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Dr. John — In The Right Place (1973)

 Dr. John — In The Right Place (1973)

Dr. John — In The Right Place
"Right Place Wrong Time"
≈  Considered to be one of Dr. John’s biggest hits, “Right Place, Wrong Time“ has been used in movie soundtracks, TV commercials, New Orleans advertisements, etc.  The song was released in 1973 on the album “In The Right Place” on Atco Records.
≈  This tune introduced the world to the vocal stylings of the good Doctor with such colorful lyrics as “Refried confusion is making itself clear” and “…need a little brain salad surgery.”  ”Right Place” is still considered to be one of the top choices in the grand New Orleans songbook. I am of the firm belief that you shouldn’t be two feet from this song at any point in your entire life. Keep it close, y’all.
Birth name: Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr.
Also known as: Dr. John Creaux/Mac Rebennack
Born: November 21, 1940
Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Location: New York
Album release: February 25, 1973, [Re-issue 2011]
Record Label: 429 Records/Savoy Label Group
Duration:     33:40

 © Michael Wilson
01. Right Place, Wrong Time     (2:54)
02. Same Old Same Old     (2:43)
03. Just The Same     (2:53)
04. Qualified  (Jessie Hill, Rebennack)     (4:50)
05. Traveling Mood  (James Waynes)     (2:52)
06. Peace Brother Peace     (2:50)
07. Life  (Allen Toussaint)     (2:31)
08. Such A Night     (2:58)
09. Shoo Fly Marches On     (3:17)
10. I Been Hoodood     (3:15)
11. Cold Cold Cold (Alvin Robinson, Hill, Rebennack)   (2:37)
≈  All songs written and composed by Mac Rebennack; except where indicated.
The Meters
≈  Leo Nocentelli - lead guitar
≈  Art Neville - organ
≈  George Porter, Jr. - bass
≈  Joseph Modeliste - drums
Allen Toussaint: Piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, conga drums and tambourine, background vocals, vocal arrangements, arrangement and conducting.
Mac Rebennack: Vocals, piano on "Qualified", organ on "Peace Brother Peace" and percussion on "I Been Hoodood".
Ralph MacDonald: Percussion on "Shoo Fly Marches On", "Such a Night" and "I Been Hoodood".
David Spinozza: guitar solo on "Right Place Wrong Time".
Gary Brown: Electric and acoustic saxophones.
The Bonaroo Horn Section: Horns.
Robbie Montgomery and Jessie Smith: Backing vocals.
James Flournoy Holmes: Album design and paintings.
Review by James Chrispell:
¤ "Dr. John finally struck paydirt here and was certainly In the Right Place. With the hit single "Right Place Wrong Time" bounding up the charts, this fine collection saw many unaware listeners being initiated into New Orleans-style rock. Also including Allen Toussaint's "Life," and a funky little number entitled "Traveling Mood," which shows off the good doctor's fine piano styling, and with able help from the Meters as backup group, In the Right Place is still a fine collection to own."
Right Place, Wrong Time:
Review by Matthew Greenwald
¤ Easily one of the most familiar songs by Dr. John, "Right Place, Wrong Time" gave "the Doctor" his first (and only) Top 20 hit in early 1973. Written and constructed (with the aid of New Orleans-based funksters the Meters) in the studio, it was a case of a song falling into place. A funk base pre-staged disco by a couple of years, and the lyrics are surely autobiographical, given the Doctor's substance dependency at the time.
Such a Night:
Composed by: Dr. John / Lincoln Chase / Mac Rebennack
Review by Matthew Greenwald
¤ Written over a decade before Dr. John ever cut it (1973), "Such a Night" was a freak hit in Europe. Musically, it has a rolling, stride piano-driven arrangement that flows through the entire song. The lyrics are a great tale of forbidden love and stealing another's girl away. The song got a second life after "the Doctor's" show-stopping performance of it at the Band's The Last Waltz.
Cold Cold Cold:
Composed by: Alvin Robinson / Dr. John / Jessie Hill / Mac Rebennack / Smokey Robinson
Review by Matthew Greenwald
¤ Not to be confused with the Lowell George song of the same name, "Cold, Cold, Cold" was another one of Dr. John's songs that had been lying around for several years before he cut it. A rolling, funk base propels the music, with a decidedly gospel background vocal arrangement. Lyrically, the shattering of a relationship is at the core here, but "the Doctor," as usual, tells it with wit and whimsy.
¤ Celui-ci fait partie des premiers albums et c'est l'un des meilleurs de la période.
-------------------------------------------------------------------  © Paul Natkin
As leader:
¤ Gris-Gris (1968) (Atco, SD 33-234)
¤ Babylon (1969)
¤ Remedies (1970) (Atco, SD 33-316)
