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Modern Masquerades (February 1975 / 2016)

Fruupp — Modern Masquerades (February 1975 / 2016)

Vlajka Severního Irska  Fruupp — Modern Masquerades (February 1975 / 2016)
★★★★   Slavná prog–rocková kapela z Belfastu. Jedna z těch, co utvářely archetypy a podhoubí pro další plejády podobně zaměřených part, sám si pamatuji moment, kdy jsem se s ní setkal poprvé. Toto poslední album bylo nahráno v mírně pozměněné sestavě. Zajímavou může být poznámka, že toto album bylo produkováno Ian McDonaldem z King Crimson, který zde také hraje na sax. Album vyšlo v devíti vydáních, nejprve v UK, poté v Japonsku 5x, v Jižní Korei, Itálii a opět v Evropě na Esoteric Recordings. Formed: 1971
Disbanded: 1976
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Album release: February 1975 / 2016
Recording date: January, 1975
Record Label: Dawn Records / Si–Wan Record / Wasabi Records, WSBAC–0023
Genre: Progressive Rock
Duration:     49:04    
01. Misty Morning Way      6:57
02. Masquerading With Dawn      7:16
03. Gormenghast      10:47
04. Mystery Might      8:23
05. Why      4:11
06. Janet Planet      2:57
07. Sheba’s Song      8:33
Written by:
★   Track 1, 2, 4, 5 Words & Music: Vincent McCusker
★   Track 6 Music: Vincent McCusker; Words: Paul Charles
★   Track 3 Music: John Mason
★   Track 7 Music: John Mason; Words: Paul Charles
★   Peter Farrelly: bass guitar, flute, and vocals
★   Martin Foye: drums and percussions
★   John Mason: keyboards, vibes, and vocals
★   Vincent McCusker: guitar and vocals
★   Paul Charles Coordination
★   Martin Cropper Art Direction, Design
★   Peter Farelly Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
★   Martin Foye Drums, Percussion, Vocals
★   Fruupp Arranger, Primary Artist
★   Martyn Goddard Photography
★   John Mason Keyboards
★   John–Alex Mason Keyboards, Vibraphone, Vocals
★   Vince McCusker Guitar, Vocals
★   Ian McDonald Producer, Saxophone
★   Becky Stewart Artwork
★   Ben Wiseman RemasteringReview
By loserboy, Progarchives
★   FRUUPP were one of Ireland’s greatest bands and produced a number of great albums in the 70’s with “Modern Masquerades” being one of my personal picks of the litter. Musically these guys were highly talented offering some creative song writing and instrumentation. On this album the lush keyboard work of Stephen Houston stands out with some pretty huge mellotron and keyboard passages and atmospheres. Peter Farrelly’s bass and vocals are at times simply stunning, delivering the perfect mix of vocals and harmonization. Martin Foye’s drums and Vincent Mc Cusker’s guitars blend all the music together and add some great musicianship. Their overall sound is not unlike “Trespass” circa GENESIS, but with a much heavier folk influence. An interesting note is that this album was also produced by KING CRIMSON’s Ian McDonald.Artist Biography by Paul Collins
★   One of the hardest–working progressive bands to end up languishing in relative obscurity, Fruupp was begun in 1971 by guitarist Vince McCusker. After a brief musical apprenticeship in London, McCusker returned to Belfast and quickly pulled together a group of largely classically trained musicians; the lineup was unusual in that keyboardist Stephen Houston doubled on the oboe. (The unusual band name was taken from a Lectreset sheet.) The band’s resulting sound is not unlike Spring or early Genesis, with primary composers McCusker and Houston acting as foils for each other: Houston’s cello, oboe, and violin typically lend dark folk textures beneath McCusker’s aggressive guitar parts and Peter Farelly’s Celtic–influenced vocals. After two years of gigging, they shopped their demo tape around and were picked up by Pye Records for their Dawn label. Between 1973 and 1975, Fruupp released four albums, the last of which was produced by King Crimson alum Ian McDonald; the band also toured in support of Crimson. Despite playing hundreds of gigs per year throughout the U.K. and Europe during this period, their record sales never quite took off, and the band closed up shop after a final London gig at the Roundhouse in 1976.Discography:
Vinyl Albums:
★   Future Legends (released: October 5, 1973)
★   Seven Secrets (released: April 19, 1974)
★   The Prince of Heaven’s Eyes (released: November 8, 1974)
★   Modern Masquerades (released: February 1975)
Single 45 rpms:
★   Prince of Darkness/Annie Austere (released: October 11, 1974, Dawn Records)
★   Prince of Heaven/Jaunting Car (released: December 1974, Dawn Records)
★   Janet Planet/Misty Morning Way (released: 1975, Pye Records)
★   Songs For A Thought (released: 1992)
★   Future Legends/Seven Secrets (released: 1996)
★   The Prince of Heaven’s Eyes/Modern Masquerades (released: 1996)
Website: http://www.fruupp.com/
Fan site: http://www.ced.berkeley.edu/faculty/cervero_robert/fruupp.htm
Production: Ian Macdonald discusses production of album on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INRKSzQ53l4

Modern Masquerades (February 1975 / 2016)


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Sixth June

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Victory Amplification



Marissa Nadler — unearthed (March 20, 2020)
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