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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Diane Cluck — Boneset [2014]

Diane Cluck — Boneset [March 4, 2014]

USA Flag                    Diane Cluck — Boneset
♠   One of the original players in N.Y.C.'s early-2000s anti-folk scene, and a prolific songwriter in her own right.
Location: Pennsylvania ~ New York City ~ Charlottesville, VA
Album release: March 4, 2014
Record Label: Bone & Bloom Publishing
Duration:     21:59
01. Maybe A Bird       1:41
02. Content To Reform       2:26
03. Draw Me Out       3:34
04. Not Afraid To Be Kind       1:44
05. Why Feel Alone?       3:08
06. Trophies       3:03
07. Heartloose       2:18
08. Sara       4:07                                                 © Photo credit: Derrick Belcham
♠   Diane Cluck, frequently accompanied by cellist Isabel Castellvi.
♠   Boneset is comprised of songs written years ago and just recently. They laid out best in near-chronological order. Dark to light to dark, the album overends as a mobius strip, its songs seeded with connection and release, overcoming fear with heart...birds, bones, surrender.
♠   We're currently touring these songs all over the place. Cellist Isabel and I are visiting the west and east coasts of the US, Ireland & the UK, and Europe this Winter & Spring 2014. 
♠   “I write songs with the intention that there's space within them for you to enter and discover and receive. Willkommen. I feel gratitude in doing this work and hope you will enjoy.” — Diane
♠   All songs & lyrics by Diane Cluck
♠   Recorded at Trout Recording in Brooklyn, NY by Bryce Goggin
♠   Mixed by Bryce Goggin and Diane Cluck
♠   “Content to Reform” recorded & mixed at Serious Business Studio, NYC by Travis Harrison
♠   Mastered by Richard Morris Mastering
♠   Isabel Castellvi — cello (1—3, 5—8)
♠   Anders Griffen — drums (5, 6)
♠   Evan Honse — flugelhorn (4)
♠   Diane Cluck — voice & guitar, piano (3), drum (7), glockenspiel (8)
♠   Cd / vinyl artwork & layout by Diane Cluck
♠   Black & white photos by Samuel Lang Budin
♠   Cd / vinyl versions manufactured & distributed by Important Records
♠   © 2014 Diane Cluck (BMI)
♠   (p) 2014 Bone & Bloom Publishing (BMI)
Review by Fred ThomasScore: ****
♠   Coming up as part of the feverishly creative anti-folk scene that blossomed on New York's lower east side in the early 2000s, Diane Cluck represented the more inward looking of the often bratty, overly earnest, or ironic affectations of other players in that scene. The elegantly brief eight songs that make up Boneset represent Cluck's first proper album in eight years, and seventh full-length offering overall. While rushing by at a scant running time of about 22 minutes, Boneset still manages to encapsulate an immense amount of emotional expressions and gorgeous experiments in sound. ♠   Somewhere between Joanna Newsom's poetic wordplay, Josephine Foster's recapitulation of traditional U.K. folk and even hints of courtly neo-folk outliers like Current 93, Cluck finds a sound that's somehow hopeful even in its darkest moments. Beginning with the somber cello/acoustic duet "Maybe a Bird," her crystalline voice soars over the spare instrumentation, mirroring all the explorations of Judee Sill while keeping its distance from the song's dire lyrics. Some tracks are completely a cappella or, as with "Not Afraid to Be Kind," Cluck's lone voice rings out confidently before being joined by an unexpected trumpet locking in with the tune's slightly jazzy melody and recalling Joni Mitchell's jazz/folk hybrids. The album's climax point "Sara" distills everything great about Cluck's sound into a brilliant highlight, with a playful folk melody as eerie as it is engaging flitting across a minimal but perfectly executed arrangement of acoustic guitar and cello, joined at the last moments by a ghostly glockenspiel line. The song sums up Boneset's fearlessness as well as its hopeful melancholy, never getting so heavy as to obscure the inner joys each song holds.
♠   "Floraison de filles en folk. Apres les beaux disques de Marissa Nadler ou de Josephine Foster, et le retour miraculeux de Linda Perhacs, Diane Cluck prolonge l’enchantement. Boneset est son septieme album, et comme on a plus ou moins raté les six précédents, on refait les présentations : une chanteuse américaine apparue au début du nouveau siecle, affiliée a la scene antifolk new-yorkaise, restée dans l’ombre, et dont la musique évoque aujourd’hui un para-folk magique, hors de l’espace-temps, qui se souvient des troubadours survolant la lande anglaise a dos de licorne.
Diane Cluck qualifie sa musique de “folk intuitif”. Porté par les vagues et l’écume de l’imagination, délesté des références pesantes, paré de délicats arrangements (guitare, violoncelle, piano, vibraphone, petites percussions), il se déploie avec une lente majesté, enlacé dans un chant d’extase languide, toujours du côté du reve. Dans un monde idéal, tous les fans d’Agnes Obel devraient lui préférer Diane Cluck." ( source: www.lesinrocks.com )
Transmis et recommandé par mon ami El Céher. Je fais suivre avec un grand plaisir.
Bandcamp: http://download.dianecluck.info/album/boneset
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DianeCluck
Agent:sebastian@paperandironbooking.com (EU) booking@dianecluck.info (US, UK, etc.)
Artist Biography by Fred Thomas
♠   Pennsylvania-born songwriter Diane Cluck began playing her own songs as part of the burgeoning New York City "anti-folk" scene in 2000. Alongside like-minded performers like Kimya Dawson and Regina Spektor, Cluck was a regular fixture at the Sidewalk Cafe, a hub for the freakier folk sounds happening at the time. Ever prolific, Cluck quickly self-released a self-titled solo album in 2000, following up with nearly annual albums and countless collaborations. Important Records released 2001's Macy's Day Bird and 2002's Black with Green Leaves, as well as her inspired 2004 release, Oh Vanille/Ova Nille. Subsequent albums Countless Times and Monarcana followed as Cluck toured internationally and worked in collaboration with artists like CocoRosie and Herman Düne. Oh Vanille/Ova Nille was released on vinyl for the first time in 2010, and songs from the album found their way into the film Margot at the Wedding as well as the U.K. TV teen drama Skins. Cluck introduced a "Song-of-the-Week" series in 2011, whereby she delivered new tunes to subscribers via her website on a weekly basis. Her seventh album, Boneset, a ghostly and elegantly short set of tunes, was released in 2014.

              © ♠   Scott P. Yates Photography, www.scottpyatesphotography.com
03. Draw Me Out       3:34
you draw me out
draw me up out like a splinter
from my own life
and i come as i was
as i would be
from a glad, untroubled mind
lifted up
learn to say what you need
there is relief in letting somebody know
desires held too close within, grown dim
will delight in being shown
live your dreams beyond your measure
wading through shores of shame
into waves of pleasure
rise from sleep
now, greet the day
by grace of the sun grow in green from the grey
cornsilk kisses brushing my face
you draw me out
draw me up out
like a splinter from my own life
and i come as i was
as i would be
from a glad, untroubled mind
♠   Diane Cluck, frequently accompanied by cellist Isabel Castellvi.


Diane Cluck — Boneset [2014]