Emily Maguire — Bird Inside A Cage (2013)

 Emily Maguire — Bird Inside A Cage (2013)

Emily Maguire — Bird Inside A Cage
¤   By turns ethereal, haunting and sultry, with narratives ranging from the understated to the unflinching, this much-anticipated fourth album bears all the trademarks of Emily Maguire's emotive, lyric-rich songs.
Where is the borderline
The boundary between
Your tribe and mine
Are we the rain, the river
The cloud and the sea
If we are like water
Then which drop is me?  (The Borderline (5:47), debut album 'Stranger Place')
My paper wings, a piece of string
And pretty things that keep me sane
Unopened doors and something more
I've said before that calls my name  (Standing (3:55), second album 'Keep Walking')
Emily desktop: The valley leading down from the Square & Compass in Worth Matravers
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Birth name: Emily Lucy Maguire
Born: 8 March 1975
Instruments: singing, acoustic guitar, cello, piano, recorder, flute
Location: London, UK
Album release: July 15th, 2013
Record Label: Shaktu Records
Duration:     35:18
01. Beautiful
02. Dont Speak
03. Rain
04. Bicycle Made for Two
05. North & South
06. Over the Waterfall
07. Old Valentine
08. A Rose is Nothing
09. Avatar
10. Bird Inside A Cage
© Copyright — Shaktu Records Ltd / Shaktu Records (5060051333408)
Emily Maguire — vocals, guitars, cello, piano
Produced by Nigel Butler
¤   England-born singer and songwriter Emily Maguire had to remove herself from the rather dour climes of "Old Blighty" to a more basic way of life in rural Australia to work out, record, and — eventually — release her debut full-length. Having been trained as a classical cellist and pianist, Maguire found it no great leap to the guitar, and began writing songs. Her first full-length collection of these works, 2005's Stranger Place, was recorded — according to Maguire — in a shack in the Australian outback. Eventually the record took off, and thanks to the single "The Real World," Maguire found herself back in England, performing at the 2005 Borderline Singer/Songwriter Festival in London. Maguire toured England and the rest of the United Kingdom in 2006 before returning to her adopted land down under to write, record, and produce album number two. The album, which featured the talents of Christian Dunham on bass and Shane Nesic on drums, also included a "string section" arranged by and performed by Maguire herself. ¤   Entitled Keep Walking, the album was released by Universal in 2008, following a successful return jaunt to the U.K.
Notes: The title track of the album was inspired by Melanie Reid, a Times journalist who was paralysed in a horse-riding accident in 2010 and who writes the paper’s regular “Spinal Column”. On reading Melanie’s article describing her first year in a wheelchair, Emily was moved to write ‘Bird Inside a Cage’ for her.
[E. Maguire]

Such a wilful child, always wanted to be wild
Never thought I’d ever be a bird inside a cage
But fate has such a funny way of devastating any day
And before you know it you’re in over your head

But it’s love that saves us when all else has failed us
When you just can’t take another day

Now I’ve cried countless tears, faced my biggest fears
There’s nowhere to go when you can’t get out of bed
If I could change that fatal moment when the chance was there
Now I’m left with fairytale castles in the air

But it’s love that saves us when all else has failed us
When it’s hard to see how we could carry on this way

But he calls my name like nothing’s changed
And then he’ll say, hey

Let me put my arms around you, never let me go
When I tell you that I love you, I want you to know
This whole damn world could fall on our heads
But I will always stay, hey

There’s nothing we should take for granted
But you are all I ever wanted
And I will wear a smile when they lay me in my grave
Cos all this time we waste on foolish cares
What’s the point in pride when you’re running out of air

But it’s love that saves us when all else has failed us
Every time you think you’ll fall

