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One Of These Nights

Eagles — One Of These Nights (June 10, 1975)

United States                    Eagles — One Of These Nights 
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: June 10, 1975
Recorded: Mac Emmerman's Criteria Studios, Miami, FL and Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 1974–1975
Record Label: Asylum Records/Warner–Pioneer
Duration:     43:00
1 One Of These Nights 4:51
2 Too Many Hands     4:41
3 Hollywood Waltz     4:01
4 Journey Of The Sorcerer 6:39
5 Lyin' Eyes 6:21
6 Take It To The Limit 4:47
7 Visions     3:59
8 After The Thrill Is Gone 3:56
9 I Wish You Peace     3:45
1975 ℗ Asylum Records. Marketed By Rhino Entertainment Company, A Warner Music Group Company.
Side one:
01  "One of These Nights" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey)      4:51
≡   Lead vocals by Don Henley, lead guitar by Don Felder
02  "Too Many Hands" (Randy Meisner, Don Felder)      4:41
≡   Lead vocal by Randy Meisner, lead guitar by Don Felder, ending dual guitar solos by Don Felder and Glenn Frey, tablas by Don Henley
03  "Hollywood Waltz" (Bernie Leadon, Tom Leadon, Henley, Frey)      4:01
≡   Lead vocal by Don Henley, mandolin and pedal steel guitar by Bernie Leadon, harmonium by Glenn Frey, synthesizer by Albhy Galuten
04  "Journey of the Sorcerer" (B. Leadon)      6:39
≡   Instrumental; banjo by Bernie Leadon, fiddles by David Bromberg, string by the Royal Martian Orchestra, recorded "in root"
Side two:
05  "Lyin' Eyes" (Henley, Frey)      6:21
≡   Lead vocal and acoustic guitar by Glenn Frey, lead guitar by Bernie Leadon, piano by Jim Ed Norman
06  "Take It to the Limit" (Meisner, Henley, Frey)      4:47
≡   Lead vocal by Randy Meisner, lead guitar by Don Felder, piano by Jim Ed Norman
07  "Visions" (Felder, Henley)      3:59
≡   Lead vocal and lead guitar by Don Felder
08  "After the Thrill Is Gone" (Henley, Frey)      3:56
≡   Lead vocals by Glenn Frey and Don Henley, lead guitar by Don Felder
09  "I Wish You Peace" (Patti Davis, B. Leadon)      3:45
≡   Lead vocal and lead guitar by Bernie Leadon
≡   Don Felder — vocals, guitars, slide guitar
≡   Glenn Frey — vocals, guitars, piano, harmonium
≡   Don Henley — vocals, drums, percussion, tabla
≡   Bernie Leadon — vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel
≡   Randy Meisner — vocals, bass guitar
Additional personnel:
≡   David Bromberg — fiddles on "Journey of the Sorcerer"
≡   The Royal Martian Orchestra — strings on "Journey of the Sorcerer"
≡   Clara Potter–Sweet — Intergalactic Encyclopedia Researcher on "Journey of the Sorcerer"
≡   Albhy Galuten — synthesizer on "Hollywood Waltz"
≡   Jim Ed Norman — piano on "Lyin' Eyes" and "Take It to the Limit", orchestrations
Concert Master: Sid Sharp
Conductor: Jim Ed Norman
String Arrangements: Jim Ed Norman and The Eagles
≡   Allan Blazek Engineer
≡   Michael Braunstein Engineer
≡   David Bromberg Fiddle, Violin
≡   Gary Burden Art Direction, Design
≡   Patti Davis Composer
≡   Boyd Elder Cover Art, Illustrations, Lettering
≡   Don Felder Composer, Guitar, Organ, Slide Guitar, Vocals
≡   Glenn Frey Composer, Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboards, Vocals
≡   Albhy Galuten Synthesizer
≡   Don Henley Composer, Drums, Percussion, Tabla, Vocals
≡   Ted Jensen Digital Remastering
≡   Bernie Leadon Banjo, Composer, Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Vocals
≡   Tom Leadon Composer
≡   Ed Mashal Engineer
≡   Randy Meisner Bass, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
≡   Jim Ed Norman Conductor, Piano, String Arrangements
≡   David Sanborn Sax (Alto)
≡   Norman Seeff Photography
≡   Sid Sharp Concert Master
≡   Bill Szymczyk Engineer, Producer
≡   R. Twerk Art Direction, Design
≡   Michael Verdick Engineer
≡   Don Wood Engineer
Review by William Ruhlmann, Score: ****
≡   The Eagles recorded their albums relatively quickly in their first years of existence, their LPs succeeding each other by less than a year. One of These Nights, their fourth album, was released in June 1975, more than 14 months after its predecessor. ≡   Anticipation had been heightened by the belated chart–topping success of the third album's "The Best of My Love"; taking a little more time, the band generated more original material, and that material was more polished. More than ever, The Eagles seemed to be a vehicle for Don Henley (six co–writing credits) and Glenn Frey (five), but at the same time, Randy Meisner was more audible than ever, his two lead vocals including one of the album's three hit singles, "Take It to the Limit," and Bernie Leadon had two showcases, among them the cosmic–cowboy instrumental "Journey of the Sorcerer" (later used as the theme music for the British television series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Nevertheless, it was the team of Henley and Frey that stood out, starting with the title track, a number one single, which had more of an R&B — even a disco — sound than anything the band had attempted previously, and continuing through the ersatz Western swing of "Hollywood Waltz" to "Lyin' Eyes," one of Frey's patented folk–rock shuffles, which became another major hit. One of These Nights was the culmination of the blend of rock, country, and folk styles The Eagles had been making since their start; there wasn't much that was new, just the same sorts of things done better than they had been before. In particular, a lyrical stance — knowing and disillusioned, but desperately hopeful — had evolved, and the musical arrangements were tighter and more purposeful. The result was The Eagles' best–realized and most popular album so far.
≡   Eagles (1972)
≡   Desperado (1973)
≡   On the Border (1974)
≡   One of These Nights (1975)
≡   Hotel California (1976)
≡   The Long Run (1979)
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Billboard Albums
≡   1975 One Of These Nights The Billboard 200      #1
Billboard Singles
≡   1976 Take It To The Limit Adult Contemporary      #4
≡   1976 Take It To The Limit The Billboard Hot 100      #4
≡   1975 Lyin' Eyes Adult Contemporary      #3
≡   1975 Lyin' Eyes The Billboard Hot 100      #2
≡   1975 One Of These Nights The Billboard Hot 100      #1
Website: http://www.eaglesband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EaglesBand

One Of These Nights