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Drinking Flowers — New Swirled Order (2016)

Drinking Flowers — New Swirled Order (2016)

                Drinking Flowers — New Swirled Order   Drinking Flowers — New Swirled OrderLocation: Orange County, California
Album release: March 17th, 2016
Record Label: Manifesto Records
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Duration:     38:06
01. Bending Halos     4:34
02. Black Monday     3:54
03. Love Drug     3:18
04. Your Own Songs     2:25
05. Special High     3:33
06. Cure     4:19
07. Velvet Curtains     3:27
08. Public Servants     3:01
09. New Swirled Order     3:34
10. Simulated Happiness     6:01                                                              Personnel: Alexander, Dominick, Jade, Nick, Carson             

♦   The Drinking Flowers aesthetic: The bones of glam, boiled in the blood of disco. The Drinking Flowers mission: To be a crystal podium towering over the dancefloor of pop politique. With an ethos so fundamentally rooted in rhythm that the “music with a message” paradigm is shattered into a thousand shimmering pieces. It’s no wonder that the group exudes the confidence of political emissaries from some undiscovered nightclub planet.
♦   Drinking Flowers originated in Orange County, California. Shrugging off the shackles of surf and garage, they quickly moved to LA and within a few years established their own pop underground with a couple of washed out EPs. Most notably the transitional “Shadow Show” – whose cover art saw a collaboration with Vice News artist Alex Schubert.
♦   The Drinking Flowers new album, New Swirled Order, is the sound of the Californian shore kissing the dirty cheek of late–80s London. It will grace our ears on glorious vinyl in March of 2016 courtesy of the newly reborn Manifesto Records.

Drinking Flowers — New Swirled Order (2016)


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