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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles — Soon Enough (September 4, 2015)

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles — Soon Enough (September 4, 2015)  Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles — Soon Enough (September 4, 2015) 

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles — Soon Enough (September 4, 2015)•••••   Nashville je tak plný zpěvaček / skladatelek, že to už musí být vhodně zácný den, kdy jedna z nich je schopna přijít s tím, že vám zcela vyrazí dech. S rodiči poslouchala bezva desky (John Prine) a pak začala sama hrát na místních krajských veletrzích. Erin Rae se vzhlédla k legendám Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin a Gillian Welch a jejich vliv může být patrný i na tomto jejím druhém albu. Spolu s Brandi Carlile sdílí bezvadný smysl pro melodii v zesílené směsi s texty, které jsou pro ní a možná i pro tebe velmi osobní, ale budete se cítit jako doma v opravdickém příběhu. Je to intimní album, delikatesa, umožňující okamžité spojení s posluchačem. Když zpívá, je to jako kdyby byla jediná s tebou v místnosti. Je to album přechodu, jak se vyrovnat s pravdou, že život není přesně takový, jak jste si mysleli, že to bude a o variantě, jak se vyrovnat s realitou, a mít novou fresh vyhlídku. Pokud chceš chytit jeden z nejzářivějších mladých talentů Nashvillu, doporučuji získat toto třináctipísňové album. “Now, here’s a song that proves patience is a virtue. Rae’s delicate, detailed strokes yield an exquisite portrait of wistfulness”. — Jewly Hight, on “MONTICELLO” , NPR’s Favorite Songs 2015
•••••   “With a voice that swoons and soothes, Erin Rae makes smooth–edged music for Sunday afternoons. Her arrangements — anchored by pedal–steel guitar and the steady strum of an acoustic guitar — may be rooted in modern–day indie folk, but the songs themselves rustle up comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne... ” — Rolling Stone, Americana Music Fest 2015: 27 Must See Acts
•••••   For fans of Andrew Combs, Laura Marling, First Aid Kit, RayLand Baxter, Gillian Welch, Feist, Jenny Lewis.
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Americana, Singer~songwriter, Indie–Pop
Album release: September 4, 2015
Record Label: Self~released
Duration:     38:05
01 Light, Pt. 1     1:59
02 Clean Slate     3:19
03 Minolta (feat. Charlie Whitten)     2:23
04 Soon Enough     3:10
05 Spitshine     2:58
06 Monticello     3:21
07 Panic     3:28
08 Rose Color     2:41
09 Owe You One     2:48
10 Pretty Thing     3:48
11 Futile Attempts     3:43
12 Sleep Away     2:40
13 Light, Pt. 2     1:47
♦♠♦  Erin Rae McKaskle (vocals, guitar)
♦♠♦  Cori LeCain (vocals)
♦♠♦  Graham Bechler (drums)
♦♠♦  Kevin Whitsett (bass)
♦♠♦  Brett Resnick (steel)
♦♠♦  Mark Sloan (electric guitar)
♦♠♦  Mark Fredson (keys)
♦♠♦  Kristin Weber (fiddle, vocals)
♦♠♦  Molly Parden (vocals)
Painful light coming in your window now
Ain’t it warming up your room
I wish I had something to turn you back
Can you recall a good feeling?
Whether few or far between
I wish I had something to say
To clear that old smokescreen
Futile attempts
Did you know we celebrated birthdays
Singing while you slept
I almost did not want to tell you
Afraid it might harm you more than help
No, we did not give up on you
Just because we did not show
It’s just so hard to know the things to do
So hard to know
Futile attempts
Futile attempts
Is it some secret that you’re keeping
Getting bored at [?]
If it’s us kids you think you’ve ruined
Well, we’re all doing alright
Well I would love to see you smiling
Up and at ‘em, doing well
Maybe find some new companion
For the stories you tell
Futile attempts
Futile attempts
Futile attempts
Futile attempts
Futile attempts
Written By Hal Horowitz // September 1, 2015 // Score: ***½
♦♠♦  Nashville’s Erin Rae and her band spent only two days recording their debut album (an EP was released five years ago) but you can’t tell from the relaxed, organic and tranquil performances. There is an airy, almost ghostly beauty to these songs. They never seem rushed yet reveal their secrets in less than four minutes.
♦♠♦  Rae exudes a natural sweet huskiness in her voice that falls somewhere between Patsy Cline and Aimee Mann. The economical arrangements feature her acoustic guitar leading a stripped down backup of bass and drums with occasional pedal steel, keyboards and even cello. The lyrics generally concern matters of the heart but also examine topics as varied as her upbringing (“Pretty Thing”), a protagonist’s dying father (“Futile Attempts”) and giving a camera to someone she is leaving so they can take pictures of life events while separated (“Minolta”).
♦♠♦  The mood stays deliberate throughout the disc’s 40 minutes. But instead of getting repetitious, Rae’s voice is so expressive and alluring, and these tunes so well constructed that the album feels like a multi–angled portrait showing different sides of an artist who has found her sound and digs into it.
♦♠♦  Along with her reserved, low–key approach, the melodies don’t jump out and grab you. Repeated plays reveal subtle hooks that, like the title track, entice you back for another listen. Once you take time to absorb the words and Rae’s lovely voice, the album feels like a cohesive statement, rather than a set of disparate songs. Perhaps the short recording time or the fact that the tunes were tracked live with no overdubs keeps the ambiance consistent.
♦♠♦  Unlike many singer–songwriters releasing their first project, Erin Rae isn’t interested in stealing the spotlight and grabbing you with a hit single. Instead she invites you into her world, letting you live with her thoughts and stories which, with her beautiful songs and stunning voice, is a far more appealing option.
♦♠♦ http://americansongwriter.com/
Website: http://www.erinraemusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/erinrae_music
Lyrics: http://genius.com/albums/Erin-rae/Soon-enough
Bandcamp: https://themeanwhiles.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ErinRaeMeanwhiles/
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/erinraeandthemeanwhiles2
Take your time
Be patient with this one I love
You’re on your way
You’ll get there soon enough
Soon enough
Soon enough
Soon enough
Lay down your will
Let others know you
Go on luck
Your truth will be
Return to you soon enough
Soon enough
Soon enough
Soon enough
Emma, sweet girl
The lessons you will learn from love
No need to hunt them down
They’ll come to you soon enough
Soon enough
Soon enough
Soon enough
Don’t give up on me now
I’m only just now beginning to figure it out
Don’t give up on me now
I’m only just now beginning to figure it out
So take your time
Be patient with this one I love
You’re on your way
You’ll get there soon enough

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles — Soon Enough (September 4, 2015)