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 FTSE — LOVE UN LTD (EP, April 20, 2014)

               FTSE — LOVE UN LTD 
ΘΘ   Sam Manville schován za přezdívkou FTSE zkoumá nové teritorium smícháním zvukových spirál a piruet, náladových basslines, kostrbatých pasáží s minimalistickými/tlumenými beaty. Plive smutný texty skrz zaťaté zuby. Síla alba je v experimentování s tempy a vlivy, právě v té rozmanitosti — každá píseň zaplňuje jinou podobu prázdnoty. Melancholie, atmosféričnost, ale místy i agresivita až do opojného mixu.
Location: Leicester, England, UK
Album release: April 20, 2014
Record Label: Lucky Number Music Limited
Duration:     15:22
1 Nite Life (feat. Femme)     3:31
2 El Santos (feat. Brolin)     4:10
3 Utopia     3:47
4 Uniform     3:54
2014 Lucky Number Music Limited
BY SARAH JOY, 17 APRIL 2014, 16:30 BST, SCORE: 7.5/10
ΘΘ   Having made waves with last year’s SIRVYIN, FTSE is now all set for the storm with four track EP Love Un Ltd. What we’ve already seen from Midlands producer Sam Manville has edged on the darker side of electronic music, but in this latest offering, the man behind the moniker explores new territory by mixing his gritty tirades with minimalist beats.
ΘΘ   Finding an unlikely resting place somewhere between Massive Attack, Drake and Burial, FTSE intuitively marries expansive trip-hop production with his own unique spoken delivery, making for a genre bending EP. Whether intentional or not, Love Un Ltd feels like a release of two parts, withdifferent sides of FTSE’s appeal finding themselves explored. The first  sees guest female vocalists add soulful layers, whilst the second hones in on his own MCing.
ΘΘ   Recreating the regret of last night’s sins, lead single “Nite Life” deals with ”lots of empty people doing empty things to try and not feel so empty” and features past collaborator Femme on electro-soul vocals. It unfurls like a blurry memory amongst a hangover, and builds into something much bigger at every drop. In turn, “El Santos” shows a much softer side of FTSE and sees guest singer Brolin’s dreamy harmonies reverberate into swells of distortion.
ΘΘ   Things get steadily angrier in the second half as the urban angst of “Utopia” and “Uniform” kick in. Here, FSTE shows he can be musical and political, as expletives drop as often as beats.
ΘΘ   Experimenting with tempos and influences throughout, there is strength in the EP’s diversity — each song fills a different void. Melancholic, atmospheric but also aggressive in places, Love Un Ltd is an intoxicating mix. (http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/) / Also: Jordan Bassett; Score: 7/10;  http://www.nme.com/reviews/various-artists/15247 / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FTSEmusic  //                                                                                         Published on Thursday, 3 April, 2014 — 19:08
ΘΘ   Midlands-based Sam Manville aka FTSE recently announced his third E.P ‘Love Un Ltd’ will be released on 21st April through Lucky Number.
ΘΘ   ‘Love Un Ltd’ marks the welcome return of an artist who is fast establishing himself amongst the most prolific and impressive around. Full of original styles, FTSE is a rare creative breed, concocting new beats with an ambience on the brink of both late nights and early mornings, yet somehow always capable of nourishing neurons.
ΘΘ   We are delighted to present to you the video for the Ep’s lead track, “Nite Life (ft Femme)”, directed by Miles Bingham and inspired by the work of photographer, Maciej Dakowicz, and his Cardiff After Dark portraits. 
ΘΘ   These weekend night scenes are on any high street on any City in the UK; fuelled by cheap alcohol, drugs and emotions.  Everything takes place in public — drinking, fighting, kissing, crying, sex and, when energy is exhausted, sleeping. Supermen chat up Wonderwomen, somebody does press-ups topless in the rain, the hungry ones finish their portions of chips before the police stop another argument or fight. Nobody seems to worry about tomorrow, what matters is here and now. Then another week at work, until the next weekend.
ΘΘ   'Nite Life's sound-scapes perfectly capture the dark brooding atmosphere found in these high street scenes.  "Empty people, stumbling through the night, Empty people, avoiding real life". (http://www.frontview-magazine.be/)                                                                         © Victor Frankowski





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