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Rook To TN34 (March 4, 2016)

Emmplekz — Rook To TN34 (March 4, 2016)             Emmplekz — Rook To TN34 (March 4, 2016)Emmplekz — Rook To TN34 (March 4, 2016)Ξ   Collaboration between Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) and Ian Hicks (Baron Mordant of Mordant Music).
Ξ   Ekoplekz is a lo–fi electronic project of Nick Edwards from Bristol, UK.
He shuns modern digital production techniques in favour of primitive analog devices, lo–fi cassette recorders and a spontaneous, improvised approach to composition. The Bristol based artist takes inspiration from BBC Radiophonic soundtracks, early dub reggae, krautrock and post–punk/industrial pioneers like Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Robert Rental.
Ξ   Edwards has collaborated with Bass Clef under the name Ekoclef and with Baron Mordant (Mordant Music) under the name eMMPLekz.                                                          Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Album release: March 4, 2016
Record Label: Mordant Music — MM 083
Genre: Experimental, Electronic
Duration:     48:25
01. Britainas Got Talon      1:57
02. Guetta Life      3:34
03. Membrane      2:06
04. Less Trap More Clap     3:46
05. Gloomy Leper Techno      3:29
06. Ancient Weather Riffs      3:58
07. Slag Heap Snow Angels      4:25
08. Hello, Mordant Music      2:51
09. Nostalgia For Early Plugins      3:20
10. Dot To Dot Detritus      3:36
11. People Are (So Fucking) People      6:53
12. Painfully Teal      3:52
13. Hastings      4:38       
Ξ   The Baron and Nick Edwards collude once more on this incredible, often overlooked, project of frazzled Burroughsian spoken word (Baron Mordant) and bumping FX electronics forged in the Cabaret Voltaire (well, Ekoplekz in Bristol). In Mordant’s own inimitable words ‘Ekoplekz & Baron Mordant spew up a third album of slipshod rhyMes and disintergrating chiMes’… Eko’s electronics writhe and gurgle and rock, The Baron meanwhile spits dazzling punning surreal reflections on PoundShop Britain — a GCHQ / CCTV state of miserable affairs. While Mark E Smith continues his slow descent into wine–induced irrelevance with another Fall album — The Baron is surely his successor. Track titles should give a nod to where this action is at. Incredible, best yet Emmplekz transmission.
Ξ   Ah yes, we’d forgotten that Ekoplekz and Mordant Music made some of the best and most daring bass music around, and we’re super glad that they’ve decided to touch base for another album, this time in the form of a thirteen–track exploration spanning pretty much any genre imaginable. This album, and specifically their music as a unit, really has to particular genre per se, and it can only be described as an innovative blend of art and sound, a vocal experimentation that has its roots deeply grounded in an odd form of IDM. Dub is only there are a backbone, to hold together the wooly vocals and their glitchy melodies. it’s an indescribable piece of work that merits all the attention in this week’s bass chart. Trust us, your mates will be impressed.

Rook To TN34 (March 4, 2016)


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