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Eleventh Dream Day
Works For Tomorrow

Eleventh Dream Day — Works For Tomorrow (July 24th, 2015)

  Eleventh Dream Day — Works For Tomorrow
♠♠   On Works For Tomorrow Jim Elkington (Tweedy, Steve Gunn) joins Rick Rizzo, Janet Bean (Freakwater), Mark Greenberg (The Coctails), and Doug McCombs (Tortoise, Brokeback, Pullman). This is the first time since 1994 that Dream Day has recorded with a second guitarist. Works For Tomorrow was recorded and mixed at Wilco’s renowned Loft Studio and Mayfair Recordings.Formed: 1983 in Chicago, IL
Nejbližší show:
♠♠   08/19/15 Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern
♠♠   08/20/15 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brendas
♠♠   08/21/15 New York, NY The Mercury Lounge
Location: Chicago, IL
Album release: 24 JUL 2015
Record Label: Thrill Jockey
Duration:     43:44
01. Vanishing Point     3:35
02. Works for Tomorrow     3:30
03. Cheap Gasoline     4:04
04. Snowblind     4:03
05. Go Tell It     6:08
06. The People’s History     3:28
07. Requiem for 4 Chambers     4:08
08. The Unknowing     6:36
09. Deep Lakes     3:18
10. End With Me     4:54
© 2015 Eleventh Dream Day. All Rights reserved.
℗ 2015 Thrill Jockey Records
♠♠   Rick Rizzo
♠♠   Janet Beveridge Bean
♠♠   Doug McCombs
♠♠   Mark Greenberg
♠♠   Jim ElkingtonREVIEW
By Robert Ham  |  July 22, 2015  |  3:57pm  |  Score: 8.7
♠♠   Chicago stalwarts Eleventh Dream Day have carved out that most perfect niche in the world of indie rock. Having survived a pre–Alternative Nation stint on a major label and with members comfortably working in other musical or vocational arenas, they can calmly reconnect every few years and discharge a torrent of Crazy Horse–like guitar wrangling and pained lyrical bloodlettings with little concern for their commercial prospects.
♠♠   Now seems a great time for the band to return with their influences (Neil Young, Television) far past their creative primes, their peers in creative hibernation, and the current spate of guitar rock proving far less daring and dangerous. The world needed a rough–hewn reminder of how achingly powerful two guitars pawing and scratching at each other while a rhythm section spars alongside them. Works For Tomorrow does just that.
♠♠   The linchpin to this new operation is the inclusion of a second guitarist into the fold for the first time in many years. And what a player they chose. British ex–pat James Elkington is one of the most versatile guitarists around, exploring folk playing on his own and, most impressively, in a duo with Nathan Salsburg, as well as backing up folks like Jeff Tweedy and Steve Gunn in the studio and on stage.
♠♠   He’s the perfect foil for a player as fiery as Eleventh Dream Day singer/guitarist Rick Rizzo. On the album closer “End With Me,” the two wend together and then split apart as they trade solos throughout the song’s nearly five–minute running time. They balance each other on songs like “The People’s History” and opening track “Vanishing Point;” Elkington offers up clear, calm tones where Rizzo lays on a fuzzy layers of rage.
♠♠   The hottest fire that burns on Tomorrow though is stoked by drummer/vocalist Janet Beveridge–Bean. Her turns on “Vanishing Point” and the convulsing “Snowblind” growl and snap in a way that will come as a small shock to anyone who has heard her otherwise lovely tones on albums by her projects The Horse’s Ha and Freakwater. It’s commanding work that manages to wrest the attention away from the guitar antics of her bandmates. And that’s not an easy task.
♠♠   Bands like this often feel like each player is pulling in a different direction, with the poor listener stuck in the middle having his or her attention uncomfortably yanked and stretched. Eleventh Dream Day is the rare group that manages to keep those individual elements and ideas alive while still working for the good of the group. Heard on their own, you might not be able to make sense of how the individual parts played by Rizzo, Elkington, Bean, and bassist Doug McCombs would connect. Yet they do. Every time. And the sparks and conflagrations they create are glorious. ♠♠   http://www.pastemagazine.com/Also:
BY IAN KING  |  20 July 2015  |  SCORE: 7
♠♠   http://www.popmatters.com/review/195554-eleventh-dream-day-works-for-tomorrow/
Noel Gardner  |  July 28th, 2015 11:19
♠♠   http://thequietus.com/articles/18405-eleventh-dream-day-works-for-tomorrow-review
INTERVIEW 1 | Friday, April 10, 2015
INTERVIEW 2 | Greg Kot | CHICAGO TRIBUNE | greg​@gregkot.com
♠♠   http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/kot/ct-eleventh-dream-day-janet-bean-rick-rizzo-20150723-column.html
Label: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Eleventh-Dream-Day/#.VcJmCfntlBc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eleventhdreamday?fref=tsDescription:
♠♠   Since first hitting the road in a battered Econoline van in the 1980s, Eleventh Dream Day continues to build on their history by moving forward musically, while never forgetting what inspired them. On Works For Tomorrow, core band members Rick Rizzo, Janet Beveridge Bean, Mark Greenberg, and Douglas McCombs are joined by James Elkington (Brokeback, Tweedy), marking the first time the band has recorded with a second guitarist since 1994. Elkington's addition has unleashed the band's strengths. The ferocious and visceral interplay between Rizzo and Elkington charge the band with a joyous exuberance that sweeps the listener in for the 43 minutes of Works For Tomorrow. The album also features performances by long time friend Martin Wenk (Calexico) and Chicago stalwart Rich Parenti on horns.
♠♠   Eleventh Dream Day is known for their raw, inexhaustible live performances. They honed the songs on Works For Tomorrow during an extended residency at Chicago's Hideout Club, and the packed, sweaty energy of those shows is unmistakable on this new recording. Drummer and sometime lead vocalist Janet Beveridge Bean breaks free as never before, her vocals igniting the songs with an animalistic urgency, as she furiously propels the songs with pure command from behind the kit. Works For Tomorrow was recorded and mixed by Greenberg at the Loft (Wilco's studio) and Mayfair Recordings. The 10 tracks on the album center on embracing a future which does not succumb to the past, but challenges it in order to adapt and grow. This reframing and understanding of history is keenly stated in the album's title track when Rizzo sings, “You see her, this must be the beginning or the end of whatever that was.”
♠♠   "Vanishing Point," the album's opening track sets the tone with its brute force and driving rhythm. Written by Bean while on long distance runs, the song captures the thrill she feels on a motorbike as she takes that perfect line through the curve, setting her up for the burst of speed on the straightaway. The guttural urgency of Bean's vocals on this track are counterpoised by a guitar tour de force. "Requiem For 4 Chambers" — a clever song on the complexities of the human heart — imagines the heart as a disembodied organism moving simultaneously toward destruction and light. From the reimagined, deliberate version of Judy Henske and Jerry Yester's "Snowblind," to the quieter, melodic tracks like "Deep Lakes," Eleventh Dream Day's fiery performances and inventive arrangements make for the most complex and compelling record of their career. Works For Tomorrow finds the band fixed on the road ahead, barreling toward the horizon with the radio turned up — way, way up.
Website: http://eleventhdreamday.com/_____________________________________________________________

Eleventh Dream Day
Works For Tomorrow



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