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Dog Show Blues
... Leave My Big Ass Dog (2015)

Dog Show Blues — ... Leave My Big Ass Dog (2015)

   Dog Show Blues — ... Leave My Big Ass Dog (2015)
•»   Hot wet stinky beats collide as four brothers enter the studio to make a sound with the backbone of alternative, and influences ranging from blues, reggae, folk, and hip hop.
Location: San Bernardino, California, USA
Album release: 2015
Record Label: Dog Show Blues
Duration:     53:02
01. The World Is Waiting     4:16
02. Winter Season     5:15
03. Leave My Big Ass Dog     3:46
04. Superfriend     3:29
05. 23     3:27
06. Awe–Full Sound     4:38
07. Told Ya     2:48
08. Shark Suit     3:46
09. Before the Rooster Crows     3:07
10. Hurricane     3:16
11. Morning Rays     4:46
12. Dog Show Anthem...     10:29                                                            Personnel:
•  Gio CirelliGuitar hooks, Guitar pads, Big smooth n tan;
•  Tim Connor — Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys;
•  Tristan Tham — Keys, Drum Machine, Production technique;
•  Nick Copeland — Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Turn Tables

Album Notes:
•»   In the generation of Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) like Pro Tools, Logic, and Garage Band, four song smiths come together to collaborate on a studio album. On their first record, Leave My Big Ass Dog, Nick Copeland, Tim Connor, Gio Cirelli, and Tristan Tham explore sonic possibilities and sexual cream cheese in audio form. Dog Show Blues.
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dogshowblues

Dog Show Blues
... Leave My Big Ass Dog (2015)