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Emily Rodgers — 2 Years (June 10, 2016)

Emily Rodgers — 2 Years (June 10, 2016)

                       Emily Rodgers — 2 Years (June 10, 2016)Emily Rodgers — 2 Years (June 10, 2016)•     On ne croyait plus possible nos retrouvailles avec la chanteuse américaine Emily Rodgers ; un disque en 2009, « Bright Day », puis plus rien. Et dire que ce premier chef~d’œuvre nous avait marqués relève de l’euphémisme, tant l’artiste s’inscrivait dans une mouvance éthérée où elle était destinée, forcément, à être comparée à Mazzy Star ou Cat Power, tandis que son talent d’écriture allait toujours plus loin dans l’intimité. Aujourd’hui, grâce à « Two Years », elle revient avec sa volonté croissante de prouver qu’elle seule connaît les méandres de son âme et la manière la plus à même de les dévoiler par la musique. SA musique. SA parole. SA vie entre nos mains. Sept ans d’attente auront été nécessaires, mais le résultat est une symphonie intimiste de compositions intérieures et profondes, qui déciment autant qu’elles émeuvent.       
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Album release: June 10, 2016
Styles: Alternative Singer~Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Folk
Recording Location: The Wilderness Recording Studio
Duration:     52:13
01 No Last Call     7:23 
02 Anyone     4:25 
03 Hurt     5:10 
04 Two Years     4:54 
05 The Right Lie     5:24 
06 Waiting for You     4:45 
07 Burn Out     4:43 
08 In This City     4:34 
09 Walk, Don’t Run     4:57 
10 I Believe in You     5:58
Written by:
•        Emily Rodgers     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
•        Neil Young     10
•        Vince Camut Pedal Steel
•        Erik Cirelli Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
•        Nick Cobler Artwork, Layout
•        Kramer Keyboards, Mastering, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Sampling
•        Mark Lyons Drums
•        Allison Kacmar Richards Bass
•        Emily Rodgers Composer, Guitar (Electric), Photography, Vocals
•        Jay Vega Engineer
•        Megan Williams Violin
•        Neil Young Composer
•♠Ψ•        Tous ces fardeaux, Emily Rodgers les chante, les exprime à travers une voix faussement détachée, mais qui porte à elle seule les souffrances d’un passé condamné à être immortalisé sur disque. « Two Years », pièce maîtresse d’une musique aérienne et duveteuse, s’impose d’emblée comme l’un des meilleurs albums de l’année, pour chacun d’entre nous ; car il nous parle, nous murmure ses complaintes à l’oreille et nous berce avant de nous plonger dans un état second dont il sera difficile de ressortir indemne, comme le prouve la déambulation nocturne « In The City », errance dans les rues désertes d’un lieu propice à la confrontation au manque et à la cruauté de la solitude. Imparable. L’apaisement après la tourmente ; et un nouveau regard tourné vers un destin qui ne sera définitivement plus ce qu’il semblait être.
•♠Ψ•        https://www.indiemusic.fr/
Pittsburgh Post~Gazette
•♠Ψ•        While most people would describe Emily Rodgers’ new album, “Two Years,” as meditative and quietly intense, Ms. Rodgers said it was angrier than usual.
•♠Ψ•        With rolling melodies, deliberate phrases and melancholy instrumentals, the songs seem whimsical and introspective. But behind the metaphorical words, Ms. Rodgers reveals her own pain and anger, still reeling from the tragedy of losing her brother to an overdose in 2005.
•♠Ψ•        Writing the album over seven years was a “process of self discovery” as she came to terms with her grief and her disappointment in the lack of support from so many people around her.
•♠Ψ•        “I’m someone to run into a fire, but I didn’t realize most people run away from people going through a tragedy, and I was really scarred by it,” Ms. Rodgers said.
•♠Ψ•        Although each song carries a pointed message for herself — especially the track “Hurt,” which explicitly states her anger with phrases such as “where is my rage” and “I hope it hurts” — the lyrics are abstract enough to carry a different meaning for every listener.
•♠Ψ•        Ms. Rodgers said she doesn’t write with a specific intent in mind and prefers to allow listeners to add their own experiences to the song. Each interpretation is different but “the same at the heart of the issue,” she said.
•♠Ψ•        In the spirit of interpretation, she included her first cover on this album, a resounding rendition of Neil Young’s “I Believe in You,” per the suggestion of the album’s producer, Kramer.
•♠Ψ•        Compared to her previous albums — “Emily Rodgers & Her Majesty Stars” in 2005 and “Bright Day” in 2009 — she said “Two Years” is “as bright as she gets.” The songs don’t burst with sunshine or musical cascades, but they have a tinge of hopefulness reflective of Ms. Rodgers’ own personal journey over the past seven years.
•♠Ψ•        “I’m still sitting with that loss but sort of coming out of it and also coming out of my own depression,” she said.
•♠Ψ•        Rather than starting with music, Ms. Rodgers said she carries a notebook with her at all times, jotting down phrases that come to her or inspire her. From there, she lets the words connect themselves together, rarely faltering from the order in which the lyrics came to her.
•♠Ψ•        The words “come to make sense,” she says, noting that she writes for the “me too moment,” which a friend of hers said lets readers or listeners know they are not alone.
•♠Ψ•        The writing was slow but consistent, with Ms. Rodgers finishing a new song about every six months while using writing and performing as a form of “catharsis” as she went.
•♠Ψ•        “I don’t know how to do it halfway,” Ms. Rodgers said. “I’m all in, but it feels good and I feel better afterwards.”   •♠Ψ•        http://www.post-gazette.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emilycr2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmilyRodgersBand
Website: http://www.emilyrodgers.com/
AllMusic Review by Timothy Monger;  Score: ****
•♠Ψ•        Seven years on from 2009’s acclaimed Bright Day LP, Emily Rodgers delivers her slow~building, slow~burning follow~up, 2 Years. Swimming in an atmospheric netherworld between earthbound Americana and ethereal folk~rock, Rodgers continues to tread ground first explored by cinematically lonesome forebears like Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies, and Kristin Hersh. With the shortest track unfurling at four and half minutes, 2 Years has an expansive, wide~angle feel, even if its author’s confessions can seem downright intimate at times. On Rodgers’ previous album, veteran New York musician/producer Kramer jumped in on the back end, mixing and mastering her already~recorded project. This time around he also acts as producer, and his stylistic stamp — made familiar to fans of dreamy adventurers like Galaxie 500 and Low — can be heard throughout the album’s ten lengthy tracks. That all of the aforementioned sonic touchstones date back to the ‘80s and ‘90s is revealing, for Rodgers’ music really does hark back to an era of shadowy subgenres to which the prefix “alt” would likely have been applied. Even the more seemingly minimalist arrangements like “No Last Call” and “In This City” have a decidedly lush quality and are beset with willowy pedal steel and distant violins. Rodgers voice and most of the instrumentation are consistently bathed in great swaths of reverb that reinforce the overall windswept sound, but occasionally add drag to the already drowsy proceedings. With its heavy guitars and strong melodies, the title cut is a standout, as is “I Believe in You,” a warm synth~led bit of dream pop that is unlike anything else on the album. 2 Years is a slow~building set that could probably shed a few minutes here and there, but there are plenty of rewards within.

Emily Rodgers — 2 Years (June 10, 2016)


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