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Didier Lockwood Storyboard (1996) Bandiera della Francia

Didier Lockwood Storyboard 
Born: 11 February 1956
Location: Calais ~ Paris Ile-de-France, FRANCE
Album release: March 18, 1997
Record Label: Dreyfus Records
Duration:     54:28
1. Thought of a First Spring Day     7:36
2. Back to the Big Apple     4:40
3. En Quittant Kidonk     5:45
4. Mathilde     7:43
5. Tableau d’Une Exposition     4:52
6. “Series B”     7:00
7. Storyboard     3:58
8. Irremediablement     4:52
9. Spirits of the Forest     8:06
Dave Baker  Engineer
David Baker  Engineer
Denis Benarrosch  Percussion
Yves Chamberland  Liner Notes, Producer
Joey DeFrancesco  Guest Artist, Organ, Trumpet
Claude Ermelin  Engineer
Steve Gadd  Drums, Guest Artist
James Genus  Bass
Didier Lockwood  Composer, Liner Notes, Microphone, Sax (Alto), Strings, Violin, Violin (Electric)
Cheung Ching Ming  Cover Photo, Design, Photography
Philippe Quidor  Photography
Hubert Salou  Assistant, Assistant Engineer
Benoît Sourisse  Composer, Musical Direction, Musical Director
Jean-Paul Theodule  Artwork
Steve Wilson  Guest Artist, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Review  by Scott Yanow (Allmusic.com) / Editor rating: ****½
This is a diverse CD that rewards repeated listening. Violinist Didier Lockwood's most rewarding recording in several years also features Joey DeFrancesco on organ and trumpet, bassist James Genus and guest Steve Wilson (doubling on alto and soprano) on the first three numbers. The biggest revelation of the set is that Lockwood takes a credible alto solo on "Serie B." Performing his originals along with a few obscurities, the violinist shows a great deal of versatility, sometimes distorting his tone to get a rockish sound and other times swinging hard. The music (well worth checking out) is fresh and contains its share of surprises.
Didier Lockwood s'est aussi remarqué par son implication pédagogique, puisqu'il publie une méthode d'improvisation intitulée Cordes et âmes (prix SACEM 2002), et crée en 2001 à Dammarie-lès-Lys le Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood, son école d'improvisation. Il orchestre également le festival Violons croisés qui se tient chaque année à Dammarie-lès-Lys.
Be prepared for something very exciting - "Storyboard" is a unique journey in Lockwood's penchant for fusion, free-jazz, ethnic and classical music. Finding musicians who master the same styles to its full, was probably a difficult exercise for the production team for "Storyteller". The choice of musicians was a bold choice, but not a surprising one. Didier Lockwood violin virtuosity has been undisputed since '70's, Joey DeFrancesco's dexterity on the Hammond B-3 organ (and trumpet) is widely known even within the fusion world through his collaborations with John McLaughlin & The Free Spirits, drummer Steve Gadd is perhaps the most versatile musician on the planet, James Genus are very familiar in nearly the majority of settings, both on acoustic bass and electric bass guitar, and if that was not enough, saxophonist Steve Wilson from Chick Corea's Origin is the disc's guest musician on both alto and soprano sax. The variety in styles of music through some obscure compositions and Lockwood self-penned melody options, makes this 71-minute CD is a listening experience of rare quality.
French cafe music tradition is a fundamental element of "Tableu d'une Composition", the beautiful ballad "Mathilde" conduct Lockwood / DeFranceso with elegant organ accompany behind string improvisations, "Storyboard" solo violin introduction recalls the "cold Nordic sound" before the fast hill-billy rhythms takes over and encouragement for dancing lessons are evident. Joey DeFrancesco is heard more often on the trumpet on several albums, and thank our Lord for that, because it sounds right nice on "Spirits Of The Forest" in interaction with the oriental-inspired free jazz playing from Lockwood, with his left hand firmly anchored on the upper manual on the B-3 organ for coloring with a "Larry Young" sound. On "Back to the Big Apple," a straight ahead post-bop tunes, we are experiencing hard swinging violin and alto saxophone in creative interaction. Hard to pick the best tune on this album since they are all great, but one highlight is "Serie B"; a moving slow tune where Lockwood uses the electric violin synthesizer sounds with great innovation. All the tunes on the album have its own story to tell through the five brilliant musicians in the ensemble. The recording sound and quality is excellent with an airy openness like we have on many ECM recordings, which is perfect balancing the the violin sound. Certainly the right accessible entry album to explore the music world of Didier Lockwood. My Lockwood journey has started with this great album. -- Terje Biringvad
Website: http://didierlockwood.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/didierlockwood#!
Biography  by Scott Yanow
