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Faith No More — The Real Thing (June 20, 1989)

Faith No More — The Real Thing (June 20, 1989)

  Faith No More — The Real Thing (June 20, 1989)
°   Bay Area alternative metal band that added funk, thrash, and carousel influences upon vocalist Mike Patton's entrance in 1989.
Formed: 1981 in San Francisco, CA
Location: San Francisco, CA
Album release: June 20, 1989
Recorded at Studio D, Sausalito, during December 1988
Mixed at Blue Canyon, Studio City, during January 1989
Mastered at K–Disc, Los Angeles
Record Label: Slash/Rhino
Duration:     54:58
01. From Out Of Nowhere      3:23
02. Epic      4:54
03. Falling To Pieces      5:16
04. Surprise! You're Dead!      2:27
05. Zombie Eaters      6:01
06. The Real Thing      8:13
07. Underwater Love      3:52
08. The Morning After      3:43
09. Woodpecker From Mars      5:41
10. War Pigs      7:44
11. Edge Of The World      4:12
01. Sweet Emotion      4:52
02. Epic (Radio Remix Edit)      4:00
03. Falling To Pieces  (Matt Wallace Remix)      4:31
04. Cowboy Song      5:14
05. The Grade      2:05
06. From Out Of Nowhere  (Extended Remix)      4:17
07. War Pigs  (Live in Berlin 1989)      7:59
08. Surprise! You're Dead!  (Live in Sheffield 1990)      2:52
09. Chinese Arithmetic  (Live in Sheffield 1990)      4:16
10. Underwater Love  (Live in Brixton 1990)      3:33
11. As The Worm Turns  (Live in Brixton 1990)      2:45
°   All songs Rondor Music  (London) Ltd. except War Pigs Westminster Music Ltd.
°   All lyrics written by Mike Patton, except "The Real Thing" by Patton/Gould, "Surprise! You're Dead!" by Patton/Martin and "War Pigs" by Geezer Butler.
℗ 1989 Slash Records.
© 1989 Slash Records.
Billboard Albums
°   1990 Real Thing The Billboard 200      #11
°   1990 The Real Thing The Billboard 200      #11
Billboard Singles
°   1990 Epic Mainstream Rock      #25
°   1990 Epic The Billboard Hot 100      #9
°   1990 Falling To Pieces Mainstream Rock      #40
°   1990 Falling To Pieces The Billboard Hot 100      #92
°   The Real Thing was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance category in 1989 and "Epic" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1991.
°   Black Sabbath Composer
°   Mike Bordin Composer, Drums
°   Roddy Bottum Composer, Keyboards
°   Geezer Butler Composer
°   Faith No More Composer, Producer
°   Bill Gould Bass, Composer
°   Tony Iommi Composer
°   Jim Martin Composer, Guitar
°   Ozzy Osbourne Composer
°   Michael Patton Vocals
°   Mike Patton Composer
°   Matt Wallace Engineer, Producer
°   Bill Ward Composer
°   Jeff Price Art Direction
°   Terry Robertson Design
°   Craig Doubet, Jim "Watts" Vereecke Assistant Engineers
°   John Golden Mastered
°   Lendon Flanagan  Photography
°   K Disc Mastering Mastered
°   Abbey Road Studios Remastered
°   Malcolm Dome  Liner Notes
°   2015 Deluxe reissue which includes a remastered version of the original album and a second disc containing bonus tracks.
°   Slash Records is a record label in Los Angeles, originally specializing in local and punk rock bands.
Info on bonus tracks:
°   Sweet Emotion — Taken from Kerrang! Flexible Fiend [Fiend 3 Issue #258 — 1989]
°   Epic (Radio Remix Edit) — Taken from the “Epic” Promotional CD single [Slash PRO–CD–4071 — 1990]
°   Falling To Pieces (Matt Wallace Remix) — Taken from the “Falling To Pieces” 12–inch single [Slash LASHP 25 — 1990]
°   Cowboy Song (B–side) — Taken from the B–side of “From Out Of Nowhere” single [Slash LASH 19 — 1990]
°   The Grade (B–side) — Taken from the B–side of “From Out Of Nowhere” 12–inch single [Slash LASHX 19 — 1990]
°   From Out Of Nowhere (Extended Remix) — Taken from the “From Out Of Nowhere” 12–inch single [Slash LASHX 24 — 1990]
°   War Pigs (Live Berlin 11. 9. 1989) — Taken from the B–side of “Epic” 12–inch single [Slash LASHX 21 — 1990]
°   Surprise You’re Dead (Live Sheffield) — Taken from the B–side of “Epic” 12–inch single [Slash LASHX 21 — 1990]
°   Chinese Arithmetic (Live Sheffield) — Taken from the B–side of “Epic” 12–inch single [Slash LASHX 21 — 1990]
°   Underwater Love (Live at Brixton Academy, London 28 April 1990) — Taken from the B–side of “Falling To Pieces” 12–inch single — [Slash LASPX 25 — 1990]
°   As The Worms Turns (Live at Brixton Academy, London 28 April 1990) — Taken from the video for “You Fat B**tards” [Slash 082 534–3 — 1990]
by Ned Raggett, AMG;  Score: ****½
°   Starting with the careening "From Out of Nowhere" driven by Roddy Bottum's doomy, energetic keyboards, Faith No More rebounded excellently on The Real Thing after Chuck Mosley's was fired. Given that the band had nearly finished recording the music and Mike Patton was a last minute recruit, he adjusts to the proceedings well. °   His insane, wide–ranging musical interests would have to wait for the next album for their proper integration, but the band already showed enough of that to make it an inspired combination. Bottum, in particular, remains the wild card, coloring Jim Martin's nuclear–strength riffs and the Bill Gould/Mike Bordin rhythm slams with everything from quirky hooks to pristine synth sheen. It's not quite early Brian Eno–joins–Led Zeppelin–and–Funkadelic, but it's closer than one might think, based on the nutty lounge vibes of "Edge of the World" and the Arabic melodies and feedback of "Woodpeckers from Mars." "Falling to Pieces," a fractured anthem with a delicious delivery from Patton, should have been a bigger single that it was, while "Surprise! You're Dead!" and the title track stuff riffs down the listener's throat. The best–known song remains the appropriately titled "Epic," which lives up to its name, from the bombastic opening to the concluding piano and the crunching, stomping funk metal in between. The inclusion of a cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" amusingly backfired on the band — at the time, Sabbath's hipness level was nonexistent, making it a great screw–you to the supposed cutting–edge types. However, all the metalheads took the song to heart so much that, as a result, the quintet dropped it from their sets to play "Easy" by the Commodores instead! Website: http://www.fnm.com/
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