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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Elin Kåven — Eamiritni (November 6th, 2015)

ELIN KÅVEN — Eamiritni (November 6th, 2015)

        ELIN KÅVEN — Eamiritni (November 6th, 2015)ELIN KÅVEN — Eamiritni (November 6th, 2015)•   ELIN: Light. Beautiful fairy. KAAVEN; Familyname of the famous sami shaman. Elin Kåven music aims to bring you to the arctic sphere of folklore and mythology of the Sami People — the nomad people north of the arctic circle. She manifests the mythological creatures from the arctic, and her concerts are described as fairy tales in notes.
•   The year 2015 Elin Kåven has been a recording sami artist for 10 years. She is now working on her third album wich will be released in october 2015.                                    © ELIN KÅVEN, By Per Inge Oestmoen
Location: Karasjok ~~ Alta, NORWAY
Genre: Singer–Songwriter/Pop/Skandinavien
Album release: November 6th, 2015
Record Label: Nordic Notes
Duration:     38:45
01. Javkan      5:16
02. Hiras      4:11
03. Lynxie      3:31
04. Gothla      3:58
05. Gavnahallan      3:40
06. Muorat dansut      1:58
07. Enya      5:26
08. Dohkka      1:18
09. Friddja      3:12
10. Veahkkin      1:20
11. Gardin–ahkku      3:27
12. Algu      1:37    © GOHPPU — GUKSI The sami traditional wooden cup. Made by Jørn Are Keskitalo in Guovdageaidnu.
•   Elin Kåven,
•   Juhani Silvola
•   Elin Kåven takes you on a journey to Sápmi, the land where the folklore spirits and mysticism are a part of everyday life. She belongs to the Norwegian Sami people which are the nomad people north of the arctic circle.
Website: http://www.elinkaaven.com/
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/elinkaaven
Blog: http://www.elinkaaven.blogspot.no/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arcticfairy?ref=hl © ELIN KÅVEN / By Freddy Ludvik ’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’•’

Elin Kåven — Eamiritni (November 6th, 2015)