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Elliott Brood
Work and Love [Deluxe Edition]

Elliott Brood — Work and Love [Deluxe Edition] (October 21, 2014)

  Elliott Brood — Work and Love [Deluxe Edition] 
•   Dark–hued alt–country and roots trio who formed in Toronto in 2002. 
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Album release: October 21, 2014
Record Label: Paper Bag Records
Duration:     33:22 + 16:04 => 49:26
Disc 1
1 Little Ones     3:28 
2 Nothing Left     2:29 
3 Tired     3:42  
4 Taken     4:32  
5 Mission Bell     4:18 
6 Jigsaw Heart     3:04 
7 Each Other's Kids     3:41 
8 Better Times     4:17 
9 End of the Day     3:51 
Disc 2
1 Jigsaw Heart [Paper Bag Sessions]     2:47  
2 Taken [Paper Bag Sessions]     4:30  
3 Nothing Left [Paper Bag Sessions]     2:45  
4 Little Ones [Paper Bag Sessions]     3:24  
5 Don't Take it Away     2:38 
2014 Paper Bag Records
•   All tracks written by: Elliott Brood / Casey Laforet / Mark Sasso
•   Ian Blurton Mixing, Producer
•   John Dinsmore Bass
•   Elliott Brood Composer
•   Aaron Goldstein Pedal Steel
•   W. Roland Hamilton Cover Photo
•   Dan Hosh Engineer, Mixing Assistant
•   Michael Louis Johnson Flugelhorn, Trumpet
•   Casey Laforet Bass + Pedals, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Lyricist, Mandolin, Vocals
•   Scott Peacock Mixing Assistant
•   Stephen Pitkin Drums, Hammond B3, Percussion, Piano, Vocals (Background)
•   Mark Sasso Artwork, Banjo, Composer, Design, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Lyricist, Vocals
•   Ron Skinner Mastering
•   Nyles Spencer Engineer
Review by Timothy Monger; Score: ****
•   Canadian trio Elliott Brood have made a career out of dark–souled, warm–hearted roots music whether it’s the bare–bones antiquity of their debut EP or the electric clamor of their 2011 Juno–winning Days Into Years LP. They’ve managed a respectable level of success while keeping the D.I.Y. authenticity that endeared them to fans in the first place. The band who packaged their first release in a paper bag with an accompanying handmade old–timey photo book have now assembled their own little empire called Paper Bag Records and have earned their stripes touring relentlessly across North America and Europe (not to mention that Juno award).
•   On their fifth album Work and Love, they continue to evolve, enlisting for the first time an outside producer, Toronto scene vet Ian Blurton.
•   Building on the foundation of Days Into Years’ heavy darkness, Work and Love subtly strengthens the rock tracks and capitalizes on the world–weariness of the quieter songs drawing out the strengths in both styles. From Casey Laforet’s wistful sentiments on the powerful opening waltz “Little Ones” to Mark Sasso’s epic “Mission Bells” this is the sound of artists at the treacherous crossroads of middle age looking both forward and back. It’s a tough trick to pull off and a lot of bands at this point in their careers are either content to rest on their laurels or take a wild misstep into some incongruous style, but Elliott Brood are smarter than that. Blurton’s influence as a producer allows them to stretch out within familiar parameters, making a warmly crafted, mature record that still sounds fresh and creative. As songwriters and vocalists, both Laforet and Sasso are at the top of the game and Sasso’s strange, ragged tenor in particular can still deliver thrills when he lets it rip. This is quality work all around and another great release from this well–honed trio.                                           
Artist Biography by Timothy Monger
•   Canadian alt–folk/country group Elliott Brood formed in 2002 based around the songwriting of Windsor, Ontario natives Mark Sasso and Casey Laforet. Inspired by their mutual admiration for Neil Young, the Band, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, the two friends began playing together as a duo in Toronto. During one of their earliest shows, they befriended soundman Stephen Pitkin, who became involved first as their producer and later as their full–time percussionist. Adopting a rural–themed aesthetic, the group released its first EP, Tin Type, packaged in a paper bag that also contained a handmade Old West–style photo book. The EP fared well on college radio, and in 2005 they followed it up with their full–length debut, Ambassador, named after the Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor with Detroit. All talented singers and multi–instrumentalists, Elliott Brood became known for swapping instruments on–stage and mixing dark acoustic roots sounds with more rock-oriented electric guitar songs. Their second album, Mountain Meadows, was shortlisted for the 2009 Polaris Prize and in 2010 they composed the score for the indie film Grown Up Movie Star. The following year they launched their own record label, Paper Bag Records, and released their third album, Days into Years. Continuing with their aggressive touring schedule, the band has shared bills with the Sadies, Wilco, the Black Crowes, and many more. In 2013 they revisited the sound of their earliest release with the all-acoustic Tin Type II EP. •   Working with an outside producer for the first time, they enlisted Ian Blurton to record their fourth LP, 2014's Work and Love. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
by WOODY on OCTOBER 21, 2014
•   The term Dad rock is consistently used a derogatory term. I’m a 44 year old father and I like to rock. I go to more shows than kids half my age, don’t watch The Voice and own red sneakers. So forgive me if I take offense at the term.
•   Work and Love has made an album about being that Dad. Inspired by a line from a Constantines song, “Work and love will make a man out of you,” Work and Love mines adult subjects such as relationships and the tests of adulthood, long drives, childhood retreating in a rear–view mirror.
•   Bringing in an outside producer for the first time with Ian Blurton really paid dividends. The BROOD roots are still there but there certain subtle new touches that really come off. One of my favorite things throughout the whole album is the outro from Taken that segues into a wonderful intro for Mission Bell, complete with mariachi horns. Its a wonderful moment that reinforces the fact that the song order can really take an album up a notch.
•   While probably not their intention, Elliott BROOD wrote an album about my life. In fact, they wrote an album about any guy transitioning into that next phase of life — not knowing whether to cling on to the old phase or embrace the new one. It is absolutely brilliant and you should run, not walk to get it. :: http://www.hearya.com/

Elliott Brood
Work and Love [Deluxe Edition]



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