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Doombird Past Lives

Doombird — Past Lives (Dec 30, 2016)

                     Doombird — Past Lives (Dec 30, 2016)  Doombird — Past Lives (Dec 30, 2016)♦   We have never been more excited to release an album and today iTunes finally put it up for sale. Since I was young I have suffered from anxiety for which I know most people have as well. I’ve always wanted to share my reflections of this emotion within my own words. Each song falls into my personal experiences with anxiety and touches upon my past lives that have been associated with it. Even while we were recording the record I had problems dealing with the stress of being in the studio. I wanna thank everybody at Gold Standard (Eric, Shan, Will), Jesea from High Road Publicity, our friends and family and everybody who has given us advice along the way, but most importantly I wanna thank our fans for the constant support for our band and always enjoying our sounds. This record more importantly is for you and for anybody who deals with depression and anxiety. Thank you so much!!
Q:   Do you find it natural to grow together as a band even though you’re in different physical places?
♦    We’ve been best friends for years. These guys I trust musically. I’ve been recording with Bob and Mike for so long and with Joe for so long, so it’s natural. There’s no arguing or growing, we just kind of feed off each other. We’re friends. And I think that’s the most important part is to play music with people who are your close friends. Because when you’re in a room recording and there’s egos involved… You want to have people you can actually listen to and be like ‘yeah that wasn’t cool’ or ‘that was cool.’ Or ‘you’re lame,’ you know, ‘shut up.’ And everybody’s cool about it.
Location: Sacramento, CA
Genre: Indie Rock, Alterative
Album release: Dec 30, 2016
Record Label: Gold Standard
Duration:     41:25
01. Sheer      3:58
02. Fog Rolls In      3:29
03. The Salt      4:10
04. Curtis Park      3:23
05. Lemma      3:46
06. Overflowing      3:38
07. Dihedral      4:10
08. Commonplace      5:31
09. Everything Is Anything      5:31
10. Shadow Somber     3:48
℗ 2016 Gold Standard Records
♦   Ben Edrington (guitar, synths)
♦   Joe Davancens (synths)
♦   Cory Phillips (bass)
♦   Kris Anaya (guitar / vox)
♦   Fernando Oliva (drums)
♦   Doombird is set to release their second LP, Past Lives on December 30, 2016. Doombird have a very unique sound, comparable and reccomended for listeners of The 1975, Skylar Spence, and Roosevelt. Although they are a small band from Sacramento, CA, they have a lot to offer.
♦   Singer~songwriter Kris Anaya and producer/multi~instrumentalist Joseph Davancens want to chart new psychic territory in music. They first collaborated as Doombird in 2010 with a self~titled, self~released full~length album featuring a twelve~piece chamber orchestra. Two years later they swapped their orchestral ambitions with conceptual ones on the synth~heavy Cygnus, an album that explored the deeply personal emotional lives of historical figures through Anaya’s perspective. ♦   Now, a more mature and experienced Doombird has synthesized these parallel and distinct aesthetics with Past Lives, their official debut. For this recording, Anaya and Davancens found creative seclusion in the foggy hills of Stinson Beach, California, alongside musicians Mike Sparks, Aram and Arlene Deradoorian and Dusty Brown. There they transmuted moody, melodic Synth Pop into clockwork Krautrock and oceanic ambient textures. Over powerful rhythms, Anaya’s singing floats through the mist like the fleeting voices in the psyche. His lyrics invite listeners to fall madly in love or lose themselves in madness. Past Lives lingers on existential questions. Should I sleep? Should I dream? What’s the use?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Doombirdsing
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doombirdsing/
Website: http://www.doombird.com/
Interview, Vanessa Labi: https://www.cityscoutmag.com/art-and-music/music/tbd-2015-doombirdFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen. © Photo by Raoul Ortega Photography

Doombird Past Lives


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