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The Purge

DRKWAV — The Purge (February 24, 2015)

                   DRKWAV — The PurgeDRKWAV — The PurgeΞΟΞ   Whenever the track “Hell Bass” comes on my six–week–old daughter gets this look on her face like she’s staring into the infinite oblivion, and that is exactly what the track sounds like. That is exactly what this album sounds like. It’s rare that an album can cause your sense of wonder to be unleashed back to your consciousness’s infancy, but that’s what The Purge does. Its darkness may be dark, but its sounds are an addiction worth having. Its shapes and symbols may be strange, but its captivating potential is unworldly.
Location: New York, New York, U.S.
Album release: February 24, 2015
Record Label: Royal Potato Family
Duration:     55:40
01 Darkwave     7:52
02 Soundtrack     4:38
03 Count Chockulous     6:19
04 Datura     10:26
05 Scars     7:13
06 Hell Bass     8:19
07 Gazzelloni     5:06
09 Shmeeans Kuti     5:43
By DOUG COLLETTE, Published: February 28, 2015 | SCORE: ****
ΞΟΞ   The extent to which saxophonist Skerik, keyboardist John Medeski and percussionist Adam Deitch love to explore the nuances of melody, rhythm and space, especially at their respective outer limits, makes their collaboration as Drkwav almost inevitable. And it’s perfectly appropriate the trio chose a name for themselves as an ensemble here because, as much as their respective personalities and skills figure into the sounds they make, right at the outset of The Purge, on "Darkwave," their individual profiles merge, almost but not quite equally, in the collective sound they make.
ΞΟΞ   All of which happens within what sounds like a totally organic process, thanks to the engineering and co–production prowess of Randall Dunn. The prominence of each of the three ebbs and flows, with Deitch clearly in charge on the most funk–oriented cut "Scars." Yet Medeski is usually ever–so–slightly more influential during atmospheric cuts like 'Soundtrack" and this is hardly the only cut so vivid here: especially at high–volume, the sound of Drkwav is so BIG, genuine theatrical drama oozes throughout the likes of "Count Chokulus." And the progression of tracks carries a suspense all its own as it moves to the syncopated conclusion that is "Shmeeans Kuti:" clearly another track where Deitch holds sway, his comrade in the funk powerhouse Lettuce guitarist Adam Smirnoff guests adding colors only his instrument can to further broaden the expanse of sound within The Purge and Drkwav itself..
ΞΟΞ   Discerning clearly the layers of texture here makes each track pass with noticeable speed, even the one of longest duration, "Datura," at 10:25. Credit aplenty to Medeski, Skerik and Deitch for utilizing their experience on the live stage in conjunction with their knowledge of the studio so that, as cerebral as some of this music becomes, there's always a sense of physical motion within it. Consequently, the resulting heat emanating from a track like "Scars," combined with the technical invention throughout these eight numbers, keeps even such carefully curated cuts from turning antiseptic.
ΞΟΞ   As on the subtly swinging "Hell Bass," gravelly horn proceeds from liquid organ as bell–like piano notes wash off a giant heartbeat of drums accented with seemingly endless syncopation, as often as not merely. In keeping with the Drkwav moniker, the succession of sounds fills the room in which it plays (and does likewise to the skull on headphones). Either way, The Purge is an enrapturing experience as much visceral as cerebral. ΞΟΞ   http://www.allaboutjazz.com/
By David Paul Kleinman, Published: 2015/03/02
ΞΟΞ   http://www.jambands.com/reviews/cds/2015/03/02/drkwav-the-purge
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breakscience/app_123966167614127?ref=br_tf
Facebook AD: https://www.facebook.com/AdamDeitchMusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DRKWAV
AD Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealDeitchBeats
DRUMMERWORLD: http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/Adam_Deitch.html
ΞΟΞ   John Medeski: keyboards
ΞΟΞ   Skerik: saxophones
ΞΟΞ   Adam Deitch: drums
ΞΟΞ   Todd Sickafoose: acoustic bass
ΞΟΞ   Adam "Shmeens" Smirnoff: guitar
