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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Earth Walk — Record Keeper

Earth Walk — Record Keeper (2015)

                Earth Walk — Record Keeper (2015)
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel ~~ Colorado, USA
Album release: May 31, 2015
Record Label: self~released
01. All That Needs To Leave      3:40
02. The Fear      5:00
03. Time is A Square      7:06
04. Deep Blue Seas      3:18
05. Record Keeper      3:45
06. Despondency      5:18
07. No Eyes      5:05
08. I'm Tired     3:06
09. Frequency      4:11
10. Home     3:33
11. The Heat In My Hands      3:12
12. The End      5:40   
♦   Mixed, recorded, produced and mastered at Kicha Studios by Marko Gorkan.
Earth Walk is a Tel Aviv–Colorado based trio that began six years ago.
♦   Ellie Orian (Piano, Keys, Ukulele, Vox) and David Gorensteyn (Drums and Percussion) met in their early teenage years. Ever since, they’ve shared a long, deep and musical connection. They created Earth Walk with Vera Gorensteyn (Violin), David’s sister, in 2009. In 2012 they released their first EP, Eggplant Horses, with guitarist Nick Spivak. Shortly after, life shifted. Children were born, band members left home–town Jerusalem, and it seemed unlikely that the trio would create together again. For two years there was silence.
♦   Rather unexpectedly, they reunited and produced their latest album Record Keeper.
♦   Record Keeper was recorded as a memoire of the bands work, and resonates the separation that was to come. Ellie left Israel and relocated to the mountains of Colorado shortly after the album was released.
Bandcamp: http://earthwalk.bandcamp.com/album/record–keeper

Earth Walk — Record Keeper