Field Music — Making A New World (10th Jan., 2020)         Field Music — Making A New World (10th Jan., 2020)   Pamela MÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃéndez ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃâ Time (22 Feb 2019) ★•★    Big news from FMHQ: We’ve accidentally made a new album — it’s called Making A New World and it’ll be out for your delectation in January 2020.’s pretty much a concept album about the aftermath of the First World War. Wait! Come back! It’s not THAT kind of concept album! Honestly!  
★•    We’ve done songs about ultrasound and about shooting yourself for the sake of art and about gender reassignment surgery and about Becontree housing estate. We’ve even done a party tune about sanitary pads, called Only In A Man’s World, which is now streaming in all of the usual places  (huge thanks to Lauren Laverne and BBC 6 Music for giving it its first airing this morning.) If you want Only in a Man’s World with a side order of facts about the invention of sanitary towels head on over to our YouTube
Location: Sunderland, UK
Album release: 10th January 2020
Record Label: Memphis Industries
01 Sound Ranging
02 Silence
03 Coffee or Wine
04 Best Kept Garden
05 I Thought You Were Something Else
06 Between Nations
07 A Change of Heir
08 Do You Read Me?
09 From a Dream, Into My Arms
10 Beyond That of Courtesy
11 A Shot To The Arm
12 A Common Language Pt 1
13 A Common Language Pt 2
14 Nikon Pt 1
15 Nikon Pt 2
16 If The Wind Blows Towards The Hospital
17 Only In a Man’s World
18 Money Is a Memory
19 An Independent State
★•    Titled ‘Making A New World’, the band’s latest release is set to arrive on 10th January 2020 via Memphis Industries. 19 tracks in length, it’s concerned with the after~effects of the First World War. 
•★     A press release explains how the album grew from a project the band undertook for the Imperial War Museum and performed at sites in Salford and London in January 2019. 
★•     “We imagined the lines from that image continuing across the next hundred years,” says the band’s David Brewis, “and we looked for stories which tied back to specific events from the war or the immediate aftermath. In writing these songs, we felt we were pulling the war towards us — out of remembrance and into the everyday — into the now.” 
★•    That means they aren’t just songs about what’s you’d expect. 
★•    “I found myself looking at the history of sanitary pads,” David explains, speaking about first single from the record ‘Only In A Man’s World’. “It turns out the modern design was developed from a wartime surgical dressing. The advertising hasn’t changed much in a hundred years i.e. Hey Ladies! Let’s not mention it too loudly but here is the perfect product to keep you feeling normal WHILE THE DISGUSTING THING HAPPENS. It’s a kind of madness that a monthly occurrence for billions of women — something absolutely necessary for the survival of humanity — is seen as shameful or dirty — and is taxed MORE than razor blades?! 
★•    I kept asking myself, is it okay to write this? But I think confronting my own embarrassment is a pretty fundamental part of what the song is about.”