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Eivør — Slør (16 October 2015)

Eivør — Slør (16 October 2015)

  Eivør — Slør (16 October 2015) Eivør — Slør (16 October 2015)↙≡♠   17x WINNER na FAROE ISLANDS, ICELAND a DENMARK.Født/Born: 21. juli 1983, Syðrugøta, Færøerne
Location: Tórshavn, Færøerne
Album release: 16 October 2015
Record Label: Tutl
Duration:     39:31
01. Silvitni      4:39
02. Brotin      3:27
03. Salt      4:36
04. Mjørkaflókar      3:57
05. Petti Fyri Petti      3:00
06. Røttu Skóvgarnir      2:49
07. Í Tokunni      3:31
08. Verð Mín      4:58
09. Slør      4:07
10. Trøllabundin      4:42
℗ 2015 Tutl
↙≡♠   Eivør is ready with her 10th studio album Slør which is her second album release in 2015. She describes it as a sister album to Bridges released earlier this year.
↙≡♠   Slør includes nine new songs as well as a re–recording of Trøllabundin — all written in her native language Faroese.
↙≡♠   Here is a personal greeting from Eivør explaining the album:
↙≡♠   “My dear friends and followers around the world.
↙≡♠   This is the day that I have been looking forward to for a long time. My dream was to release the two albums BRIDGES and SLØR this year because I felt they belonged together in so many ways. And here they are finally side by side.
↙≡♠   It has been a joyful process creating these works but also very intense, and at one point I actually thought I would have to put this dream of mine to rest for some time and maybe even just let go. But luckily “morning cleared the sky once more” and today I am proud to finally share my SLØR with you.
↙≡♠   In contrast to BRIDGES, which is marked by a longing for home — SLØR is marked by wanderlust and a desire for freedom. For me this album is very much about unveiling your true self, allowing yourself to unfold and break free from whatever shackles life puts you in. Hence the title, SLØR, which means “Veil” in English.
↙≡♠   Three songs on the album (SALT, VERÐ MÍN and SLØR) are poems by one of my favorite poets these days, Marjun Syderbø Kjælnes, who also wrote the lyrics for SWING.
↙≡♠   And, finally, I decided to make a new recording of my old song TRØLLABUNDIN that has changed shape a lot from when I first recorded it in 2004. I thought it deserved a new fresh studio recording that was more in line with the way I perform it today.
↙≡♠   The music is produced by my long time collaborator and husband Tróndur Bogason who also produced my previous albums “Room” and “Bridges” It has once again been a real pleasure working with him along with Mikael Blak on bass, Høgni Lisberg on drums/beat production and Hallur Jónsson on sound design/programming. The lovely Angelika Nielsen also plays violin and viola on the album and I am very grateful to get to work with all these wonderful musicians.
↙≡♠   We recorded the album at Studio Bloch, an old cold storage plant in the Faroe Islands, which my friend Jónas turned into a studio a few years ago. I love recording my albums there because the place has such a great atmosphere. The album was mixed in Iceland by Addi800 and mastered in USA by Glenn Schick Mastering.
↙≡♠   I hope you enjoy the album and I can’t wait to get back on the road and share new music with you. Love, Eivør”Posted by Gretar
↙≡♠   Together with John Lunn, Eivor has co–written the distinct and immersive score for the new ground breaking drama series ‘The Last Kingdom’, an 8–part epic historical series for BBC America, that follows the feuding Saxons and Danes as England starts to form in 9 AD.
↙≡♠   Eivor has made a distinct contribution to the sound world of ‘The Last Kingdom’ together with UK drama composer John Lunn.
↙≡♠   Her unique musicality and voice can be heard throughout the first season which will premiere on the 10th October in both the USA and UK.
↙≡♠   “We made a collective decision very early on that the music for ‘The Last Kingdom’ would not be orchestral and there was a real desire to produce something different and original. Eivor’s contribution cannot be overestimated. She has been the most fantastic collaborator I could have wished for and I could not have done it without her. To replace her would be impossible! Nothing can come close to the spontaneous originality and depth of artistic vision that she has”, Says John Lunn.
↙≡♠   “It has been such an inspiring experience to work with John” says Eivor “I was intrigued by the unique soundscape he had created and singing on top of it felt like ‘coming home’. I knew that he was only using analogue synths and live percussion and that he would have the courage to try something new and distinct. The creative freedom and trust he has shown me is something I very much appreciate, and I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with such a brilliant composer and musician”.ABOUT
↙≡♠   So says Eivør — vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter with a voice of rare beauty and power — when asked about where she gets her inspiration. These aren’t just words as she has relentlessly pursued music ever since dedicating her life to it at the tender age of fifteen.
↙≡♠   Born in 1983 in the Faroe Islands, Eivør’s early musical forays were steeped in Faroese musical traditions. At the age of sixteen she released her self–titled debut album bearing the marks of this fruitful starting point. While an enduring love of Faroese culture remains at the heart of her work, its expression has been widened through profound interaction with other traditions.
↙≡♠   Eivør’s musical palette has broadened since her folk beginnings as her albums and performances variably have included jazz, country folk, big band stylings, classical influences, and trip hop tinted rock. As of late, she has consolidated these experimental inputs into her own style of folktronica with heartfelt lyrical observations of life as it unfolds.
