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Edward Ka-Spel — The Textures Of Illumina

 Edward Ka-Spel — The Textures Of Illumina

Edward Ka-Spel — The Textures Of Illumina
Edward Ka-Spel (born Edward Francis Sharp, 23 January 1954 in London) is an English singer/songwriter and musician residing in the Netherlands.
Location: Netherlands
Album re-release: September 19, 2008
Record Label: Caciocavallo
Duration:     25:10
1. The Boomerang Effect     12:36
2. Right On, Food
3. The Train To Never     12:34
4. Icing
A1 The Boomerang Effect
Engineer — Raymond Steeg
Performer [Radio, Coffee Machine] — Ryan Moore
Vocals, Performer [Instruments] — Edward Ka-Spel
A2 Right On, Food
Performer [Instruments] — Edward Ka-Spel
B1 The Train To Never
Drum Programming, Effects — Lady Loop
Engineer — Lady Loop, Raymond Steeg
Guitar [Hawaiian] — Ryan Moore
Vocals, Performer [Instruments, Lamp, Water] — Edward Ka-Spel
B2 Icing
Engineer — Edward Ka-Spel, Lady Loop
Vocals, Performer [Instruments] — Edward Ka-Spel
01. The Boomerang Effect
02. Right On Food
03. The Train To Never
04. Icing
05. Millennium 1
06. Millennium 2
07. Atomic Roses '95
08. Steven Cow
09. Book of the Film
10. The Repeal of the Corn Laws
11. Suzy's Eye Patch
12. Broccoli
Ξ  Artwork By [Cover] — CV Liquidsky
Ξ  Composed By — Mustapha Nuthawun
Ξ  Photography — Sven Niechziol
Ξ  Edward Ka-Spel is best known as the lead singer, keyboard and electronics player, songwriter and co-founder of the band The Legendary Pink Dots, in which he was initially known as D’Archangel, Prophet Q’Sepel and other pseudonyms. He has also released countless solo albums, and is part of Mimir and The Tear Garden (with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy), and Mimir (with Phil Knight, Christoph Heemann, Jim O'Rourke and others). As earlier solo releases have strong  Legendary Pink Dots influences, it’s a nice change to hear this, as it’s different but still very experimental electronics. The Textures Of Illumina was released on vinyl as a 10” by The Bog (bog 001) in 1995. Limited edition of 1500 copies.
Ξ  Ka-Spel's solo albums range from abstract electronic noise to more traditional pop songs, incorporating diverse elements of psychedelia, industrial, avant garde, experimental electronic, art pop, classical music, folk (nursery songs), sampling, noise, collage, music concrete, etc. His lyrics have been described as intensely mystical, incorporating recurrent themes from his own personal mythos. Ka-Spel's songwriting has been compared (usually favourably) to that of Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd, though the artist describes the comparison as being a coincidence, not a direct influence. Ka-Spel has cited Iannis Xenakis, The Beatles, Nurse With Wound, David Bowie, Brainticket, Can, The Residents, Magma, and Throbbing Gristle as significant influences.
Ξ  Ka-Spel often appears on stage barefoot, wearing a long scarf and either pink or black optic glasses. Early in his career, he drew black lines on his face and arms, which Phil Knight has referred to as "his cracks",  presumably as they resemble the cracked lines of a china doll, an image very present in his early albums.
Ξ  Edward Ka-Spel, de The Legendary Pink Dots, saca a relucir con esta producción una vez más un sonido marcado por una vena experimental (Right On, Food), además de que presenta temas con un toque de dark ambient (Icing), The Bloomerang Effect posee una estructura bastante minimalista, pero que por esto no deja de ser un tema terrorífico (“Monsters… I see monsters, they covered up the sky, murder in their eyes“), así como la historia dentro de The Train To Nowhere: siendo un trabajo bastante “perturbador”, lleno de imagenes oscuras.
Edward Ka-Spel — Dance, China Doll
Record Label: In Phaze Records
Companies etc.:
Phonographic Copyright (p) — In Phaze Records
Copyright (c) — Rhythmic Publishing
Pressed By — Orlake Records
Ξ  Photography By — M. Bermingham
Ξ  Producer, Engineer — Pat Bermingham
Ξ  Voice [Lady Voice] — Lilly Ak
Ξ  His lyrical style has often been compared to Syd Barret of early Pink Floyd fame, but he has transcended this association by incorporating elements of psychedelia, dark folk, goth, industrial, electronic, found noise, sampling, pop, and rock in varying degrees. Dance, China Doll was released as a 12” on In Phaze Records (HAZ 6) in 1984.
Duration: 10:10
1. Moments     3:51
2. Even Now     3:42
3. Dance Of The China Dolls     2:37
Artist Biography by Daphne Carr
Ξ  Edward Ka-Spel has built an international following with his dark, psychedelic-folk melodies and astute lyrics, first as the enigmatic and prolific founder/lead singer of London-cum-Netherlands-based band the Legendary Pink Dots and then as a solo recording artist and performer. Ka-Spel is widely regarded as a genius bordering on madness, which explains the frequent comparisons to Syd Barrett, the first singer of Pink Floyd. Since the Legendary Pink Dots' beginning in 1980, Ka-Spel has created an extensive personal mythology, like Current 93 or Psychic TV, and has created several ongoing narratives of love, chaos, destruction, and other darkly tinged topics in what might be a works-in-progress goth opera. Accordingly, he has taken on many pseudonyms such as the Prophet Qa'Sepel and D'Archangel, making his incredibly varied recording history even more difficult to map.