You can call my name
My love won’t change
It’s the eternal flame
So you can dry your tears
Cos you’ll defy your fears
And love is always here
R2 Magazine
[Gareth Hayes] / ****
¤   A sincere shift from her previous work, 'Bird Inside A Cage' is Emily Maguire's first album for a number of years and, like her earlier records, has been gestated under the influence of trauma and personal difficulties. The shift is in terms of scale and production.
¤   This time she has fallen into the mentorship of renowned producer Nigel Butler. Butler takes her usual starkness and adds a lush vibrancy that still delivers her powerful lyrical authority but with a different punch. The simple piano intro to the first track 'Beautiful', is all that is needed to aid this transition before strings and guitar rhythms take hold and allow the songs to soar.
¤   The healthy beat continues through the rolling piano and drums of the liberating 'Rain' and the quivering natural simplicity of 'Bicycle Made For Two'. Even with the underlying themes of struggle and daily reprieve these songs have escalating release; 'Over The Waterfall' is as powerful as they come. Then, in a second, she skilfully brings the pace down to nostalgic joy with 'Old Valentine' in order to prepare us for the title track and its selfless humility.
Fatea Magazine
[Helen Mitchell]
¤   Emily Maguire has had a story like journey these past few years, from cheese making in Australia, to BBC Radio 2 and the Albert Hall. Her long awaited fourth album, Bird Inside a Cage, has finally arrived, and believe me, it is worth the wait!
¤   The album was produced by Nigel Butler, one of the producers on X Factor, who has worked with artists ranging from K.D.Lang and Tom Jones to Will Young and Robbie Williams. Emily explores a sound which at times brings to mind that of Sarah McLachlan as she blurs the lines of genre.
¤   The deeply moving title track of the album was inspired by the story of Melanie Reid, a Times journalist who was paralysed in a horse-riding accident in 2010, writer of the paper’s regular Spinal Column. On encountering Melanie’s article describing her first year in a wheelchair, Emily was inspired to write Bird Inside a Cage for her.
¤   The opening track, Beautiful, is the standout track for me; a lovely message, as Emily says, ‘For women everywhere,’ which deserves massive radio play.
¤   Over The Waterfall articulately tells Emily’s own story, whilst North and South and Bicycle Made for Two are lyrically very strong, augmented by Emily’s wonderful piano playing, husband Christian Dunham on bass and the stunning musical production.
I could wax lyrical all day, but suffice to say that everyone needs this CD in their collection; whilst you’re at it, get her earlier albums if you don’t already have them. Listen out for her on radio as I suspect some of these songs are going to be big radio hits. She is also touring the UK later this year; check out the dates and see her performing near you.
¤   Best-known for her thought-provoking lyrics and ‘supremely expressive vocals’ (Rock’n’Reel Magazine), Emily Maguire’s songs have been played regularly on Radio 2 and have won her fans across the globe.
¤   Classically trained on cello, piano and flute, Emily taught herself the guitar and started writing songs when she found herself stuck at home with a chronic illness.
A few years later, back on her feet and fed up with grey skies and concrete, she decided to give up her flat in London for a shack made from recycled wood, tin and potato sacks on a farm out in the Australian bush.
¤   There she set up her own record label Shaktu Records with partner Christian Dunham, and for four years lived an eco-friendly, self-sufficient lifestyle, financing her music by making and selling goats cheese on the farm.
¤   Following the release of her critically acclaimed albums ‘Stranger Place’ and ‘Keep Walking’, Emily returned to the UK touring extensively with some of the world’s great singer-songwriters including Don McLean, Eric Bibb, Paul Brady and Roddy Frame.
¤   The title track of ‘Keep Walking’ was playlisted on Radio 2 in the UK and on ABC Radio across Australia. Emily’s third album ‘Believer’, a ‘masterpiece’ according to Maverick Magazine, won rave reviews in the music press with 2 songs playlisted on Radio 2.
¤   In 2010, her extraordinary book ‘Start Over Again’, an account of her experiences of dealing with bipolar disorder, was launched on Radio 2 generating a huge response from listeners.
¤   After 7 months on the road in 2011 with the former lead singer of Dr Hook, Dennis Locorriere, Emily took time out from touring in 2012 to write and record her fourth studio album ‘Bird Inside A Cage’. The album was produced by Nigel Butler (k.d. lang, Will Young, Robbie Williams) known to TV lovers as one of the producers on X Factor.
¤   With its release funded entirely by Emily's fans, ‘Bird Inside A Cage’ is a bold departure from her previous recordings while still retaining all the underlying trademarks of her emotive, lyric-rich songs. The album was released in July 2013.
¤   Emily puts her classical training and cello-playing to good use, writing and recording string arrangements for her albums. She is passionate about songwriting. saying in a recent interview that "music to me is all about uplifting, comforting and inspiring people".
¤   On her MySpace page she cites Bach, Bob Marley and Buddha as her influences. A practising Buddhist for nearly 15 years, her albums are all dedicated to her teacher Lama Jampa Thaye.
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Emily Maguire — Bird Inside A Cage (2013)