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Dying Passion Black Threads

Dying Passion — Black Threads (December 19th, 2016)

    Dying Passion — Black Threads (December 19th, 2016) Dying Passion — Black Threads (December 19th, 2016)ΞΞ°ΞΞ  Band is defined by Zuzana’s stunning vocals, beautiful melodies, urgent guitars fused with poignant keyboard parts to form an untypical mixture of 70’s psychedelic, modern progressive rock energy with big dose of melancholy.  
Location: Šumperk, Czech Republic
Album release: December 19th, 2016
Record Label: Epidemie Records
Duration:     48:26
01. Connected With The Universe     6:30
02. Black Threads     4:16
03. What Do You Want?     4:54
04. Pray     5:29
05. In the Fog     2:52
06. Island Song     4:09
07. Pills     4:27
08. Echoes of the Past     3:17
09. Ten     4:59
10. Forgiveness     7:34
Dying Passion are
°   Stanislav Jelínek — guitars, programming
°   Zuzana Jelínková — vocals
°   Jan Kylar — drums, samplePad
°   Radek Bure — bass
°   Vojta Šeliga — piano, spoken word
°   Klára Veselá — violoncello
°   Karel Cvrk — strings
°   Jaroslav Kohoutek — trumpet
°   Patrik Vondráček — saxophone
°   Martin Houserek — trombone
Special Guest:
°   Eliška Jelínková — backing vocals in Echoes of the Past and Forgiveness
°   Recorded at Spacosh Studios www.spacosh.cz and Studio Hostivař (drums) www.studiohostivar.cz, August 2016.
°   Sound Engineer by Martin ‘Spacosh’ Peřina
°   Mixed by Martin ‘Spacosh’ Peřina, September — October 2016
°   Mastered by Matouš Godík, November 2016
°   Produced by Stanislav Jelínek
°   Co~produced by Martin ‘Spacosh’ Peřina
°   All songs composed, performed and arranged by Stanislav Jelínek
°   Lyrics by Miroslav Václavek, Stanislav Jelínek
°   Layout and Design by Petr Phob Stefek
°   Label: Epidemie Records, www.epidemie.cz / MySpace: https://myspace.com/dyingpassionmusic
°   Contact: info@dyingpassion.com, www.dyingpassion.com
°   Everybody now and then thinks of a song, keeps replaying it in heart, and is suddenly struck with awe when hearing someone else singing it aloud. Or they look for the proper names to give an idea just being born when somebody pronounces the right words. As if we were connected through an invisible data network.
°   Wanting it or not we are interconnected and related in a way. All over the world there is a fine web of dark thread transmitting our thoughts, emotions, pains, joys and desires which make the web shiver the same as a fly, a dewdrop or a gust of wind hitting the spider’s web. It is not dark due to the bad qualities of its contents but because of our means to describe it being strictly limited. The same applies to the Dark Matter, the stuff which makes the most of our universe including us, the humanity still having no idea what it really is.
°   And exactly the same applies to music itself: it does not physically exist, however it is capable of lifting us up, high, taking us far away, being the bridge over troubled waters, a safe port of souls, providing us with wings or even igniting love. Let us be sensitive and careful with our thoughts, beware of the evil, negative and destructive ones. We never know what they cause at the other end of each thread. It’s all the same all the time: what you give is what you get. Let us give the good exclusively. This is what the album is about.
Bandcamp: https://dyingpassion.bandcamp.com/album/black-threads-2
Website: http://www.dyingpassion.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dyingpassion
Black Threads lyrics
I feel like last day of gravity
I´m in the dark
Of one second my immortality
And moon is silent like a white shark
Here where we are
are so many faces
And each of them is mine
Black Threads!!!
—   Just hissing the snake head
Black Threads!!!
—   As bodies of many rats
Black Threads!!!
—   Like a tentacle of long embrace
In blackest night
I swim beneath the waves
Right here in the space and tide
And everything I do
Is dancing inside a circle
And everything I can see
Is the colour which can draw the pain
But only light is my way out
Black Threads!!!
—   Just hissing the snake head
Black Threads!!!
—   As bodies of many rats
Black Threads!!!
—   Like a tentacle of long embrace

Dying Passion Black Threads



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