Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani — „The Voices and Bridges“ (July 16, 2021)IRAN flag                                                Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani — „The Voices and Bridges“ (July 16, 2021)
 (احسان مطوری) علیرضا قربانی 
•ƒ•  Ehsan Matoori (Persian Santoor player, Composer and Music Producer)
Born in 1979 in Iran, Ehsan Matoori began learning Santoor (Persian~dulcimer) based on Maestro Faramarz Payvar’s method at age 9. He studied instrumental and vocal Radif (Persian musical repertory) with Parviz Meshkatian and Pashang Kamkar and later started teaching Santoor. Ehsan took lessons from Ardavan Kamkar, one of the greatest contemporary Santoor players of Iran known for his distinct playing style and tuning techniques. In addition to playing Santoor, Ehsan has studied music composition and harmony with Farhad Fakhroaldini and children’s music with Soudabeh Salem. After moving to the United States in 2013, Ehsan performed with world music masters such as Sandeep Das (tabla), Jamal Mohamed (percussionist), Paul Sriji (mridangam), Maeve Gilchrist (jazz harp), Matthew Coley (marimba), Mike Block (cello),  Bassam Saba (oud), Sybarite5 (string quintet) and Greg Ellis (percussionist). He has also been a member of SMU world music ensemble since 2013 and a member of the Silk Road Global Musicians Workshop as a faculty assistant and performer since 2016. His first album “Phantasm” in collaboration with Mohsen Namjoo was published in 2019 and streamed more than 1,000,000 times and downloaded on all digital platforms. His love of learning about cultures and feeling  their melodies, has inspired his musical compositions which represent these cultures and bring new words to the world. Exploring diverse musical and poetic traditions around the world, Matoori has recently been working on a multilingual project called “The Voices and Bridges” which was announced by the BBC world, BBC Persian and the Silk Road Project in July 2019 and July 2020.  Ehsan believes that his music “should bring happiness to people and bring people together.” 

Location: Tehran, Iran~ Brooklyn, NY
Style: World Music / Ethnic Music / Persian / Vocal
Album release: July 16, 2021
Record Label: Bright Shiny Things
Duration:     54:37
1. El Sueño   5:59    
2. Alnesa Mesli   6:24    
3. Bu Geç Vakit   5:14    
4. La Cloche Vide   4:13    
5. Nil Chashm   5:49    
6. Nostalgia   7:13    
7. Nāzninay   6:36    
8. The Love Metaphor   5:14    
9. Jete Nahi Dibo   7:55
Written by:
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Solange Merdinian   1
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Maya Hobeika   2, 4 
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Olcay Bayir   3
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Qaiser Nizami   5, 7
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Celia Woodsmith   6
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Michael Kelly   8
〉〉   Ehsan Matoori & Alireza Ghorbani & Bombay Jayashri   9

Neil van der Linden ⌊15 July 2021⌋ Score: ★★★★ 
•ƒ•  The number of recording locations worldwide for this album is extraordinary, but perhaps that was the only way to create it, given the political ban on Iran and COVID~19 restrictions.
•ƒ•  The US~based Iranian composer and santur player Ehsan Matoori’s previous album Phantasm was a collaboration with Mohsan Namjoo, the renowned Iranian singer living in exile. The Voices and Bridges, his second album, features the glorious voice of Alireza Ghorbani, who lives in Iran. Ghorbani, himself singing in Persian, on this album collaborates with guests who contribute in Arabic, English, Turkish, Bengali, Urdu, Kashmiri, Spanish and French, on texts by among others Borges, Ahmad Shamlou, Pierre Riverdy, Shakespeare, Muhammad Iqbal, Tagore, Nazim Hikmat, Forough Farrokhzad and Rumi, all literary and spiritual icons in their respective cultures and eras. Some collaborations work especially well: ‘Jete Nahi Dibo’ with Bombay Jayashri from India features a wonderful solo by Raman Kalyan on bansuri; ‘Nostalgia’ with Celia Woodsmith who sings in English and Urdu; the Kashmiri Sufi singing of Qaisar Nizami on two tracks; Maya Hobeika sings in Lebanese, Arabic and French and her Arabic track is great; and ‘Bu Geç Vakit’ with UK~based Kurdish singer Olcay Bayir.Ehsan Matoori