¤ The Sun, Moon & Herbs (1971) (Atco, SD 33-362)
¤ Dr. John's Gumbo (1972)
¤ In the Right Place (1973) (Atco, SD 7018)
¤ Desitively Bonnaroo (1974) (Atco, SD 7043)
¤ Hollywood Be Thy Name (1975) (UA-LA552G)
¤ Cut Me While I'm Hot: The Sixties Sessions [Session Work Compilation] (1975)
¤ City Lights (1978)
¤ Tango Palace (1979) (Horizon, SP-740)
¤ Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack Vol. 1 (1981)
¤ Loser for You Baby (1982)
¤ Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack Vol. 2 (The Brightest Smile in Town) (1983)
¤ In a Sentimental Mood (1989)
¤ ZuZu Man [Outtakes Compilation] (1989) (Trip Records TLP-9518)
¤ Goin' Back to New Orleans (1992)
¤ Television (1994)
¤ Afterglow (1995)
¤ Trippin' Live
¤ Anutha Zone (1998)
¤ Duke Elegant (1999) (Parlophone, 7243 5 23220 2 2)
¤ Creole Moon (2001)
¤ All By Hisself, Live At The Lonestar (2003) (Skinji Brim) recorded live Dec. 22 & 23, 1986
¤ N'Awlinz: Dis Dat or d'Udda (2004)
¤ Sippiana Hericane (2005)
¤ Mercernary (2006) (Blue Note 54541)
¤ The City That Care Forgot (2008)
¤ Tribal (2010)
¤ Locked Down (2012)
Grammy Awards:
¤ 1989 Best Jazz Vocal Performance, Duo Or Group - Makin' Whoopee
¤ 1992 Best Traditional Blues Album - Goin' Back To New Orleans
¤ 1996 Best Rock Instrumental Performance - SRV Shuffle
¤ 2000 Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
¤ 2008 Best Contemporary Blues Album - City that Care Forgot
¤ 2013 Best Blues Album - Locked Down
Website: http://www.nitetripper.com/
¤ The population of the city was 343,829 as of the 2010 U.S. Census.
¤ The Census Bureau in July 2006 estimated the population of New Orleans to be 223,000; a subsequent study estimated that 32,000 additional residents had moved to the city as of March 2007, bringing the estimated population to 255,000, approximately 56% of the pre-Katrina population level. Another estimate, based on data on utility usage from July 2007, estimated the population to be approximately 274,000 or 60% of the pre-Katrina population. These estimates are somewhat smaller than a third estimate, based on mail delivery records, from the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center in June 2007, which indicated that the city had regained approximately two-thirds of its pre-Katrina population. In 2008, the Census Bureau revised upward its population estimate for the city, to 336,644. Most recently, 2010 estimates show that neighborhoods that did not flood are near 100% of their pre-Katrina populations, and in some cases, exceed 100% of their pre-Katrina populations.
¤ V roce 2010 byl roční počet vražd 49,1 na 100 000 obyvatel, což bylo nejvíce ze všech měst v USA nad 250 000 obyvatel. Americký průměr pro rok 2010 činil 4,8 vražd na 100 000 obyvatel. 97% pachatelů byli černoši a 95% muži.
Website: http://www.nitetripper.com/
MySpace: http://www.nitetripper.com/
Atco Records
Parent company: Warner Music Group
Founded: 1955
Founder: Herb Abramson
Distributor(s): Rhino Entertainment, (In the US)/WEA International Inc., (Outside)
Genre: Various
Country of origin: United States
Official Website: www.rhinorecords.com
-------------------------------------------------------------------   © William Coupon
¤ Bonaroo Horns  Unknown Contributor Role
¤ Gary Brown  Electric Saxophone, Horn, Main Personnel, Sax (Alto), Saxophone
¤ Henry Roeland Byrd  Composer
¤ Lincoln Chase  Composer
¤ Jimmy Douglass  Remixing, Unknown Contributor Role
¤ Dr. John  Composer, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
¤ Jessie Hill  Composer
¤ James Flournoy Holmes  Design, Paintings
¤ Stephen Innocenzi  Digital Mastering, Mastering
¤ Ralph MacDonald  Main Personnel, Percussion
¤ Arif Mardin  Remixing, Unknown Contributor Role
¤ The Meters  Guest Artist, Rhythm
¤ Joseph Modeliste  Drums, Main Personnel 
¤ Robbie Montgomery  Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
¤ Art Neville  Keyboards, Main Personnel, Organ 
¤ Leo Nocentelli  Guitar, Main Personnel
¤ George Porter  Bass Instrument, Main Personnel 
¤ Mac Rebennack  Composer, Main Personnel, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Vocals
¤ Karl Richardson  Audio Engineer, Engineer
¤ Alvin Robinson  Composer
¤ Smokey Robinson  Composer
¤ Jessie Smith  Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
¤ David Spinozza  Guitar, Main Personnel
¤ Allen Toussaint  Arranger, Audio Production, Composer, Conductor, Congas, Guest Artist, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Main Personnel, Piano, Piano (Electric), Producer, Remixing, Tambourine, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals (Background)
¤ James Waynes  Composer

Dr. John — In The Right Place (1973)



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