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Fritzwa — Avenue A (August 5th, 2016)

Fritzwa — Avenue A (August 5th, 2016)

                Fritzwa — Avenue A (August 5th, 2016)Fritzwa — Avenue A (August 5th, 2016)♠   Avenue |A| is the  second studio recording project from |Fritzwa|. She released her 1st project, Case Based in 2013.
♠   Your contribution will go to recording, mixing and mastering costs as well as any videos the team shoots.  Zřejmě záleží na momentální náladě, včera se mi totiž líbila o trochu víc. Přesto, pokud se doprovází na basu a je to navíc takhle — Writer: F. Baffour 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, je dobrá. Angela McCluskey na albu “You Could Start a Fight in an Empty House” je přitažlivější pro anti–refugees. Fritzwa bude zřejmě přitažlivější pro fans, kteří mají rádi plastic voice a níže ve stupnici.
Location: New York, NY
Album release: August 5th, 2016
Record Label: Fritzwa / Symphonic Distribution
Genre: Soul, R&B, Hip Hop
Duration:     33:01
01. Sittin’ Pretty      3:55
02. Mother Mary      3:36
03. Birds On A Wire      2:31
04. Missed the L      2:21
05. Never Back Down      2:54
06. Like My Art Scratch      3:02
07. Ice Queen      3:24
08. She      2:55
09. Lies and Ego      4:27
10. A — Train      4:02Credits:
♠   Produced By IAMNOBODI (Ecstatic) & |Fritzwa|
♠   Writer: F. Baffour     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
♠   Producers: C. Greywood |aka| Stanzah, F. Baffour     1
♠   Sample: Cinematic Orchestra — Reel Life     1
♠   Producer: F. Baffour     2, 8
♠   Producers: D. Cole, D. Davis |aka| The Stuyvasents     3
♠   Sound Design: F Baffour     4
♠   Samples: Larry Wright     4
♠   Producers: S. Miller |aka| Everyday Monster, F. Baffour     5
♠   Producer: R. Quansah |aka| Sensagius     6
♠   Producers: F. Baffour, L. Morris |aka| LRN., C. Kintzi     7
♠   Producer + Sample: Remy Lennox — “untitled, unfinished”     9
♠   Producer + Sample: IAMNOBODI — “Ecstatic”     10
♠   Executive Produced: Fritswa Baffour
♠   Mixing Engineer: Frans Mernick
♠   Bass: Peter “Basshead” Greaves
♠   Addtnl’ Bass: Fritswa Baffour
♠   Addtnl’ Keys: David Haken
♠   Addtnl’ Keys: Lorne Morris
♠   Drums: Corey Kintzi
♠   Guitar: Cole Robinson
♠   Mastering Engineer: Joe Laporta
»♦»   Thanks to all my Indiegogo supporters. To all my life supporters. To all my musical collaborators. Special thanks to Bozoma St. John.
“Never Back Down” lyrics:
1.) They told me that the line starts over there
Just wait your turn we’ll get to you they swear
I eyed the line as long as South Elm Street
Then told myself that they could have a seat
2.) See Khaled knows the foes that we call they
The ones that like to see you in the rain
Then wonder why I’m evergreen
And pay my rent hummin’ Sante Fe
The people where I come from Don’t run From they
You see I never run from anyone
No Way
And if you want to come for me then come
Its ok
You see I never back down
Down Down Down
No no I never back down
Down Down Down
Down Down Down
3.) Its simple
Don’t be wide eyed
When they tell you no then you tell em Bye Bye
If your scope is dope then the world says aye yay
Event the most thorough can’t give you the side eye
If you
Fuck it up and then you try again
You fuck it up and then you try again
Tell em don’t you ever cue that violin
Just place the long bet on ya girl
4.) Cuz you see I never run from anyone
No Way
And if you want to come for me then come
Its ok
You see I never back down
Down Down Down
No no I never back down
Down Down Down
Down Down Down
5.) If you see the light in your fate
The jokers be the ones who show face
And if you got some food on your plate
Your friends you’re gonna have to rotate
Hear me now, scan the crowd, survey the quarters
Always consult your soul or better get your house in order
Eyes up from the Ground Ground Ground
Finger o the Clown, Clown, Clowns
Or Down Down Down
“A — Train” lyrics:
1.) Cutie from Harlem, Look what you started
The way you dress, Dearly Departed
You say you take all that time cuz the fly is worth the wait
Then you go and say, ‘They ain't up on this wave”
2.) Boy, You know I be from Downtown & Downtown the vibe ain't the same
And underground no I don’t clown round, but right now I’m willing to play
So back and forth the shots they aimed
Then back and forth it swayed the train
That back and forth you missed your stop, you gon' be late
Ok I’m six miles from Orchard, 4 aves over
Still up in the city but a minute from the lowa
We get them patties from the trini man
We cuffin on a billion
I’m Honey Jack he’s Henny and I’m never sober
3.) Oh you sprung I see
Smitten Kitten
Ha Ha tee hee
All that shit I hear from the peanut gallery
Where’d your fight go dear?
So far gone I fear
Some be like, “must be nice
Let her green light
On sight, alright … I c you”
4.) So what you wanna do all night and day today
Hopin we can watch #sumlite and play that hazy game
And when you ask for a bite, I say ok
Well… dam don’t fall in love
5.) See I rarely take that seat up in that middle
Cuz the ride becomes a riddle
But the day I dabble dibble
Then of course of course te quiero
6.) Talk to me I shouldn’t let him
No i really shouldn’t do it
I have to get away
But I don’t really wanna do it
7.) And now them I phone, lights on, Simon saved
You here? don’t lie son, I’m home, Simon says
Live love all night long, I don’t like those days
He likes me, she might be wifey
8.) Shit what day is it
CK1 day dream
2:25 now he’s calling me baby
Now the neighbors screaming ruckus
All but the one above us
Chucka to them mufuckas
Guess we’ll all go crazy
9.) You better come up off that iPhone
I been waiting all night long for you…
Right off that iPhone…
Pickin a fight to reunite...
I been waiting all night long...
Some say…
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fritzwa-music
Website: http://www.fritzwa.com/#new-page
Bandcamp: https://fritzwa.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fritzwa-215603158465710/♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»

Fritzwa — Avenue A (August 5th, 2016)


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