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Dodson And Fogg — The Call [2013]

 Dodson And Fogg — The Call [2013]

Dodson And Fogg — The Call
Location: x
Album release: November 29, 2013
Record Label: Wisdom Twins Records
Duration:     42:09
01. Mystery      (3:06)
02. Watch The Skies      (2:28)
03. Suddenly      (5:37)
04. Late For The Party      (4:28)
05. Windmills      (3:06)
06. Like A Fool      (3:27)
07. I Remember      (4:01)
08. Nothing Can Come Between Us No More      (2:42)
09. It's Not Time To Leave      (3:15)
10. The Call      (2:07)
11. Inside      (2:20)
12. Running Round In Circles      (5:33)   
Line-up / Musicians:
Chris Wade / Vocals, Guitars, Flute, Violin, Keyboards, Percussion
Ricky Romain / Sitar
Chloë Herington (Knifeworld) / Sax
Colin Jones / Trumpet
Celia Humphris (Trees) / Vocals
Alia O'Brien (Blood Ceremony) / Flute    / Produced by Chris Wade
All Songs written by Chris Wade
Ξ    Rocksuker: Dodson and Fogg are both Chris Wade, and this is their/his third album of 2013. No relinquishing quality for quantity, though; preceding LPs Derring Do and Sounds of Day and Night scooped four quails and four and a half quails respectively.
Ξ   That is to say, yer man Wade’s a bit of a favourite of ours. Transition is but one compelling aspect of his output, a proclivity and flair for psychedelic rock unfurling more so on each subsequent successor to last year’s mystically folky eponymous debut.
Ξ   Celia Humphris of Trees again features, along with members of Knifeworld and Blood Ceremony. Gone is the fluttery flute work of Hawkwind’s Nik Turner, but then these songs don’t really call for it.
Ξ   Another bold leap forwards is evidenced straight from the off with the mesmerisingly hallucinatory “Mystery”, followed swiftly by the dimly lit groove of “Watch the Skies”, worthy of Gomez at their best and home to a delightful Pink Floyd style guitar solo.
Suddenly, er, “Suddenly” fires up the acoustic, welcomes in some sitar and weaves a lovely sort of White Album spell, reminding Rocksucker also of Marc Bolan in his more meditative moments.
Ξ   The variety is consummately hewn: “Late for the Party” is like Blur in stoner rock mode with extra added ax soloing, “I Remember” a gorgeous spread of laid back ‘n’ jangly major 7th chords, “Nothing Can Come Between Us No More” dippy, trippy and brass-infused like some lost Elephant 6 classic.
Ξ   That’s four Dodson & Fogg albums, and four resounding triumphs. Wade deserves an audience wider still than the one he’s been accumulating.
Ξ   “Why this band is not gracing the covers of the mainstream music press is a mystery. Perhaps it is only time; discover them now so you can say you knew them back when. To these ears this is Dodson And Fogg’s best thus far. The amount of ideas in this album is staggering and there is more invention in these tracks than most bands manage in an entire career. Your record collection is a sadder place without this album. Trust me.” — Active Listener
Ξ   “Since hearing the first Dodson and Fogg album from prolific singer-songwriter and inspired musical inventor, Chris Wade, I’ve feel I’ve participated in a mesmerising adventure. With each successive release the extended inventiveness and undiluted creativity that personifies Dodson and Fogg surpasses the previous offering.And I think it’s only time before a lot more people come to appreciate Dodson and Fogg.” — Folk Words
Fortaken: http://musicalpearls.vlsweb.net.br/

Ξ   "Dodson And Fogg (or multi-talented virtual one man band Chris Wade plus friends) have already established an enviable back catalogue of psychedelic loveliness with their first three albums. In rapid and prolific succession comes their new opus ‘The Call’. (...) To these ears this is Dodson And Fogg’s best thus far. The amount of ideas in this album is staggering and there is more invention in these tracks than most bands manage in an entire career."
In french:
Ξ   Un album délicieusement rétro mais également remarquablement inventif.
Website: http://wisdomtwinsbooks.weebly.com/dodson-and-fogg.html / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dodson-And-Fogg/282552805161916

Dodson And Fogg — The Call [2013]



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