↙≡♠   Eivør is now based in Denmark. Her music covers a wide musical and emotional range, with themes of love, loss, memory, freedom and nature. She remains a voice unique in its intimacy, its effortless virtuosity and range of colours, evident from her first recording all the way through to her ninth album Bridges (2015). And as always, she is a riveting live performer with a vivacious and warm stage presence.
↙≡♠   Her career has thus far been a testament to the fact that there is indeed music in every situation. Yet it takes a skilled artist to be able to grasp and express this music and Eivør is such an artist; an acclaimed vocalist/composer at the peak of her powers.FACTS
↙≡♠   At an age of 13 she gave her first performance on Faroese television and won a national song contest in the same year.
↙≡♠   In 1999, when Eivør was 15, she quit school and started performing professionally with rock band Clickhaze and jazz quartet Ivory. When she was not touring or practicing with either of those bands she could usually be found singing with the old purveyors of traditional styles, trying to learn all the melodies, rhymes and stories.
↙≡♠   In 2000 her first album ”Eivør Palsdóttir” was released: a mixture of traditional Faroese ballads and new songs written by Eivør and her band, and performed with a folky and jazzy feel.
↙≡♠   In 2001 Eivør and her other band ”Clickhaze” won the national Faroese band contest ”Prix Foroyar”.↙≡♠   In 2002, Eivør left the Faroes in favor of Reykjavík, Iceland to study singing (classical and jazz). At that time she also joined ethno/world/jazz group Yggdrasil, lead by composer and music guru behind the Faroese TUTL label Kristian Blak. She released an album with the group later that year.
↙≡♠   2002 also saw the release of a rock album with Clickhaze and more touring with the band in the Faroes, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.
↙≡♠   2003 was the year of her second solo album. “Krákan”, which won the nomination for an Icelandic Music Award in three categories. Eivor was awarded Best Singer and Best Performer in Iceland, 2003.
↙≡♠   In 2004 Eivør performed concerts with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra and sang solo in Kristian Blak’s 2004 opera, “Firra”.
↙≡♠   The same year she recorded her third solo album together with award winning Canadian producer Bill Bourne.
↙≡♠   In 2005, the world famous Danish Radio Big Band released its 40th anniversary album. All the titles on the album are written and sung by Eivør. 2005 was also the year where Eivor composed and performed the music for the theatre play “Ulfhamssaga”, for which she was awarded ”Best Music Score, 2005” in Iceland.
↙≡♠   In 2006 Eivør moved to Copenhagen and instantly became a darling of the local folk scene — winning six Danish Music Award Folk nominations (bringing home two of them) and grants from several foundations in the country.
↙≡♠   In 2007 Eivør released her 5th solo album ”Human Child,” recorded and produced in Ireland by legendary producer Donal Lunny. The album is released in both Faroese and English. At one point Eivør had two entries (Faroese and English versions of the same album) in the Top Five charts in both the Faroes and in Iceland.
↙≡♠   In 2008 Eivør is based in hometown Gota in the Faroes but touring all around the world.
↙≡♠   2009 Eivør is working on her new album Larva and is touring in Scandinavia, Canada & Japan.
↙≡♠   2010 Eivør gets a worldwide record deal with Copenhagen Records for the album Larva.DISCOGRAPHY:
↙≡♠   Eivør Pálsdóttir (2000)
↙≡♠   Krákan (2002)
↙≡♠   Eivør (2004) (med Bill Bourne)
↙≡♠   Trøllabundin (2005) (med DR Bigband)
↙≡♠   Human Child (2007)
↙≡♠   Mannabarn (2007) (Human Child med de færøske originaltekster)
↙≡♠   Eivør Live (2009)
↙≡♠   EP (2010)
↙≡♠   Larva (2010)
↙≡♠   Room (2012)
↙≡♠   Bridges (2015)
↙≡♠   Slør (2015)
↙≡♠   Gargandi snilld, Island 2005. med Eivør og Björk. Dokumentarfilm. Ergis Filmproduction og Zik Zak Films
↙≡♠   Yggdrasil — The Tübingen Concert, Kunst og kultur ved Klinikum, Tübingen 2005. 2 DVD
Ivan Rod | Udkom 18. september 2015 | GAFFA | Score: *****/6
↙≡♠   Fremragende søster–album på færøsk fra den virtuose singer–songwriter
↙≡♠   Færøske Eivør udgiver på en og samme dag to cd'er, Bridges (på engelsk) og Slør (på færøsk). Begge er fremragende, virtuose album, som vil blive stående klart og tydeligt i erindringen, hvor andre album af andre kunstnere vil passere revy forbi og hurtigt forsvinde i glemslens tåger. Bridges og Slør er to fremragende og aldeles uforglemmelige søster–album. Og ikke at projektet var tænkt som sådan fra start, men hver gang Eivør skrev en sang til Bridges, dukkede færøsk materiale af uransagelige grunde op som spejlbilleder, og således blev det, der skulle have været ét album til to forskellige og dog beslægtede.
↙≡♠   Begge er eminente, smukke og gribende og meget enkle folk–pop–album, men hvor Bridges er lys og længselsfuld, er Slør mere rå og reflekterende. Slør er også mere lokalt forankret i og med, at dets sange er på færøsk, men uanset om man forstår ordene eller ej, er det evident, at det er skabt af en virkelig virtuos singer–songwriter med en virkelig fortryllende stemmekontrol. Albummet rummer den ene gribende perle efter den anden — fremragende sange som Mjørkaflókar, Petti fyri petti, Í tokuni, Verð mín og Slør. ↙≡♠   http://gaffa.dk/
Judas | Sep 18, 2015 | Score: *****/6
↙≡♠   http://www.gfrock.dk/eivor-bridges-slor/
Skrevet af Thomas Nygaard den 17. september 2015 | Score: 5.5 / 6 stjerner
↙≡♠   http://shoutoutmusic.dk/anmeldelser/album/eivoer-sloer/
Eivør Management (and booking):
↙≡♠   Elin Klein Joensen, executive assistant
↙≡♠   email: management@eivor.com
↙≡♠   phone: +298 512000
Website: http://eivor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eivormusic?rf=207137472661026

Eivør — Slør (16 October 2015)


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