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Emma Gatrill Chapter I (2012)

Emma Gatrill ≡ Chapter I (2012)

Emma Gatrill Chapter I
Location: Brighton, UK
Album release: May 14th, 2012
Record Label: Wilkommen Records
Duration:     37:21
1. Hold On      (2:26)
2. Twisted Threads      (4:12)
3. Josephine      (4:35)
4. The Birds      (4:56)
5. Blank Dog      (4:07)
6. Joke      (4:04)
7. Soul Lovers      (4:05)
8. Squiggles and Balloons      (3:42)
9. Where the Wind Blows      (5:10)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/emmagatrill
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emmagatrill
E-mail: emma.gatrill@googlemail.com
  Emma is an unstoppable and multi-instrumental collaborator. As well as being a full time musician with the multi-tentacled psych-folk behemoth Sons of Noel and Adrian and getting crowds dancing to the rowdy stamp-along anthems of The Mariner’s Children, she has found time to lend her voice, clarinet or accordion skills to everyone from Laura Marling to Broken Social Scene.
  No wonder then that it has taken her so long to get round to concentrate on her own music. Chapter One showcases poignant songs based around her latest acquisition – the harp. Subtly accompanied by various members of Brighton’s Willkommen Collective, her intricate harp playing and powerful vocals soars above her classic songwriting, which owes a debt to Bjork and Joni Mitchell as well as her friends and co-conspirators Rachael Dadd and Alessi’s Ark.
  With her debut shows under her belt – a standout performance at the prestigious Willkommen Foxtrot festival, supporting Rachael Dadd on her recent European tour and now Sons of Noel and Adrian UK Tour, Emma is finally ready to give the world her own music. And it is completely worth the wait.
  Chapter I has been officially released on May 14th via Willkommen Records.
Bandcamp: http://emmagatrill.bandcamp.com/ Baskery live © Alternative Escape / Marcus Hamblett, Thomas Heather (drums) & Emma Elizabeth Gatrill (Review: http://www.justmusicthatilike.com)

 Willkommen Records

Emma Gatrill Chapter I (2012)




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