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Dylan Stark — Heartland (2x12" Vinyl, 6 April 2015)

Dylan Stark — Heartland (2x12" Vinyl, 6 April 2015)

  Dylan Stark — Heartland (2x12" Vinyl, 6 April 2015)
Location: Portland, Oregon
Album release: 6 April 2015
Record Label: Civil (Greater London, UK)
Duration:     41:21
1. Ashen      6:13
2. Shelter      6:04
3. Heart Land      4:49
4. Parade      3:13
5. Daydream      4:37
6. Northern      5:41
7. Near Dawn      4:12
8. Now      6:32
–•¬   Limited edition of 100. CD edition of Dylan Stark - Heartland (LP) included bonus "Heartland Live" CD. Custom made, full colour gatefold case with hand–stamped numbered duplicated CD. Artwork by Sandy Dooley.
–•¬   Heartland is the evocative debut from 24 year old Portland, Oregon resident Dylan Stark. Tropical and immersive the album offers pure, exhilarating escapism. Brimming with sensation, emotion, spontaneity, reflection, and general human–ness this is celebration music.
–•¬   Heartland is an album about the evocative power of music, created from thousands of samples that Stark brings to life as if conducting an orchestra. There is an emotional awakening that imbues the album with a joyous aesthetic that seems neither forced nor self–aware, but beautifully ingenuous.
–•¬   In a world where the development of countless want–to–be producers is immediately uploaded with the need for instant evaluation and affirmation, Dylan's quiet patience and confidence has allowed him to create an exceptionally mature debut that is emotional and powerful enough that it doesn’t require any explanation or personality to be attached.
By Ashley Hampson, Published May 29, 2015; Score: 8
–•¬   Despite Heartland being the first release from Portland resident Dylan Stark, it's a spontaneous, brilliantly executed album and a piece of true artistry you might expect from a producer with a hefty repertoire. Like the ingenious Since I Left You released by the Avalanches well over a decade ago, Starks' release is composed of thousands of samples, tweaked, filtered and layered until their output resembles cinematic musings from a mind in constant motion.
–•¬   Opener "Ashen" has a muffled beauty to it, a quiet urgency as if heard through the walls of a distant apartment, that eventually uncoils into a major progression of stuttered vocals and climbing synths atop a constant hard–hitting beat. The same goes for "Shelter," in which pounding percussion builds to a breaking point and drops into a completely unexpected tangle of intertwined squawks and powerful percussion. Heartland is an album that continuously surprises with a richness that's next to impossible to duplicate.
–•¬   http://exclaim.ca/
Bandcamp: https://civilmusic.bandcamp.com/album/heartland-lp
Label: http://civilmusic.com/

Dylan Stark — Heartland (2x12" Vinyl, 6 April 2015)



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