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Doug Paisley — Strong Feelings [2014]

Doug Paisley — Strong Feelings [2014]

CAN Flag        Doug Paisley — Strong Feelings
♦  Canadian singer-songwriter crafts frostbitten indie-folk-alt-americana to chime in the 21st  Century.                                                                                                         Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Album release: Jan 20th (EU/UK), Jan 21st (US)/2014
Record Label: No Quarter Records
Duration:     39:18
01. Radio Girl      (4:38)
02. Song My Love Can Sing      (4:05)
03. It’s Not Too Late (To Say Goodbye)      (4:43)
04. Our Love      (3:09)
05. What's Up Is Down      (5:26)
06. Old Times      (3:02)
07. Growing Souls      (3:21)
08. To And Fro      (4:09)
09. Where The Light Takes You      (4:31)
10. Because I Love You      (2:15)
2014 No Quarter Records
♦  All songs written by Doug Paisley
Album Moods:
Amiable/Good-Natured Autumnal Bittersweet Earnest Earthy Intimate Laid-Back/Mellow Literate Melancholy Organic Plaintive Reflective Reverent Sentimental
Contemporaries: The McCormick Brothers, The Osborne Brothers
Billboard Albums
♦  2014 Strong Feelings  Top Heatseekers       #27
♦  Jay Anderson  Tambourine
♦  Gary Craig  Drums
♦  Stew Crookes  Producer, Tambourine
♦  Liz Devine  Cover Photo
♦  Bazil Donovan  Bass
♦  Rob Drake  Drums
♦  Robbie Grunwald  Keyboards
♦  Joel Herman  Sleeve Art
♦  Garth Hudson  Keyboards
♦  Afie Jurvanen  Vocals
♦  Emmett Kelly  Guitar, Vocals
♦  Tamara Lindeman  Vocals
♦  Mary Margaret O'Hara  Vocals
♦  Kevin O'Leary  Assistant Engineer
♦  Doug Paisley  Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
♦  Evan Penny  Photography
♦  Jason Sniderman  Keyboards
♦  Colin Stetson  Horn
♦  Beth Stuart  Cover Art
♦  Lee Towndrow  Artwork, Design
♦  Darcy Yates  Basshe McCormick Brothers, The Osborne Brothers

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine;  Score: ***½
Ξ   On his third album, Strong Feelings, Canadian roots singer/songwriter Doug Paisley hunkers down into the classic, handsome sounds of the '70s but part of his appeal is not only how his songs conjure a classic feel, but how his his recording does, too. Arguably, Strong Feelings is the strongest evidence of Paisley's skills as a craftsman, both as a writer and record-maker. He has a warm, husky voice and can construct sturdy, handsome songs, but the appeal of Strong Feelings is its ease, how the concise ten-song album feels fresh and familiar, its comfortableness not seeming easy but rather a smooth way to introduce his view. At times, Paisley seems a little beholden to tradition — he prefers tastefully burnished settings to an un-sanded, spiky mess — but he still has enough panache to give this a bit of resonance and that's what makes this record, which feels as if everybody involved wishes it was recorded in a cabin in 1975, rather charming.
Ξ   "one of 2010's best singer-songwriter albums" — Rolling Stone
Ξ   "An anti-star is born." — MOJO ****
Ξ   "...a quiet wonder" — THE NEW YORKER
Ξ   Un auteur à découvrir absolument!File:Doug Paisley at Hillside 2011.jpg                   © Doug Paisley performing at the Hillside Festival/23 July 2011/Author: Tabercil
Writer Of The Week: Doug Paisley
Written by Evan Schlansky November 8th, 2010 at 7:00 am
Ξ   What’s the key to good songwriting? Doug Paisley is probably being disingenuous when he says “I have no idea.” Clearly, the Canadian singer-songwriter is on to something — you only have to take one listen to his new album, Constant Companion, to know that. For his sophomore effort, Paisley was able to pull in Feist and The Band’s Garth Hudson to add their musical magic. We talk to Paisley (who counts Will Oldham among his fans) about following the muse and hitting your deadlines.
:: Do people ever confuse you with Brad Paisley?
Ξ   We’ve never been seen together so that hasn’t been a problem.
:: How did you get Feist on the album? What was she like to work with?
Ξ   She’s a friend and neighbor, but we hadn’t really worked together musically before. I just took a shot and asked her and she kindly obliged. In my experience she’s very low key and modest about music, so it wasn’t until I heard her in my headphones at the recording that I realized what a tremendous voice and talent she was going to bring to the song.
:: How did you get Garth Hudson on the album?
Ξ   I saw Garth Hudson play a solo set at one of Daniel Lanois’ shows in Toronto. I met Lanois later through a common friend and told him how moved I was by Hudson’s performance, and Lanois put us in touch. Aside from being a wonderful and fascinating character, Hudson brought a force and concentration to the recording that inspired all of us working on the songs.
:: What’s the key to good songwriting?
Ξ   I have no idea. Two things that I believe have worked for me are deadlines, and perseverance. For any aspiring songwriter I would say start taking your ideas seriously by recording them, however small.
:: What’s a song on your new album you really want people to hear, and why?
Ξ   “At The End Of The Day,” because it has all of the elements that the album is made up of. For me it is the key song.
:: What’s a lyric you’re particularly proud of on the album?
Ξ   The thorn is deep inside me, I’m wrapped around the pain. I’m sleeping in the river and dried out on the plain
:: How do you typically write songs? Words first, or melody?
Ξ   I start with melody. Even someone who is purely a lyricist generally works with rhythm and meter, and melody serves the same purpose for me.
:: Do you find yourself revising a lot, or do you like to write automatically?
Ξ   Either I get it down right away, or I get enough to know it’s worth holding onto, in which case it drags on for years, until I’m so happy to be done with it, however much I love the song.
:: Who’s an underrated songwriter, in your opinion?
Ξ   Al Tuck from Prince Edward Island. He has many great albums, I’m particularly fond of his song “Small and Few.”
:: What’s a song you wish you’d written?
Ξ   “Tryin’ to Get to Heaven” by Bob Dylan on Time Out Of Mind. I hear several different voices and types of songwriting in that one song. Fortaken: http://www.americansongwriter.com/
By Stephen M. Deusner; Score: 7.5
♦»  http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/15006-constant-companion/
Website: http://dougpaisley.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/dougpaisley
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Doug_Paisley
Label: http://noquarter.net/
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Doug Paisley — Strong Feelings [2014]



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