ΞΟΞ   Adam David Deitch is an American record producer and drummer based in New York City. He has worked in the hip hop, funk, electro, pop, and jazz genres, and has collaborated with rapper Wax and soul/jazz singer Ledisi. He was nominated for the 2010 Grammy Award for Best R&B Album for writing and producing two songs on Ledisi's album Turn Me Loose as part of the Fyre Dept. production team. Deitch co–founded Royal Family Records and has worked with guitarist John Scofield and rapper 50 Cent.
ΞΟΞ   Adam Deitch may have been predestined to be a drummer. The son of two professional funk drummers, Adam first picked up his sticks at the age of two. By eight, he was sitting in with his parents funk band, playing everything from jazz to funk and R&B.
ΞΟΞ   Adam's interest in hip hop was sparked by his production work with his home town rap crew, The Secret Service. In 1992/3, he was frequently the
house drummer for The Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City, which backed up then emerging artists, Erika Badu, Mos Def, Company Flow, Mr. Lif and radio personality Bobito "The Barber".
ΞΟΞ   Adam further honed his drumming and production skills while attending Berklee college of Music in 1994. There he met many like–minded, driven individuals, with whom he still collaborates to this day. The bands Fatbag, Lettuce, The Wallyís house band, The Formula and numerous other projects evolved from this network in Boston.
ΞΟΞ   In his third year in Boston, he joined the world renowned Average White Band, whom he then joined and performed with for the following two years. While touring with AWB, Adam performed alongside many of his heroes including Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and Chaka Khan.
ΞΟΞ   After a brief stint with Lettuce at the Wetlands in NYC, he had an opportunity to play with Miles Davis Alumnus, jazz guitarist John Scofield, and joined Johnís band shortly thereafter. He has recorded on John's last two records, both Verve releases, Grammy nominated Uberjam and new release Up all Night, which he also shares composers credit on many of the tracks.
ΞΟΞ   Adam currently resides in New York City focusing on his hip hop production skills by producing tracks for such artists as; Soulive, Michelle N'degeocello, Jurassic 5, J–Live, D.J. Green Lantern, Wordsworth, Benzino, Anthony Hamilton, Black Rob and Cam'ron.
ΞΟΞ   As a bandleader, Adam's "Adam Deitch Project" is club music in the vain of a "Live Mix Tape", blending live trip–hop, broken–beat, dub, drum.
ΞΟΞ   In 2010 Adam performed at the Modern Drummer Festival.
Performed with:
ΞΟΞ   John Scofield
ΞΟΞ   The Royal Family
ΞΟΞ   Eric Krasno
ΞΟΞ   Nigel Hall
ΞΟΞ   Stu Brooks
ΞΟΞ   Gary Smulyan
ΞΟΞ   Craig Handy 
ΞΟΞ   Earl Gardner
ΞΟΞ   Andy Hess
ΞΟΞ   Jim Pugh 
ΞΟΞ   John Medeski 
ΞΟΞ   Karl Denson
ΞΟΞ   Avi Bortnick
ΞΟΞ   Jesse Yusef Murphy
ΞΟΞ   Average White Band
ΞΟΞ   Lettuce
ΞΟΞ   Soulive
ΞΟΞ   Eric Krasnow
ΞΟΞ   Adam Schmirnoff
ΞΟΞ   David Garibaldi
ΞΟΞ   The Formula
ΞΟΞ   Steve Ferrone
ΞΟΞ   ....and many more
As producer and drummer:
ΞΟΞ   Outta Here (Lettuce)
ΞΟΞ   Live in Tokyo (Lettuce)
ΞΟΞ   Rage! (Lettuce)
ΞΟΞ   Fly (Lettuce)
ΞΟΞ   Illusion (Pharoahe Monche)
ΞΟΞ   W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) (Pharoahe Monche)
ΞΟΞ   Further Than Our Eyes Can See (Break Science)
ΞΟΞ   Knockin’, Say No, & Turn Me Loose Turn Me Loose (Ledisi album) (Ledisi)
ΞΟΞ   Monolith Code (Break Science)
ΞΟΞ   Seven Bridges (Break Science)
As producer:
ΞΟΞ   My Gun Go Off Curtis (50 Cent album) (50 Cent)
ΞΟΞ   Tiger Style Crane Reggie (album) (Redman (rapper))
ΞΟΞ   The Nature Eardrum (album) (Talib Kweli)
ΞΟΞ   Scandalous Bitches Full Circle (Xzibit album) (Xzibit)
ΞΟΞ   Struggla Light (Matisyahu album) (Matisyahu)
ΞΟΞ   Controcultura, Le Donne, & Spara Al Diavolo Controcultura (Fabri Fibra)
ΞΟΞ   Harder' The Hear After (J–Live)
As drummer:
ΞΟΞ   Überjam (John Scofield)
ΞΟΞ   Up All Night (John Scofield album) (John Scofield)
ΞΟΞ   Ladies & Thugs Trauma (album)  (DJ Quik)
ΞΟΞ   Greatest Hits: Live at the House of Blues  ( DJ Quik)
ΞΟΞ   Tonight (DVD) (Average White Band)
ΞΟΞ   Nü Revolution (Les Nubians)
ΞΟΞ   Reminisce (Eric Krasno (Soulive))
ΞΟΞ   Pretty Lights

The Purge



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