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Eyvind Kang — Alastor: The Book of Angels Vol. 21 (2014)

 Eyvind Kang — Alastor: The Book of Angels Vol. 21 (April 29, 2014)

USA Flag Eyvind Kang — Alastor: The Book of Angels Vol. 21

Violinist Eyvind Kang is from Seattle, where he studied music at Cornish College for the Arts, in addition to studying violin with Michael White.
Born: Corvallis, Oregon, United States, 1971
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ~ Vashon, Washington, U.S.
Album released: April 29, 2014
Record Label: Tzadik
Duration:     44:45
01. Hakem     5:37
02. Samchia     3:49
03. Hakha     3:19
04. Jetrel     5:32
05. Variel     4:12
06. Loquel     3:15
07. Rachiel     3:49
08. Barael     3:22
09. Sakriel     7:08
10. Uriron     4:42    
♠   Shahzad Ismaily: Bass
♠   Eyvind Kang: Electric Bass, Guitars, Janggu, Kacapi, Kemancheh, Korg Synth, Moog Synth, Oud, Percussion, Piano, Setar, Sitar, Viola, Violin, Voice
♠   Skerik: Tenor Sax
♠   Hans Teuber: Clarinets, Flutes, Tenor Sax
♠   Cuong Vu: Trumpet
♠   Dave Abramson: Drums, Percussion
♠   Emma Ashbrook: Bassoon
♠   Josiah Boothby: French Horn
♠   Tor Dietrichson: Bongo, Conga, Clave, Guiro, Tabla, Triangle
♠   Maya Dunietz: Voice
♠   Randall Dunn: Moog Synth, Voice
♠   Hidayat Honari: Tar
♠   Taina Karr: English Horn, Oboe
♠   Jessika Kenney: Voice
♠   Moriah Neils: Bass
♠   Hyeonhee Park: Janggu, Kkwaenggwari
♠   Soyeon Park: Geomungo
♠   William Smith: Cello
♠   JungAh Song: Gayageum
♠   Maria Scherer Wilson: Cello
♠   Jacob Yackshaw: Bass
♠   World traveler, nomad, mystic and violist, Eyvind Kang has created several of the most wildly creative CDs on Tzadik. Here he turns his hand to ten tunes from Zorn’s remarkable Book of Angels. Featuring spectacular orchestral arrangements and brilliant studio techniques, Eyvind has put together a CD unlike anything on the Angels series, highlighting the spiritual side of the Angels project, the singular lyricism of Zorn’s compositions and his own richly inventive musical imagination. One of the most personal and gorgeous installments in the Masada series, Alastor is a modern orchestral reading of the mystical charts from the Book of Angels. Fortaken: http://www.tzadik.com/
Eyvindur (Eyvind) Kang (b. Corvallis, Oregon, United States, 1971), is an American composer, violist, violinist, tuba, and erhu player. He was raised in Canada and the United States, and has since lived and worked in countries ranging from Italy to Iceland.
Incomplete discography:
♠   Dancing Flowers / Universal Indians [RGI Industries] (1995)
♠   7 NADEs [Tzadik Records] (1996)
♠   Sweetness of Sickness [RGI Industries] (1996/9)
♠   Dying Ground [Avant] (1998)
♠   Theatre of Mineral NADEs [Tzadik Records] (1998)
♠   Pieces of Time [Line 4/Spool] (1999)
♠   MBEK (with Michael Bisio) [Meniscus Records] (2000)
♠   The Story of Iceland [Tzadik Records] (2000)
♠   In the Path of Love (with Amir Koushkani) (2001)
♠   Live Low To The Earth In The Iron Age [Abduction] (2002)
♠   napoli 23 [Smekkleysa] (2002)
♠   Virginal Co Ordinates [Ipecac Recordings] (2003)
♠   Orchestra Dim Bridges (with Tucker Martine) [Conduit] (2004)
♠   Socket — Jan.14-15 [Amulet] (2005)
♠   "Æstuarium" (with Jessika Kenney) [Endless Records] (2005)
♠   Athlantis [Ipecac Recordings] (2007)
♠   The Yelm Sessions [Tzadik Records] (2007)
♠   The Narrow Garden [Ipecac Recordings] (2012)
♠   "Visible Breath" [Ideologic Organ] (2012)
♠   "The Face of the Earth" (with Jessika Kenney) [Ideologic Organ] (2012)
♠   "Grass" [Tzadik Records] (2012)
♠   "Alastor: Book of Angels Volume 21" [Tzadik Records] (2014)
Complete discography: www.eyvindkangdisco.blogspot.com
MySpace: https://myspace.com/eyvindkang1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyvind.kang

Eyvind Kang — Alastor: The Book of Angels Vol. 21 (2014)