Didier Lockwood has had a diverse career, ranging from fusion to swing and advanced hard bop. In the 1980s, he was considered the next in a line of great French violinists after Stephane Grappelli and Jean-Luc Ponty, but he maintained a fairly low profile in the 1990s. Lockwood began studying violin when he was six. Ten years later, he stopped his formal training and joined a rock group. He played in Paris with Aldo Romano and Daniel Humair, among others, met Grappelli and toured with him. He had a fusion group called Surya and recorded with Tony Williams around the same period of time (1979). Didier Lockwood played in the United States on several occasions in the 1980s and recorded an acoustic album in 1986 with fellow violinists John Blake and Michal Urbaniak.
1978 : SURYA, premier album leader de Didier Lockwood (Didier Lockwood - violon électrique et acoustique, violon « basse » , Francis Lockwood - claviers, Jean Claude Agostini - guitare, Jean-My Truong - percussions, Luc Plouton - claviers, Sylvain Marc - basse).
1979 : New World (D. Lockwood, G. Beck, N-H Orstred Pedersen, T. Williams), coréalisé par JM Kajdan
1980 : Live in Montreux, premier disque « live » (D. Lockwood, B. Malach, J. Hammer, M. Perru, B. Stief, G. Brown).
1980 : You better fly away Carinet Summit (John Carter, Perry Robinson, Theo Jörgensmann, Gianluigi Trovesi, J.F. Jenny-Clarke, Eje Thelin, Aldo Romano)
1981 : Fusion, retrouvailles avec Christian Vander sur fond d'improvisation (D. Lockwood, C. Vander, J. Top, B. Widemann).
1982 : Fasten seat belts, premier Didier Lockwood Group « Jazz Rock » (D. Lockwood, F. Lockwood, JM Kajdan, K. Rust, B. Malach), coréalisé par JM Kajdan
1983 : The Kid, de retour du Brésil (D. Lockwood, A. Johnson, R. Morales, D. Sancious, B. Finnerty, S. Thiam), coréalisé par JM Kajdan
1983 : Didier Lockwood Group, album anniversaire du groupe (D. Lockwood, JM Kajdan, S. Marc, K. Rust, F. Lockwood), réalisé par JM Kajdan
1984 : Catherine - Escoudé - Lockwood, Paint Pot (D. Lockwood, C. Escoudé, P. Catherine), réalisé par JM Kajdan
1985 : Out of the blues, retour au jazz, premier album en numérique (D. Lockwood, B. Hart, G. Beck, C. Mc Bee).
1985 : Rythm'n Blue (D. Lockwood, M. Miller, L. White, M. Urbaniak, R. Blake)
1986 : Uzeb-Lockwood Absolutely live + Quartet, deux disques enregistrés à l'Olympia (D. Lockwood, A. Caron, M. Cussion, J. St Jacques, P. Brochu).
1987 :, double album (D. lockwood, A. Ceccarelli, T. Eliez, T. Kennedy).
1990 : Phoenix 90, le nouveau DLG, Jazz Fusion (D. Lockwood, J-M. Ecay, L. Pontieux, L. Vernerey).
1991 : BO du film Lune froide, blues (D. Lockwood, JM. Ecay, H. Ripoll).
1992 : Caron - Écay - Lockwood, musique de chambre improvisée Tome 2 (D. Lockwood, A. Caron, JM. Ecay).
1993 : Didier Lockwood Group (D. Lockwood, J-M. Ecay, L. Pontieux, L. Verneray).
1994 : Solal - Lockwood (D. Lockwood, M. Solal).
1994 : Le onztet de violon jazz
1995 : New York rendez-vous (D. Lockwood, D. Holland, P. Erskine, D. Liebman, M. Stern).
1995 : Chansons pour les enfants. Réédition du disque sorti chez Adès en 1985
1996 : Storyboard (D. Lockwood, J. DeFrancesco, J. Genius, S. Gadd).
1998 : Round about silence (D. Lockwood, A. Charlier, B. Sourisse, M-M. Le Bévillon).
1999 : Best of Didier Lockwood, une rétrospective des meilleurs titres (D. Lockwood, D. Holland, J-M. Ecay, A. Ceccarelli, C. Mc Bee, T. Kenedy, M. Stern, P. Erskine, D. Liebman, Uzeb).
1999 : Excalibur, la légende des Celtes (Alan Simon, Jeuc Dietrich)
2000 : Tribute to Stéphane Grappelli, son album le plus vendu (D. Lockwood, B. Lagrene, O. Pedersen).
2001 : Omkara, Didier Lockwood croise son violon à la musique indienne avec Ragunath Manet.
2003 : BO du film Les Enfants de la pluie, première musique symphonique enregistrée (D. Lockwood, C. Casadesus, orchestre symphonique Bulgare).
2003 : Globe-trotter (double-album), les trente ans de carrière. Comprend le fameux solo Les Mouettes (D. Lockwood, B. Sourisse, A. Charlier, S. Guillaume).
2004 : Hypnoses, Didier Lockwood écrit pour sa femme, Caroline Casadesus, 13 compositions et mélodies symphoniques (enregistré avec l'orchestre symphonique d'Omsk).
2005 : Concerti pour Violon et piano.
2005 : Concerto pour violon, Les Mouettes.
2005 : Concerto pour piano, interprété par Daniel Kramer (enregistrés avec l'orchestre symphonique d'Omsk). Universal Classique.
2008 : For Stéphane, avec Dee Dee Bridgewater, Toots Thielemans, Martial Solal, Marcel Azzola, Daniel Humair, René Urtreger, Biréli Lagrène, André Ceccarelli, Martin Taylor, Marc Fosset, Patrice Caratini, Jean-Philippe Viret, Sylvain Luc, Romane, Pierre Blanchard...
2009 : À la récré, Didier apparaît sur un titre de ce livre-disque de chansons pour enfants du groupe strasbourgeois Weepers Circus.
2012 : Et me voici, avec Nougarologie (Laure Moinet, Mathieu Debordes, Patrice Joubert, Hervé Joubert), Médéric Collignon, Maurice Vander, André Minvielle), Koxinel Prod.

 © Gampe; Didier Lockwood, International Jazz Festival, Prague, Lucerna Music Hall, 21 October 1984

Mes photos by Didier LockwoodDidier LockwoodDidier LockwoodDidier LockwoodDidier LockwoodDidier Lockwooddidier lockwood - Photo of Didier LockwoodDidier LockwoodPhoto of Didier LockwoodDidier Lockwood © Tomáš Forgáč, Bratislava, Slovakia © Bogdan Nastula; 1981

Didier Lockwood Storyboard (1996) Bandiera della Francia





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