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Eclectic Motel
Land of the Free (January 28, 2016)

Eclectic Motel — Land of the Free (January 28, 2016)

   Eclectic Motel — Land of the Free (January 28, 2016)
★   A magical eclectic mixture, both familiar and new, running the gamut from late sixties to contemporary alternative.
Album release: January 28, 2016
Record Label: Peacock Sound Studios
Genre: Pop Rock, Folk, Indie, Alternative
Duration:     48:19
01. Land of the Free     3:52
02. Heart and Soul     2:24
03. Spiny Rose     3:49
04. Another Year     3:07
05. Nightmare on Calle Ocho     5:02
06. Summer Lullaby     5:42
07. Way Out of the Way     3:59
08. Guiding Light     2:11
09. Curiosity     5:47
10. Always     4:34
11. Sweet Zoraida     3:58
12. Black in the Dark     3:56
•   Recommended if You Like: Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Wilco.
★   Land of the Free — Rousing anthem with inspiring lyrics, good harmonies and featuring the Turkish instrument the Baglama mixed with Aeolian harps, pounding bass and driving drums.
★   Heart and Soul — This song is little 60s British Invasion mixed with Motown rhythms. Lots of guitar, bass, piano, drums and sax.
★   Spiny Rose — Nice and easy journey into the fantasy land of the spiny rose. Soft acoustic guitars, steel guitar, cello and sweet and mellow vocals.
★   Another Year — Time slips away, the years just rush by. Good lyrics, nostalgic piano, clever accordion dancing with a few saxophones and silky vocals.
★   Nightmare on Calle Ocho — Come visit Little Havana’s Calle Ocho. This song contains a grotesque tapestry of characters, textures, and sounds. A mix of Latin rhythms and gritty rock guitars with a helping of Edgar Allen Poe and a dash of the Twilight Zone.
★   Summer Lullaby — A smooth jazzy tune with good lyrics. Nice song to sit watching the sun set or rise in a far off place. Nice soft Latin rhythms with intoxicating saxophone, mellow organ, soft acoustic guitars and smooth vocals.
★   Way Out of the Way — Beautiful love song with uplifting frolicking lyrics. Filled with beautiful piano melodies and soft Spanish guitar.
★   Guiding Light — Vintage 1960s British Invasion with a 21st century twist. Great bass, guitars, drums, harmonica and powerful harmonies.
★   Curiosity — Powerful lyrics and haunting guitars and vocals. This song is a mix of rock, classical and folk.
★   Always — This song at one level is a love song, but at a deeper level it is a statement about the power of love to suspend entropy and time. Sparkling guitars, tour de force bass, driving drums, and a triumphant moog synth lead make the beautiful melodies of this song unforgettable.
★   Sweet Zoraida — Folksy with a touch of country. This song combines poetic lyrics with powerful bass, rhythmic drums, steel guitar, smooth vocals and soothing harmonies.
★   Black in the Dark — A magical mystery tour through a black hole. This song mixes haunting acoustic guitars, breaking glass, cellos, and otherworldly chords.
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/eclecticmotel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eclecticmotel23/?fref=ts

Eclectic Motel
Land of the Free (January 28, 2016)


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