released "The Body Gave You Everything", the debut album by Magnus, his dance–oriented project with techno producer CJ Bolland.
ψ   Barman has since explored the other side of the camera as well. He agreed to a "leading role" allowing directors, Manu Riche and Renaat Lambeet to film a documentary derived by Barman's everyday life, entitled Tempo of a Restless Soul. After showing at the Ghent Film Festival one reviewer from Flanders Today ranked the film with a split score. He feels the film should receive three of five stars for fans only, and two stars for others. Deus fans already familiar with Barman, he pointed out, may be interested in the backstage, personal nature of the man due to the everyday "fly on the wall" view of the film. However, he cautioned, it might be confusing to find the semi–retiring rock frontman behind scenes.
ψ   Barman is now again playing with Deus. In 2006, Barman was one of the driving forces behind the 0110 concerts.

dEUS — Selected Songs 1994 — 2014, 2 CD