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Fit and the Conniptions Sweet Sister Starlight (2011)

 Fit and the Conniptions — Sweet Sister Starlight (2011)

Fit and the Conniptions — Sweet Sister Starlight
Location: London, Britain ~ Dollis Hill, UK
Album release: March 21, 2011
Record Label: Wayne Myers / Any And All Records
Duration:     39:21
01. Sweet Sister Starlight     3:59
02. Turnaround     4:38
03. Love Less And Live     3:36
04. Spellbound     4:08
05. Spider Song     2:31
06. Wander In A Dream     3:12
07. Many Many     3:06
08. Mistress Song     2:03
09. Wood For the Trees     4:22
10. Broken     3:53
11. Nothing's Any Fun Any More     1:19 
12. Solemn Ground     2:35
Wayne Myers: guitar, bass, piano, vocals
Jamika Ajalon: vocals
Saskia Doornbos: vocals
Brian Hedemann: drums
Alex Lynn: guitar
Sean Taylor: guitar
Paul Tkachenko : bass
¶  From busking in the London Underground to assembling a host of jazzy pop players to cut an album. Wayne Myers is a DIY artist with a knack for writing catchy melancholic pop songs, about halfway The Real Tuesday Weld and The Buzzcocks. He creates his own comics too, about the ups an downs of being a professionial musician trying to make a living with his band Fit and the Conniptions.
¶  With Sweet Sister Starlight Myers follows the back road of UK pop. Switching between blues, folk, pop and jazz the band provides a comfy bed for Myers' relaxed vocals. A superb Sunday Morning album that flows like a crystal clear brook. You would never guess that it has taken over three years to make. Myers is an entertainer, a lounge lizard and a bluesy folkie rolled into one. A below-the-radar musical Robin Hood with a soft playing band of Merry Men capable of surprise attacks.
Website: http://music.conniptions.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fitandtheconniptions
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/conniptions
Main manager: fit@conniptions.org
Brian Hedemann: Drums (except tracks 6, 10, 11)
Paul Tkachenko: Bass (except tracks 6, 10, 11); Tin whistle (track 6)
Sean Taylor: Guitar (tracks 2, 4, 7, 10, 12)
Alex Lynn: Guitar (tracks 1, 3, 9)
Kevin Davy: Trumpet (tracks 6, 10)
Saskia Doornbos: BVs (tracks 2, 6, 7, 12)
Jamika Ajalon: BVs (track 5)
Wayne Myers: Vocals; Guitar (except tracks 9, 10); Keyboards (tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12); Alto saxophone (tracks 4, 7, 8); Bass (tracks 10, 11)
¶  I'm Wayne Myers, a singer-songwriter from London. I've been recording and performing bluesy folk-rock under the name Fit and the Conniptions since December 2005.
¶  Sweet Sister Starlight, my second studio album, was released online on 21st March 2011, and is now also available on CD while stocks last. The first album, Bless Your Heart, was released in July 2007.
¶  All releases are available to download from Bandcamp - you can pay what you think they're worth (or can afford). You can also order CDs (via the US) from CDBaby. © Wayne Myers + Brenda Finn

Sweet Sister Starlight
"Well worth going on the website and buying the album... astonishing stuff." ♥ Neuromancer
"He plays bluesy folk rock and it's fantastic" Veins Dried Out
"A very enjoyable album" Drunken Werewolf (issue #18)
"A melancholy late night/early morning vibe that tastes as fresh as that first smoke" Mr Atavist
"The writing is intelligent, direct, funny and big-hearted" Oliver Arditi
"A superb Sunday Morning album that flows like a crystal clear brook." Here Comes The Flood
"A slick, bluesy folk vibe with more than a dash of soul" Green Man Music
"A very cool jazzy collection" Being Beatzine
"Really rather boring" Live Music Scene
¶  While the first studio CD was all my own fault and no-one else's, I have subsequently been fortunate enough to have played / recorded with numerous excellent Conniptions, to wit:
Drums: Brian Hedemann, Chris McConville, Chris Cope, Jamie Maidment
Bass: Ralph Beeby, Tom Fry, Paul Tkachenko, Thomas Quillfeldt, Matt Parry, Dan Wilson (RIP)
Keyboards: Jackson Baird
Violin: Duncan Menzies, Hezron Chetty
Saxophone: Nick Onley, Chris Shaw
Trumpet: Kevin Davy, Gemma Fuller, Jade Wilson
Accordion: The Rev. Dr Squeezebox
Guitar: Sean Taylor, Alex Lynn
Backing Vocals Jamika Ajalon, Saskia Doornbos  © A shoot from 11th, May 2010, by Marcela Benadova. See http://marcelabenadova-photography.blogspot.com/ for more of her work.

Fit and the Conniptions Sweet Sister Starlight (2011)



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