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 Esther Kaiser — Learning How To Listen: The Music Of Abbey Lincoln 

Esther Kaiser — Learning How To Listen: The Music Of Abbey Lincoln (July 7, 2015)

  Esther Kaiser — Learning How To Listen: The Music Of Abbey LincolnEsther Kaiser — Learning How To Listen: The Music Of Abbey LincolnLocation: Berlin, Germany
Album release: July 7, 2015
Record Label: Fine Music
Duration:     62:49
01. Learning How To Listen      5:52
02. Blue Monk, Pt. 1      0:52
03. The Music Is The Magic      4:09
04. First Song/Conversation With A Baby      9:12
05. Avec Le Temps      5:53
06. And It's Supposed To Be Love      5:03
07. Blue Monk, Pt. 2      0:48
08. Throw It Away      7:35
09. A Turtle's Dream      7:13
10. Love Has Gone Away      5:51
11. Storywise      5:37
12. Blue Monk, Pt. 3      0:53
13. Being Me      3:51
χ≥   On her new album Learning How To Listen — the Song and Music of Abbey Lincoln Berlin–based vocalist Esther Kaiser brilliantly proves this point by interpreting Abbey Lincoln's songs in her own idiosyncratic way, thus creating a truly intense listening experience.
χ≥   “Esther Kaiser’s artistry lies in her ability to make something grave sound light and playful.” — (Nürnberger Nachrichten)
χ≥   “As soon as she enters the stage, the sun comes up. Vocalist Esther Kaiser has the kind of charisma that can brighten gloomy days.” — (Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung)
χ≥   Esther Kaiser, born in Freiburg i. Br. (Germany) in 1975, has been one of the country’s most versatile and genre–bending representatives of contemporary German vocal jazz for several years. As a recording artist, jazz professor and live performer who is involved in a variety of projects, she constantly seeks to merge jazz and improvisation with different musical styles.
χ≥   Esther Kaiser sees herself as a singer of jazz songs and a storyteller.
χ≥   This philosophy connects her deeply to jazz vocalist and composer Abbey Lincoln, who inspired Esther Kaiser to finally dedicate a full album to her “spiritual sister” after being immersed in a multitude of projects as a songwriter and lyricist.
χ≥   The album “Learning How To Listen — the Music of Abbey Lincoln” (to be released in January 2015) was deemed as a grant–worthy studio project by RBB (Berlin–Brandenburg Radio Broadcasting) jazz authority Ulf Drechsel. It was subsequently recorded and produced by the RBB.
χ≥   On this album Esther Kaiser approaches the music of the exceptional Abbey Lincoln, who passed away in 2010, in her own, unapologetically unique way. Effortlessly transcending categories and displaying a great deal of freshness and creativity, her heartfelt respect and admiration for the grande dame of American jazz is palpable. Website: http://estherkaiser.de/

 Esther Kaiser — Learning How To Listen: The Music Of Abbey Lincoln (July 7, 2015)



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