Ξ  With dozens of albums to the Dots' credit, Ka-Spel could already be considered a songwriting powerhouse, but he has also recorded numerous solo albums, collaborated with cEVIN kEY of Skinny Puppy in a project called the Tear Garden, and made many guest appearances. Ka-Spel remembers the young kEY sending him fan letters and mix tapes of his music as a youngster, and through this mutual respect they have collaborated and toured together.
Ξ  Ka-Spel has been quoted as saying, "I'll try anything as long as it's different," and this has led to monumental sonic successes (and failures) over the last 20 years. As with the Dots, Ka-Spel's recordings are often of a limited number and only available through an extensive and devoted mail-order system at Solielmoon. He has also released numerous cassette-only and now CDR special recordings, usually including materials out-of-print on earlier labels along with new tracks. Each of the recordings feature Ka-Spel's trademark cigarette-drawl, slurred-Rs, and brooding mix of found-sounds, vintage keyboards, and appearances from various LPD members and extended family. Occasionally a label like Solielmoon will run a compilation of these rare tracks, and Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles (I and II) feature the best tracks from Laugh China Doll, Dance China Doll, and Perhaps We'll Only See a Thin Blue Line, in addition to a few singles.
Interviews: http://www.legendarypinkdots.org/interviews
Bandcamp: http://edwardka-spel.bandcamp.com/
Discography (selected):
(1984) Laugh, China Doll
(1985) Eyes!, China Doll
(1986) Chyekk, China Doll
(1987) Aa?zhyd, China Doll
(1988) Khataclimici, China Doll
(1991) Tanith & the Lion Tree
(1995) The Scriptures of Illumina
(1995) The Textures of Illumina
(1995) DNA LE DRAW D-KEE (with Elke Skelter as DNA LE DRAW D-KEE)
(1998) The Blue Room
(2000) Red Letters
(2001) Absence of Evidence
(2001) Caste O' Graye Skreeens
(2002) O'er a Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay
(2004) Pieces Of ?
(2005) O Darkness! O Darkness!
(2005) A Long Red Ladder to the Moon
(2005) Fragments Of Illumina
(2007) Dream Logik Pt 1
(2008) Dream Logik Pt 2
(2008) The Painted River of Regrets
(2009) The Whispering Wail (with The Silverman)
(2009) Dream Loops
(2009) Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Two (with Armchair Migraine Journey)
(2009) Trapped in Amber
(2010) Devascapes
(2010) Red Sky at Night (with Alena Boikova)
(2010) The Thirty Year Itch (with The Silverman)
(2010) The Minus Touch
(2011) A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions
(2012) This Saturated Land
(2012) Ghost Logik
(2013) Fire Island
(2013) One Last Pose Before the Ruin
Singles and EPs:
(1984) Dance, China Doll
(1992) The Char Char / Extracts from "The Inferno"
(1993) Inferno / Illusion
(1996) The Man Who Never Was
(1999) Share The Day
(2000) A Birth Marked Conspiracy
(2000) Lactamase 01
(2001) Meltdown
(2002) Clara Rockmore's Dog
(2002) 090301
(2002) Lilith and The Rose
(2005) Happy New Year
(2008) Dream Logik X (a small voyage in 3 parts)
(2008) Dream Logik 3333333333333
(2008) Burning Church
(2013) The Patriot / Last Man Standing
(1989) Perhaps We'll Only See A Thin Blue Line
(1990) Lyvv, China Doll (cassette)
(1993) Lyvv, China Doll (CD)
(1995) Chyekk, China Doll / Aa?zhyd, China Doll
(1995) Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles
(1996) Kowskijari
(1997) The Carrion
(1998) Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles 2
(2000) Needles Three
(2007) Melancholics Anonymous
(2008) Dream Logik Parts 1-3
Live albums:
(1987) Apples (Big!), China Doll
(2000) Public Disturbance
(2000) Angelus Obscuros (16-5-85)
(2002) Khalash Nykow, China Doll (4-4-86)
(2005) Live in Basel 2005 (with The Silverman)
(2012) Live at Bibliotheque Hergé, Paris 2005
(2012) Live in Denver 19 May 2012 (with The Silverman)
Compilation appearances:
(1985) Atomic Roses on 59 To 1 Cassette Nr. 6
(1986) Jesus Wept on Is That You Santa Claus? Oscar's X-Mas Carols Vol. 3
(1987) And The Lord Said, Rise on For Your Ears Only
(1992) Hotel X on Mindfield
(1993) The Colour Xhine on Tape A Break
(1995) Dr. Blizz on The Gothic Compilation Part II
(1996) The Forbidden Zone on Electrocity Vol. 7
(1996) A Crack in Melancholy Space on A Blind Man's Gallery Of Mirrors
(1997) Atomic Roses 1995 (Pt. 1 & 2) on Globus And Decibel
(2002) Burdon on Electrically Induced Vibrations
(2003) Der Khataclimici 2 on Lactamase Bonus Compilation
(2004) Complex on See Beyond The Music
(2006) Sticks & Stones (Version) on Not Alone
(2006) Sepia on Brainwaves
(2010) Elvis of the Modern World on The Year 25 / 25 Years Korm Plastics
(2010) Yam With Babe on Transmit Acoustique Abstraction 1/2
(2010) The Bad Trip on Audiotron

Edward Ka-Spel — The Textures Of Illumina



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