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Flight 09 Human Nature (2005)

 Flight 09 ≡ Human Nature (2005)

Flight 09 — Human Nature
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Album release: 2005
Record Label: Mals Ltd.
Duration:     49:00
1.  Eternal Disgrace      5:40
2.  The Eastern Winds      4:56
3.  Dancers in the Night      6:40
4.  One Night Without You      4:38
5.  My Dream      5:08
6.  The Crow      7:28
7.  He's Calling Me      5:27
8.  When the Sleeper Wakes Up      5:35
Bonus track:
9.  Watching Your Soul      3:58
All music: by Igor Savitch.
Produced by Igor Savitch.
Igor Savitch - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Constantine Savitch - Fretted Bass
Artem Piyanzin - Drums
Website: http://www.progressor.net/flight09/
Bio from own web:
Flight 09 was formed in 1986 in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan (formerly USSR). Since 1986 they have played exclusively Progressive Metal. Recently however, they were forced to return to their proto-progressive Hard Rock roots due to the unpopularity of complex music in their hometown (unlike Samarkand, for instance).
Participation in Republican Rock-Festivals: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1998.
Participation in Rock-Festivals within the CIS countries: 1987, 1993.
Grand Prizes in Rock-Festivals: 1987,1990, 1992,1993. 
Concert tours with 'No Longer Music' (Holland) in 1991, with Lee Benhkin (USA) in 1993, with Charlie Watson (USA) in 1994, 1995, 1997, 2000. 
"0990"-1990 (CC)
"Red and Black"-1993 (CC)
"Jump in the Fire"-1994 (CC)
"The Love Story"-1995 (CC)
"Meeting in the Material World"-1997 (CC)
"Turn Off the Light"-1999 (CC)
"Forbidden Lullabies"-2003 (CD)
Today Flight 09 is very proud to announce their first 'international' CD, titled "Rifflection", released by the US' Neurosis Records label and managed by the well-known guitarist/composer Rick Ray, whom we'd like to thank for his invaluable help and support.
Igor Savitch & Flight-09
E-mail:  reis09@bcc.com.uz
Flight 09 has existed since 1983 and is the oldest and the most fruitful band in Uzbekistan. Their first two international releases, "Rifflection" and "Forbidden Lullabies", were out in 2002 and 2003 respectively, via the US Neurosis label. The band has recently completed their fourth album, titled "Signs of the Water". Meanwhile, here are some notes of their third CD, "Human Nature", from the catalog of Moscow's MALS Records, whose principal interests lie in reissuing Prog from all over the world under license.
After reaching the international audience back in 2002, Flight 09 is active as never before, working at the breaking point of their possibilities. The band stably creates one new album per year, although all the musicians have day jobs and must maintain their families. "Human Nature" can easily be viewed as the further, logical development of the style the band founded on "Forbidden Lullabies". While only a few of the songs from the latter album resided in obvious progressive tendencies, a well-balanced synthesis of Hard- and Art-Rock is predominant on the new one. Well, One Night Without You and My Dream, following each other right in the middle of the CD, can hardly be viewed otherwise than symphonic Prog-Metal, and the closing number, When the Sleeper Wakes Up, is quite peaceful in its entirety. In any case, only one song here: Watching Your Soul doesn't suit the album's general conception and, thus, it was used as a bonus track (though some would have certainly put it at the very beginning). This is a true Hard Rock killer, both powerful and inflammatory, but it's poor in progressive features, unlike any of the other songs. Dear readers! I don't recognize any nepotism in anything that concerns creation. I would have not been supporting Flight 09 or anyone else if they weren't worthy of that. Only excuse these guys their accented English.
"Human Nature" is musically a monster, and I believe some of you already had the opportunity to make sure that my words are sincere. It also needs to be said that this is a real, full-fledged CD, with expanded booklet and excellent artwork. I hope it will be properly distributed, worldwide.
After an album on Rick Ray's label, Flight 09, from Uzbekistan, releases the follow-up on the Russian Mals label. Some of the lyrics for this album were contributed by the same Rick Ray, and by Progressor's Vitaly Menshikov.
The music
Eternal Disgrace is a plodding rock song. The guitars are rather heavy, and the vocals low and throaty, and an acquired taste. However, this does not mean the music is devoid of melody: the keyboards make up a lot with their vert orchestral sounds (audible synthetic but still), and the degree of tension they additionally bring into the music is also not to be disregarded. I guess the music can be compared to Egdon Heath, but the vocals are very different. On the surface, the music may seem straightforward blues rock, but that is only on the surface. Still, the blues are present with more than a hint. The clean guitar solo in the middle reminds more of jazzrock, tho.
The Eastern Winds seems a bit louder, a bit more metallic. The string synths are present still, and the melody is strongly Arabic styled. Musically there are similarities to Led Zeppelin's key song Kashmir, but Savich has a much lower voice, more gravelly too, and not so melodic nad soulful too. But who can blame him for not being Robert Plant?
Dancers In The Night is a ballad, opening with fluting synths. The vocals are rather intimate here, but I guess Savich is not good enough a singer for a song such as this. He has more a biting voice, which he uses in the follow-up as the pace and the power go up. The plodding middle part (on account of the drums), has a good clean guitar solo. And a long one too. We end on an orchestral note.
One Night With You opens relatively catchily. Are we moving into neo area? This is indeed a catchy rock track with keyboards lining this progmetal song. The riffing is strong here, not what I expected in view of the title. We rock on, with My Dream. Again, the synths lay down both melody and add to the tension. Still, this is one of the weaker songs, especially in the vocal regions. The stop and start instrumental parts do not really help the song going either, and the brass section is a just a tad too synthetic.
The Crow opens with moody keyboards, building a bit of a atmosphere. The music has a bit of a Celtic feel. Savich's vocals are wavery, the occasional electric guitar is bluesy. In between, the acoustic guitar plays a soft accompaniment. Halfway, we are left with only bass and keyboards, playing a soft subtle solo. Then the music picks up again. This is closest we come to 'simple' progrock, with an epic feel of sorts. At the end, the vocals come back more emotionally and forcefully, and the guitar is a bit rougher. We end on an acoustic note. The best song thus far.
He's Calling Me is another rather catchy opener. The drums plod on, and again I find Egdon Heath the closest comparison, although Flight 09 is not as symphonic. The comparison is mostly due to the vocals and the vocal melody. Past halfway we get the obligatory guitar solo.
When The Sleeper Wakes Up opens with acoustic guitar, and orchestral elements from the keyboards. The vocals are rather soft spoken this time, and accented too. Around the three minute mark does the beat come in. It stays relatively ballad like, though.
Watching Your Soul opens as a riffy rocker. The keyboards are brassy, ELPish. The vocal melody is weak, very straightforwardly bluesy.
Flight 09 makes melodic rock with nods to various outliers in rock: Led Zeppelin, a bit of progmetal and for the neo influences Egdon Heath. There are differences too: Flight 09 is heavier, more blues inspired, more orchestral (synth based), and I have said it before: the biting, gravelly vocals are an acquired taste. The music is often rather plodding, especially due to the drums. The bass work can be subtle, the guitar can be acoustic, it can be riffy, and it can be rhythmic. Most songs are compact, but on The Crow, the music is definitely more epic, and also most likable.
© Jurriaan Hage (http://www.staff.science.uu.nl)
© Flight 09 and ProgressoR, 2003 -- All rights reserved.

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Flight 09 Human Nature (2005)




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